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@momo_mohsin messaged you.

“Another message! Hope this guy  is not like the previous one. The previous guy was really irritating hope this one is not like him,” Naira thought and opened InstaChat to see the message.

Hi! ?

How are you doing?

Good. What about you?

Great ☺
What’s your name?

Mohsin. What’s yours?


Umm..where are you from?


Same. So why are you here?
                         Actually I was getting bored          so came here to make some new friends. But most of the people here are irritating  and unfriendly. ?

Oh…So you didn’t get any good friend?

                                                      I guess I did?

You did? I thought you said the
people here are unfriendly.


I guess there are  exceptionals ?

Why am I feeling like you are talking about me?
Because you are giving yourself too much importance. *smirk*


Like this we chated for somemore time. We talked about our hobbies, likes and dislikes and cracked jokes specially lame jokes!
Atlast we wished goodnight to eachother and ended our chats.

Next morning,
I was sleeping when I some noise. Urgh a notification. I took a quick look at the [email protected] momo_mohsin messaged you.

I sleeply typed the password and opened the phone. Where is InstaChat?! Damn I can’t find the app. Oh, here it is! I opened the app and checked the message.

Good Morning (7:00)
Good Morning (8:30)
Good Morning(9:00)
Goodmorning (9:15)

Good Morning! He typed me good morning 4 times!
                               Good Morning *yawning*

He instantly replied. I never thought that he will reply me so soon.
Finally it’s your morning!
C’mon it’s vacation. Vacations are for sleeping and fun!

You are so cutee…??
                                                 Really! ??
More cutee ???
               You are unbelieveable. *rolls eyes*
Need to go now….we’ll talk later..
Why? Is your BF calling you? ??
I don’t have a boy friend.
When did I say you have a boy friend??
You asked of my boyfriend was calling me.

I asked if your bf was calling you and bf means best friend ?
Bye cutie??
Why aren’t you going? Don’t wanna leave me? ?? But you should leave or else your Bf might find something fishy…So bye cutie ?????

And with that I close my phone.

But from that day onwards it became a daily routine to talk with him. It was like a addiction for us….umm…don’t know about him but it was an addiction to me. I couldn’t call it a day without talking to him. I needed to share everything with him. My day started talking with him and also ended talking with him He became my bestest friend is such a short time.

It was just another boring dat at school. It was our lunch time. I was sitting with my classmates but was chating with him. And I was smiling when chatting with him and a friend of mine noticed it.
“Whom are you talking to Shivi? With your boyfriend?” she asked. And I blushed hearing the word boyfriend. Wait…What?! I blushed… I..I..blu..she..d…..that seems really unbelieveable but it actually happened. I actually blushed but why ? I didn’t get the answer in a instant. It took time to get the answer but I got it. I realised that I loved him. But it seems too cliche doesn’t it? Loving someone whom you’ve never seen , to whom you only talked or more correctly with whom you only chatted. But I was damn sure that I loved him. And you don’t need to see a person to love him, if you know a person properly then it’s enough to fall for the person. And talking with Mohsin was all that I needed to fall for him. He was a great person, he was funny, caring, friendly and kind. He have every quality that I wanted in my life partner. And about looks, it doesn’t matter to me as long as I truly know the person. For me inner beauty is more precious that the outer beauty.
But there was still a problem. And the problem was that what if he doesn’t feel the same way? What if he doesn’t love me?
If it was like that then what am I supposed to do? Of course then I can’t confess it to him.  Then I might lose him as a friend too.

I was soo confused. The next few days passed really slow. We still talked but mostly he would say things and I replied in small, like-hmm,ok etc. I was scared  to talk to him, I was scared that if I talk with him then I might fall more for him, I was scared that I might  confess to him unknowingly causing to lose the friendship. He under stood that something was wrong. He would often  ask me if I was okay but I couldn’t tell him so I had to lie to him. I told him that it  was the pressure of study due to which I as tired or sometimes I told that I was sick. A few weeks passed like this when suddenly one day  he told me to meet him. Yeah you heard it right. He texted me and asked to meet him!


 Can you please meet me tomorrow? It’s urgent, please don’t say no.


                                      Can’t you text me what you want to say meeting me?

I badly wanted to meet him but again I didn’t want to meet him. I was afraid that I might become weak.

If I could’ve told you here I would never asked you to meet……but it’s something important and I want to tell it to you face to face.

I thought for sometime and agreed to meet him as I knew he would make me meet him by hook or crook.

                                                         Ok. Text me the address.

Then I logged out from there. I was nervous as hell. He wanted to tell me something important. What if he tells me that he have a girl friend or that he likes someone. What will I do then? With each passing seconds I was getting more nervous. The night passed thinking about the worst thing that could happen.

The next day I called my best friend and tolad her everything. At first she was angry with me for not telling her all this but this but then she consoled me saying that things work the other way as well, that he might have called me to meet to give her some good news, that maybe he also feels for her and wanted to confess his feelings.. But  don’t know why my heart wasn’t ready to accept all these.

However, my bestie  told me to be positive and prepared me too face him. Although we left h from home early but was late to reach there. Dropping me my friend went back.

 After my friend dropped me I went following  the directions which Mohsin send me but reached a place which was fully dark. Maybe he mistakenly gave the wrong direction. I should go from here.As soon as I started to leave the lights turned on. I had to close my eyes to stop the light getting into my eyes. Once I got habituated with it I opened my eyes. I place was beautifully decorated. I was standing in a corner of the room and around me a heart shape was made with petals of white and blue flowers, my favourite colours and infront of me was a cute boy on his knees  holding a ring in his hands. and I understood that it was Mohsin. And when I understood what he was going to do I was feeling both nervous and scared. I was feeling that I was in my dream world that  it’s a fairytale.

Mohsin- Tweety you might be confused because of all these. I actually wanted to tell you something. I love you tweety. I don’t know when tis happened but it did. It’s your innocence, your cuteness, your everything that made me fall for you. I love evrything about you, each and everthing. I don’t know wether you will believe me or not but I really love you.

His each and every word was making me feel thousands of butterflies in my stomach. I was in tears by the time he completed saying. It was tears of happiness. The happiness which I got knowing that the person I love also loves me.

Mohsin- Why aren’t you saying something? It’s okay if you don’t feel for me. Just don’t break the friendship please, this is really precious for me…

Before he could say anything else I ran towards him and huugged him tightly.

Shivangi- I love you too teddy….I love you

Listening to this Mohsin hugged me back and didn’t brak the hug.

Mohsin- You know you are more cute than I thought.

I chuckled.

Shivangi- You yourself don’t look that bad.

Mohsin smiled and said, “I love you” with love in his voice and planted a cute small kiss on my forehead. So he remembered that I find kissing in forehead cute.

“I love you too Teddy,”I replied and hugged him more tightly.

~The End~

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  1. Sanayakapoor

    lovely one!! really yaar again u nailed it… text message waala love…. my ever most favorite thing… i think u are the best writer if it comes on writing about kaira.. u just gave me a feeling of true love… Love u yaar my most fav writer…
    keep writing…
    love u loads..❤️❤️?
    hope you remember me!!
    from: sanaya

    1. Munia_rahman_

      Aww ??…..Thank you so much Shanaya??..and yeah I do remember you ☺☺Btw how r u ?

  2. Sanayakapoor

    got very much fine after reading ur os..

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