Shubharambh 11th December 2019 Written Episode Update: Asha selects Rani for Raja

Shubharambh 11th December 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Jharna comes to the function. Mehul hugs her. Raja looks on. Jharna thinks that Raja’s heart got broken but I am still innocent. Raja leaves from there.
Rani meets an aunt. The aunty says You are Virinda’s daughter Rani? Rani says yes. My mom misses you a lot, you are Thakar aunty, right? She says we miss her food too.
Asha is searching for the girl for Raja who should be rich too. She meets a woman and says you are searching for a girl? There is a girl of that rich family. She is here. Asha goes to check her. Rani is talking to Mrs. Thakar. Asha sees her and thinks she is the daughter of the rich Thakar family. She takes her photo.

Dipen talks to Rani and asks if she is getting bored? She says no, this is good. The host says we will have a competition for the couples, winners will get 20K prize. Rani gets happy and asks Dipen if the can play dandiya? He says yes.
They all start the competition. Mehul is playing with Jharna. Raja is playing alone. Judges are writing the scores down. Asha sees Rani playing and smiles. The competition ends, the host says I will announce the finalists. Rani’s jodi gets selected. She is happy and tells Dipen that they have to work hard. Dipen gets a call and leaves.
Raja is looking for Asha. He strikes with Dipen and gives him a sweet toffee.
Asha comes to Rani and says you play a good dandiya, how is your mother? Rani thinks that she must want my mom to cook for her. She says she is good, I will bring her to your house soon. Asha says okay.

Scene 2
Raja is looking around for Asha when he hears Dipen talking on call. Dipen says yes brother, her name is Rani, I am trapping her, once I am married to her then she will earn and I will sit at home. Raja hears it and sees that Rani is the girl he met in mandir. He sees Rani talking to Dipen and thinks that he will destroy her life. I have to tell her.

Asha shows Rani’s picture to Darshna and says she is a rich girl and very pretty too. Kirdada comes there and asks them to focus on housework. They leave. Kirdada takes Asha’s phone and sees Rani’s picture. She recalls her incident with her and says this girl is a thief. She asks Asha you chose this girl for Raja? Asha says isn’t she pretty? Her mother is coming today here. Kirdada smirks.

Rani talks to Virinda and says I will meet a woman, she asked me to come to her house. I will go after mandir.

Darshna asks Raja how will he find a girl that he doesn’t know. He thinks that I have to tell her that she is choosing the wrong person.

PRECAP- Raja tells Rani that this Dipen guy just wants to use you, he wants to marry you so he can take your earned money. Rani says I don’t trust you. She goes with Dipen.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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