Shrenal’s pregnancy diary — telling them + bechara shrenu

that night:

kunal walked out of the room only to have questions blasted at him.

sanjay: bro, what happened to Bhabhi?

susheel: jiju, why did di faint?

satya: bro, say something na.

durga: jiju, we are all so worried here. say something.

sunil: kunal beta, why did shrenu faint?

kunal: guys! if you want your answer, stop asking me so many questions and let me speak.

all nod.

kunal: you all can come in the room and then you will get to know everything.

they go in the room shrenu was in, only to find her laying down on the bed, smiling with one hand on her stomach and she was dreaming about her — oops — her and kunal’s child.

sanjay: Bhabhi!

shrenu stopped dreaming when she heard sanjay. she slowly sat up on the bed and said: what happened sanju?

sanjay: nothing Bhabhi. just tensed because you fainted.

satya: we all are tensed now if you may, tell us why you fainted.

shrenu: kunal hasn’t told you yet?

durga: you and jiju are impossible! we are dying to know the reason behind you fainting and you guys are taking forever just to tell us.

kunal: fine we will tell you.

he sits next to shrenu and takes his hand in hers.

shrenu: not long back, you all asked me and kunal for something.

kunal: and now you all are getting promoted.

durga: promoted? I am still in uni jiju!

susheel: how can we be promoted when we don’t have a job?

sunil: please explain clearly.

shrenu: papaji will be promoted to Dadaji.

kunal: sanjay will be known as sanju chachu.

shrenu: satya as satya chachu.

kunal: durga as durga maasi.

shrenu: susheel as susy mami.

the five were slowly getting the hints, finally they knew the reason behind shrenu fainting.

shrenal: and hum…

all five: mummy papa banno ki!

sanjay: so finally you did what we told you to.

sunil: after so long, we will finally hear a child laughing in this house again.

satya and sanjay: thank you Bhabhi for this gift!

kunal: oh hello duffers! my thank you?

satya: no point in thanking you kunal.

sanjay: besides we feel no need to thank you kunal.

kunal: dad, are you sure these are my brothers?

sunil: yes.

durga: jiju relax! your so called brothers will never realise your value.

susheel: exactly! luckily you got us. thank you jiju for this gift.

durga: yes thank you so so much jiju.

shrenu: now I feel like my sisters have forgotten me completely.

satya: relax Bhabhi. we are here.

sanjay: and you know you love us more than your sisters.

shrenu smiles and says: I love you all equally.

sunil smiled seeing the four duffers taking sides and the sweet noh johk. he silently prayed to god to bless their family forever.

shrenal: papaji, join the hug.

sunil: sure.

he joins the hug and satya gets his phone out and gets a picture of the happy family.

satya: and now time to announce that my sister and brother in law are expecting. where is Instagram?

kunal: oh hello! when did I became your brother in law?

satya: since you got married.

kunal rolls his eyes and then says: satya! don’t announce yet. first let shrenu’s parents know then we can announce on social media.

sanjay: we all know that you both won’t announce that you are going to have a child till Bhabhi has had the child.

kunal slaps sanjay lightly.

shrenu: durga, my phone.

durga: here.

shrenu: thanks and satya, wait one minute and then you can tell everyone.

satya nods. shrenu dials a number and keeps the phone near her ear.

voice: hello?

shrenu: hello maa. is papa with you?

shrenu’s mother: yes he is. why?

shrenu: put your phone on speaker because you are about to get a shock.

shrenu’s mother puts her phone on speaker and tells her husband to listen.

shrenu: maa, papa you see you two are getting promoted.

shrenu’s dad: meaning?

shrenu: bidaadi ho nanuji and naniji.

shrenu’s parents: what?

shrenu’s mother: you are pregnant?

shrenu smiling: yes.

shrenu’s father: many congratulations to you and kunal. give the phone to kunal.

shrenu: ji.

she hands kunal the phone and kunal keeps it near his ear.

kunal: namaste papaji and maaji.

shrenu’s mother: we can’t believe that you and shrenu are going to be parents.

shrenu’s father: feels like yesterday you two married.

