Short story contest || SWASAN ||

Hello friends…..
i am swasan….here with a short story contest…..

**First of all i inform….ONLY REGISTERED members can take part in the contest….

** TERMS and CONDITIONS for the contest;;
^ The main characters of story should be SWASAN {swara and sanskar}
^ The THEME of the story should be ANY of the following;;
* Addiction * Dream v/s Reality
* Innocence * Justice
* Sacrifice * Depression
* Belief * Jealousy
* Family * Determination
{If youwant to mix up the themes….you can…}………..The theme should be clearly justified in the story…..
^ The story can be of any type { Comedy,Horror, Romantic, Fantasy, Satire, Tragedy, Tragicomedy……………}
^ The story should be written only in ENGLISH
^ There is no word limit
^ There should not be any participant name or any type of details in the plot of the story…
^ Who all are ready to participate COMMENT OR MESSAGE me
^ Names for participating will be only accepted till ….6:00AM on 18 NOV 2016 …..
^ The stories should be mailed to me in………. [email protected]
^ The last date of mailing the story is 25 NOV 2016

** After i recieve all the stories by mail …i will post all the stories…..Then the readers can judge the stories…

** Readers will give the marks with there judgement through comments…..and the scheme for giving mark is….
~ Concept ;; out of 5 marks
~ Name of the story ;; out of 2 marks
~ Justification the theme ;; out of 3 marks

** The winners will be declared after adding up the marks….

  1. Ammu

    I want to participate

  2. Labdhi0507

    I want to participate…..but should it be an os…..or it should be of how many parts

    1. SWASAN

      it should be a os

  3. JenniferAndrews

    I want to participate

  4. Shrinjal

    Can I write the full OS on reality??? Pls reply me…
    Thank you..

    1. SWASAN

      ya.. you can…

  5. Devihaa

    I want to participate in this…But i have doubt that …..Actually i want to write on the topic sacrifice … And can it be a friendship sacrifice….. And swasan should be only lovers ah…. Plssss…Reply back……

    1. SWASAN

      the story can be of any type……it’s not necessary to be a love story

  6. Sanswa

    Ohh I miss d chance, but want favour from u will u still allow me in competition, sorry dear but have xams na so I saw this contest msg late

    N if u still will give me a chance for participation den wanted 2 inform u 1 thing dat I have xams till 29 so I’ll be able to post story 2 u on 30th Nov

    Plzz rply me back wanna participate but can’t help due to cams

    But will nt mind if u won’t able to give me chance cz I can understand that u have decided endlines as per some approaches only..

    Will wait 4 ur reply.

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