Shubharambh 11th August 2020 Written Episode Update: Raja away from Rani

Shubharambh 11th August 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Kritida enters the jewelry shop. Raja and Rani are shocked to see her. Kritida thinks she is not angry but tensed to see me? Rani thinks she can’t say that we are a couple here. Rani asks Kritida to come in and try some jewelry. Kritida says I just want to see your destruction. The owner comes there. Kritida congratulates Rani and Raja. The owner says you know them? She says yes. Another man sees them all busy and tries to steal a necklace but Raja stops him. He is about to leave but Rani stands in front of him. He says I don’t want anything from here, let me go. Raja says you have stolen a necklace. The man says you are alleging me? Let me go. Raja stops him but the man points a knife at Rani and says I will cut your neck. Raja tries to stop him but the owner says don’t do anything, he might hurt us. Raja says don’t you dare, I won’t spare you if anything happens to Rani. Rani says you have to give our necklace first. Raja grabs the man and ties him to the chair. Raja takes out the necklace from his pocket and gives it to the owner. The owner says I will call the police. He asks Kritida to leave, we are closing the shop. Kritida says I should just save my life. Raja asks Rani if she is fine? Rani says you shouldn’t have called my name like that, the owner can’t know that we are a couple. Kritida hears it and smirks. Rani says Kritida is gone right? She shouldn’t know what we are hiding our relationship to work here. Kritida hides and says I will bring their truth out. She goes from there.

The owner thanks Raja and gives him the shop keys, he says I trust you so you can open the shop from tomorrow. Raja thanks him. The owner thanks Rani and says there is a shop in another city where we have an opening so I was thinking you can go there. We will have transport.

Raja is locking the shop and says I don’t like the idea of you going to Ahmedabad. Rani says don’t worry other people will be there and I will call you. Rani gets a message from the owner Pavan which says that he left from the house. Kritida hides and says I had to inform him that Raja and Rani are a couple. Rani calls Pavan and says I am ready to go to Ahmedabad opening and I will go there. Raja and Rani leave from there. Kritida says I have to think something else now. She follows them.

Scene 2
Gunvant calls the manager and says what’s the report you sent? The manager says it’s our daily sales. Gunvant says what are you talking about? We have 50K daily and this says its just 3K. The manager says people come and ask for Raja but they leave if they don’t find him. Gunvant gets angry and ends the call. Kritida comes there and says I shouldn’t tell him about Raja and Rani, I should just spoil their job scene and then tell Gunvant to make him happy.

Raja comes to Asha’s room and says can I sleep here? Asha says did you fight with Rani again? Raja says it was a normal fight, you must fight with father too? Asha says we used to fight over AC, I used to like good food but your father was a simple person. We were different but never spoiled our relationship. Raja says I will strengthen my relationship with more Rani after this all ends. I am waiting for Rani to come back from the shop reopening.

Raja comes to his room to see Kritida leaving from there. He asks what she was doing here? Kritida says I was looking for Gunvant’s shirt. Raja thinks why she looks tensed?

Scene 3
Raja opens the shop in the morning. He calls Rani who is in the hotel. He asks how is she? She says I am good. Raja says someone has trusted my hard work and I am opening the shop now, I don’t want to break his trust, we will tell him the truth. Raja says I wish you were here. Rani video calls him and says I am here with you. She makes him open the shop. Rani wishes him luck and says be safe from Kritida.

Raja lights diya in the shop. The owner Pavan is coming to the shop but Kritida stops him and gives him an envelope saying it’s for an order, she leaves from there. Pavan gives the envelope to Raja and says please sort this and leaves.

Kritida comes home and dances around. Asha asks what has she done now? Kritida says you know me well. Kritida says I have given Raja and Rani’s pictures to the shop owner, they will lose their job now.

Raja puts Kritida’s envelope on Pavan’s table.

Asha tries to leave the house but Kritida sticks her to a wall with glue. She says Raja and Rani will lose their job and you will be stuck here, she leaves from there.

Pavan is on the call. He comes to his office and is about to open the envelope. He is about to take out their pictures but Raja comes there and asks him to check the dispatch. Pavan says these are some designs, can you check while I am coming. Raja takes out the photo and is shocked to see it’s his wedding photo with Rani. He is shocked and recalls Kritida coming to his room. She says it means she knows about us hiding our relationship here.

Kritida tells Asha that Raja must have lost the job by now. Asha says you have stooped so low, you did a big mistake. Kritida says I am so poisonous, I can stoop lower. Be ready to welcome jobless Raja.

Raja looks at the wedding photo and Pavan coming back. He is about to hide it but Pavan asks for the photo and asks what happened? Raja gives it to him and gets tensed as Pavan looks at the photo and glares at Raja.
PRECAP- Gunvant tells Kritida that if Raja doesn’t come back to the shop then we will keep losing money. Rani is not here so I will force Raja to come back to the shop.
Raja calls Rani and says I miss you. Rani says please say it romantically. Raja says a poetry for her.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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