shrenu’s parents: congratulations.

kunal: thank you.

soon shrenu’s parents spoke to sunil and the four duffers (susya and durjay) and then the call ended.

satya: now can we tell the world that you two are expecting?

shrenal: fine.

satya smiles and finds Instagram on his phone. then he types in: and a little angel will soon join crazy town.

once he wrote the caption, he posted it. within five seconds, many likes and comments appeared, some were congratulations and some were questions. satya then put on his story:

‘kunal bro will post something soon and then you will all know the big surprise’

satya: kunal, pass me your phone.

kunal: here you go. but why?

satya: stop asking questions. everyone, get out of the shot. but Bhabhi, bro stay right where you are.

shrenal does as they are told and after many instructions, satya finally took the picture:

Image result for rikara cute

he goes on kunal’s Instagram and goes on new post. then he gives the phone back to kunal.

satya: now type in a caption.

kunal: what are you trying to do?

satya: oh hello, Bhabhi will be posting the news in a minute. first do it on your account.

kunal types in: and two will soon to be three.

once he typed ‘three’, he posted it.

kunal: done.

satya: good

that night was full of happiness and maasti.

the next day:

shrenu was all wrapped up in the blanket like a little baby. she was peacefully asleep. till someone ruined her peace.

voice: shrenu, shrenu wake up!

shrenu: kya yaar? can’t a girl sleep?

voice: pagli, wake up yaar!

shrenu: let me sleep.

all of a sudden, shrenu was wet and her eyes were wide opened.

shrenu: what the hell?!

she saw kunal laughing his head off.

shrenu: you jerk!

she grabs some pillows and threw them at kunal angrily. kunal managed to catch them and kept them on a side.

kunal: stop being angry. It is not good for you. now quickly change and then we will go for a morning walk.

shrenu: what?!

kunal: you heard correctly. morning walk. it is both good for you and my princess.

shrenu: princess? nahi nahi prince hogi.

kunal: it will be a princess and stop arguing and change.

shrenu stands up, rejecting kunal’s help and then starts walking to the bathroom, giving kunal a death stare.

shrenu: husbands don’t throw water at their wives. some husband you are.

kunal rolls his eyes as shrenu closed the bathroom door.

a few minutes later:

shrenu came out of the bathroom with her hair naturally wavy and then wearing a short sleeved yellow top and light blue jeans. kunal was memorised looking at her. even in the simplest of clothing, she still looks like a goddess.

however she was still angry at kunal.


shrenal came downstairs to have breakfast. but sunil, susya and durjay noticed shrenu angry and kunal was scared.

sunil: what happened shrenu bahu?

shrenu: papaji, your eldest son is so mean. I wanted to sleep today and he threw water at me just so that I could wake up! your son is crazy I tell you! crazy!

sunil: shrenu, relax. kunal, I thought that out of all three sons, you would be the wise one but turns out that you are like your brothers. if shrenu wanted to sleep, then let her sleep.

kunal: but dad, I did this only for her to go on a morning walk.

sunil: don’t do it again.

kunal: ok.

they sat down for breakfast. satya came and placed something in front of shrenu.

shrenu: satya, what is this?

satya proudly: bircher muesli.

shrenu: what? no no I am not going to eat this.

satya: but Bhabhi, I spent ages making it.

shrenu: but I don’t want to eat this. I don’t like oats and unsweet stuff.

kunal: like it or not, you have to eat this. it is good for the baby.

shrenu pulls a sad pout, she looks at sunil but sunil doesn’t look in shrenu’s direction because of the famous pout and puppy eyes.

sunil: sorry bahu but it is for you and your baby’s health.

shrenu: sanjay, sanjay, I will give you anything just don’t make me eat this.

sanjay: as much as I love you Bhabhi, you have to eat this.

durga: exactly!

susheel: don’t be like a child.

shrenu looked as if she was about to cry, kunal noticed and said: shrenu, don’t start crying. chalo, I will feed you.

he grabs the spoon and starts feeding shrenu who slowly got a smile back on her face.

soon they left the house as of the morning walk.

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