shq forever (ishra, swasan,arshi,raglak) (Epi-15)

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Ragini gets up early the next day . she sees laksh sleeping . she says idiot , u forgot our aaniversary , sote rehna
She is about to go when laksh holds her hand . she says chodo laksh , mein tumhe maaf nahi karne wali
Laksh : darling , u r jaan and u r my life , i cant forget our anniversary , see i got some tickets for a new movie , only us , i booked the whole theatre and then i booked a whole restuarent for our dinner
Ragini: tumhe lagta hai tum yeh sab karoge tho mein man jaungi

Ragaini is about to go when laksh sings , jag gumeya tare jaisa na koi
He pulls her close and kisses her . ragini calms down . she says tik hai , maaf kiya and hugs him
But why this drama , i know ur voice is terrible , switch off that music player and laughs
Laksh : u know i love to see u laugh and i know how to convince u . neither expensive things nor luxury , only a kiss can convince u
Ragini: u know me pretty well
She hugs laksh and wishes him happy anniversary .

She and laksh come down . they see the whole house decorated and say what is this
The whole family says happy anniversary
Ragini and laksh say thank u
Ragini hugs ruhi and says thank u baby , i know this was all ur idea . ruhi kisses ragini
Ishitha says i am sorry i could not arrange a party for u guys , but i am pretty sure that u guys will have other plans right . ragini says its ok ishu bhabi , we know how worried and busy we all were till yesterday

Its night
Kushi goes to sleep . she thinks about arnav . she thinks why am i thinking about arnav right now .
Arnav thinks , what why am i again and again thinking about that kushi , i and she always fight wid each other , then why am i thinking about her . may be i spent a lot of time wid her yesterday , no no i mostly be in maheshwari mansion and i always spend a lot of time her
He remembers how he lifted her after she fainted because of the drinks . he smiles unknowingly thinking how kushi told him he looked cute . he tries to sleep

Kushi says why am i not getting sleep . she thinks am i hungry , am in need of food and goes to kitchen and finds some ice cream in the fridge . she starts eating it nd arnav comes there and says i want some ice cream . kushi feeds him and suddenly arnav vanishes
Kushi says what the hell is this . i am thinking abt that stupid arnav , how could u kushi ? she loses intrest in her ice cream and pushes it off

Swara comes there . kushi says swara bhabi , i am not getting sleep and i am not getting hungry , what problem is this ? do u know what problem i have
Swara says this is not a normal problem . i think u r in love . kushi thinks what ?
She says swara bhabi i did a mistake by asking u , go now , i will ask ishu bhabi , she will tell me what problem i have

Swara: iss ladki ko kya hogaya . these things only happen in love
Ragini: laksh u booked this whole area for us
Laksh : anything for u my jaan
They have a happy evening .laksh says chale . they hold hand in hand and walk towards the car
It suddenly starts raining
Ragini : why is it raining suddenly . these kinds of rains in summers r surprising
. laksh stops the car in the middle of the road
Ragini : why did u stop the car laksh , its raining

Laksh gets down the car and dances happily . he shouts ragini ao (barish song plays in bgm)
Ragini gets down . there were nobody except them on the road
Ragini comes and holds the hand of laksh and they come too close and dance passionately in the rain and get lost in themselves
The rain stops , laksh hugs ragini
Ragini: laksh , i wish we could stay like this forever
(Sun mere humsafar plays in bg)

To be continued……….

  1. Interesting episode and loved Raglak scenes

  2. Nice update

  3. Jasminerahul

    laksh pretending to sing to calm down ragini was funny and cute.ragini prefers kiss to expensive romantic.raglak rain dance was damn romantic. arshi dream icecream scene was cute and romantic. thanks for the sudden update


  5. Asra

    awesome dear….raglak scenes r supper dear….loved it alot….waiting for nxt one…tkcr dear…

  6. Nice part

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