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Hai commnts pls

Next part
Sanskaar when entered room surprised to saw shona is not there. When he switch on all the light surprised to see swara sitting in cusion with a cake. Everyone enter there except RaglAK were surprised.
Swa: happy b’ day dear sanskaaar yani meri hubby. Wish u a happy rejoicful b’day dear.
Rag:swara now u can celebrate with him all life so enjoy we are leaving.
All left heart filled smile on thier face.
San: swara ur fine naa this oneyear kill me inch about inch. Many time thing to end my self but still live for u jaan.
Swa: sanskaar due to the effect of poison i some time act childishly and when heavy pain came i vo mit blood. If u handle and adjust me then pls make me urs
San(naughtly): can i mark u as mine.
Swar: wait for a little. Hubby.♥♡♥♡♥♡♥
San: haa.
They slept in middle shona began to murmur something

Swa: adarsh buri hai touch maat karna. Meri mickey akkar mardungi saale.
San: swara kya hua are u fine.
Swa : (wake up) woh sansky i saw him again . He will kill me .
She began to weep like a child. Sanky is sad to his sherni like a pu**y cat.
Swa: i dont feel to sleep can we talk.
San: haa its ok talk.
Swa: u know am afraid of cockroach.
San: but am not .
Swa; really

Suddenly she scream. Coxkroach. And jump to bed sanky also do the same.
San: oh god cockroach. Maa mom dad bade papa.
Swa: what happen sansku.
San: there is a cockroach we want to kill it.
Swa: then go and kill it na.
San: buddu how can i iam afraid of it.
Swa: samepitch i also. Then what will we do.
San: maaa momm dad uttara a wat the hell where are all of them
Everyone gatherd and surprised the position of swasan .
Ap: hua kya?
Suj: kya hua.?
Swa: a cockroach is there .
San : there is a cockroachl.
Lak:(yawning) are u guys playing jumble words. Kya hua hua kya and there is a cockrach and a cockroach us there these have same meaning.
Rag: voth of u get down . I killsd it.
Swa: pakka.
San: ure sure naa.

( Everyone knows swara is npw behaving like child)
Both came down shona examine the cockroach and verify it as dead.
San: princess not so bad get ready.
Swa: am shoru hai shoru. Shoru hamesha best hai.
San*whisper*: bhaisaa ka booch. Kya attitude.
Swa: kuch bola ?
San: nahi toh


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  1. Haha haha…

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    haha…… new shona….. god it’s awsome yaar….

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  5. Mica

    hahaha..soo naughty but this childish poison effect so epic..please update in english Nandi..ty

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  9. Adishu

    not understood… why is Sara behaving like this…

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