Shrenal’s pregnancy diary — Karva Chauth and surprise part b

that night:

shrenal’s room:

shrenu came back from the shower, drying her hair when she was backhugged by someone.

shrenu: kunal darling, enough of your romance and give me my gift.

kunal: what gift?

shrenu: you said that today I would get a gift.

kunal: oh that gift. eyes close karo.

shrenu closes her eyes. kunal lets go of her and gets something out of the cupboard. he goes back to shrenu and says: open your eyes.

shrenu flutters her eyes open and sees a packet.

shrenu: lehenga? kunal, thank you!

she hugs him tight.

kunal: and I got the one you wanted.

shrenu: but how did you know I wanted this lehenga? I never asked you.

kunal: I am not that stupid. when I was using my laptop the other day, I noticed that a tab was opened and I saw this lehenga.

shrenu: but kunal, you didn’t have to get it.

kunal: why? ap meri biwi hai and I have all rights to pamper you non stop.

shrenu hugs kunal again, fitting perfectly in his arms.

shrenu: you are so sweet. Every girl should have a husband like you.

Kunal: and every husband should have a wife like you. You know Shrenu, when we have our first child, I want her to be just like you; cute, adorable, bubbly, homely, respects elders, chirpy…

Shrenu interrupting: ek minute? ‘Her’? Mr Jaisingh, I want a son so then he has the same qualities like you; sweet, handsome, long hair and has a habit of saying shayari. And by the way, I am not pregnant so why are we talking about babies?

Kunal: bass aisi.

He looks at the clock and says: ab jaldi change karo. I need to go to check on preparations.

Shrenu nods and Kunal goes out of the room. As Shrenu started to comb her hair, once again she felt something weird in her throat.

Shrenu: why am I feeling like this? Itni ajeeb hai.

Half an hour later:

Satya and Sanjay came waiting for their bhabhi. Shrenu came out from the washroom looking just like an angel.

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Satya: wow bhabhi, bilkul ek pariya jaasi lagti.

Sanjay: Kunal bro is lucky to have you in his life.

Gauri: aww mera bacchas.

Sanjay and Satya side hug her from each side.

Sanjay: bhabhi, how are you feeling now?

Shrenu: not that well but once my fast has been broke, I think I will feel fine.

Satya: seems like the sky is working in your favour.

Shrenu: matlab?

Sanjay: meaning moon is out already.

Shrenu: sacchi?

Satya: yes bhabhi and one more surprise.

He pointed to the room’s entrance and Shrenu saw her two sisters smiling. She releases herself from her devars’ hug and hugged her sisters tight.

Durga: how are you di?

Shrenu: I am fine. You two?

Susheel: we are also fine di and once again our di forgot to take care of herself.

Shrenu: don’t start that topic.

Durga and Susheel laugh.

Satya: ok, your emotional time is over. Kunal bro is waiting with dad.

Susheel: heartless.

Satya: says you.

Shrenu: you two! Don’t fight.

Susheel and Satya sticks their tongues out to each other and then the five go outside of the house.


As Kunal turned to the entrance of the house since he heard footsteps, Shrenu entered but for to Kunal, it was as if a princess entered their lives.

Sunil: wow hamuri Shrenu looks so beautiful just like Maa Lakshmi.

Kunal: you are right dad.

Shrenu smiles lightly. Sunil handed Kunal a pot of milk and Durga handed Shrenu a sieve. Slowly Shrenu placed it in front of Kunal but as she did this, she started to get a massive headache but she ignored it. Shrenu lifted her head up to the rising moon. A few minutes later, she turned to Kunal. A few minutes later, she put the sieve down with all smiling. All of a sudden, Shrenu’s vision started to blur and the headache was getting more unbearful.  Before Kunal could make her drink, she fainted right on the floor.

Kunal: SHRENU!

He dropped the pot of milk and lifted Shrenu up in bridal style.

Kunal: dad, doctor!

Sunil: ok.

He gets his phone out and dials the number. Kunal quickly brought Shrenu inside and placed her in a downstair room. Susheel brought a glass of water and Kunal started to sprinkle it on Shrenu but no respond.

Kunal: Shrenu, please don’t act with me. Please! I am begging you!

He got a idea. He carefully made unconscious Shrenu sit and managed somehow to put some water in her mouth. Her eyes started to flutter as soon as the doctor came.

Kunal: finally you are here.

Doctor: I need you all out.

Kunal: but my wife…

Shrenu: Kunal…relax.

Kunal unwillingly goes. He and everyone else were waiting with tension in the air. A few minutes later, the doctor came out with a big smile on her face.

Kunal: doctor, how is Shrenu?

Doctor: ask her yourself.

Kunal: why?

Doctor: because I feel this is something a wife should tell her husband.

Kunal nods. Satya leads her to the door as Kunal goes in the room to find Shrenu smiling.

Kunal: what happened Shrenu? See this is what happens when you don’t take care of yourself. How many times do I have to tell you? That your health is important just as everything else is. Had you broke the fast earlier..

Shrenu interrupting: Kunal, your lecture is going to make me faint again.

Kunal: fine sorry. Doctor said that you wanted to say something.

Shrenu: yes she did.

She holds his hands and continues speaking: I know that time to time we argue what our future kids would look like. Time to time our family tells us to tell them the good news soon and now that time has come.

Kunal: what do you mean?

Shrenu: Durga and Susheel will be maasis, Satya and Sanjay will be chachus, meri mummy papa nanu nani, papaji dadaji and we will be..

Kunal: mama and papa.

Shrenu: yes. Kunal, I am pregnant.

Kunal’s heart started to jump in joy and Kunal’s shocked face slowly turned into a happy one.

Kunal: you’re pregnant?

Shrenu: yes.

Kunal hugged her tight, crushing her delicate bones then he kissed her forehead and said: you can’t imagine what I am feeling right now Shrenu. I love you a lot Shrenu, thank you!

Shrenu smiles lightly and says: maybe not what we expected on our first karva chauth but it will always be special.

Kunal: this is the best karva chauth ever. And now you have to take complete care of yourself. No junk food, no roaming around the house, don’t even think of begging dad or those duffers for treats.

Shrenu: but…

Kunal interrupting: no ‘buts’. You have look after yourself and our child.

Shrenu pouted sadly. Kunal laughed and kissed her pout and then her baby bump and then pulled her into another hug.

precap: telling them + bechara shrenu




So let me just state this, I don’t know much about karva chauth because whenever the moon comes out on karva chauth, I am inside with some family friends and sisters watching YouTube and when they show it on TV, I never really pay attention to it so don’t bash me on my lack of knowledge for karva chauth.

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