Shivika’s love story – episode 7

Episode 7


One day passed. Shivaay and Annika were terribly missing each other.Shivaay was invited by his friend Ved for his birthday party. He didn’t know what to wear. He called Annika.

Shivaay: Hello!
Annika: Hi! How are you?
Shivaay: Fine and you darl…
Annika (interrupts him): What?
Shivaay (in his mind) : Oh shit, she doesn’t know!
Shivaay: Fine and you?
Annika: Good. Why did you call me?
Shivaay: Well, I have to go to Ved’s birthday party but don’t know what to wear.
Annika (in her mind): I’m so stupid, I thought he called because he was missing me.
Shivaay: Are you here?
Annika: Yes… Go to my cupboard and open the third drawer!
Shivaay: Why, is there anything special?
Annika: Just do as I say, go!

Shivaay went to her cupboard and opened the drawer. There was a blue shirt and a brown pant.

Shivaay: What’s this Annika?
Annika: Well, a skirt. What a question!
Shivaay: No I mean why did you bought this?
Annika: I got it last week when I went to shop. I thought it would suit you well, that’s why.
Shivaay: But you didn’t need!
Annika: If you like it take it, else I will give it to my brother.
Shivaay: Okay, bye!
Annika: See you!

Shivaay (in his mind) : Why would I not use something you gifted me?

He wore the blue shirt and the brown pant and went to Ved’s house.They cut the cake and started to play truth or dare. It was Shivaay’s turn.

Ved: Truth or dare?
Shivaay: I don’t have anything to hide so truth
Ved: Okay, so tell us about your first crush.

Shivaay: It was at school. I don’t remember her name because she was with me only one year and it was long ago. We were 4 years old and were in the same class. The first day of school, I was a little bit scared, I didn’t want to go. She saw it and then grabbed my hand to take me inside. I felt safe when I was with her. Then I would be excited to go to school just to see her. She was very cute and we used to share a lot of things. Then one day she came to me and told me that she was going to move out of town for the rest of her life. I was very sad about it but before going she gave me  her shell necklace and said « Keep it in my memory ». In fact, I still have it.

The party was over and Shivaay went back to home.

Shivaay (in his mind): That’s why I fell in love with you my sweetheart! I know Annika that you are the little girl who stole my heart! You are the one who gave me this. I know it because I saw a photo of you when you were little. I may not have remembered your name but I will never forget this cute face and eyes which made me fall for you. When you will confess your love for me, I will give this back to you and I am really excited to see your reaction! And I also hope that you remember me.

The next day, Annika was coming back. It was only two days but for them, it was like two years. Shivaay went to pick up her too early. He couldn’t wait anymore. Annika came after 1 hour. They hugged each other to greet and went into the car. Shivaay was very curious so he asked the same question to Annika while he was driving.

Shivaay: If it doesn’t bother you, can I ask you something?
Annika: Yes, tell me?
Shivaay: Did you have any first love or first crush?
Annika: Yeah. At school, I had a big crush on a boy. I used to call him Billu because he had beautiful eyes, just like you. He was my closest friend. I used to play with him at the park and we always shared our lunch. Because I moved, I couldn’t see him anymore. But I remember giving him my shell necklace. It was a necklace that means so much to me because my grandmother gave it to me. She said « When you see someone that you love a lot give it to him ». So I did. I hope he still have it and and I also hope te see him again one day.
Shivaay (in his mind): Yaay, she remembers me!

  1. I like the way the story turns! Can’t wait to see what happens next !

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