Shivika’s love story – episode 6

Episode 6

After a few days, Annika’s aunt died, so she had to go to London by plane. Shivaay couldn’t go because of some work issues so he went to drop Annika at the airport. He was a little worried about her because it’s the first time that Annika was going far from him.

Shivaay : Did you take your passeport and purse?
Annika : It’s the 100th time you are asking me and yes I have it.
Shivaay : I know but imagine what will happen if you forget anything at the last time?
Annika : Be optimist! Nothing will happen.
Shivaay : If you say so.
Annika : Take care and don’t forget to be awesome.
Shivaay : You too and text me once you reach London!
Annika : Can I hug you? No, I mean… We are good friends right so we can at least hug to say goodbye, aren’t we?
Shivaay : Yes, of course. See you soon!
Annika : Bye!

Shivaay then went back to home and sat on the sofa to relax when he saw Annika’s diary on the table. He knew that it was her personal diary but he couldn’t resist so he started to read the first page. It happened that she started to write in her diary only one day before her departure:

« Dear diary,

Today I decided to write because I needed to express my emotions in a way and I know that you will never judge me, so it was the best way. I have decided to tell you why I got a tattoo, something I never confessed to anyone. There are a lot of reasons. They always say that people who are no more are in the stars. I got this star tattoo in honour of my uncle who left this world 2 years before. He was the one I used to share my problems with. He had only one child so he used to treat me as his daughter and always pampered me. I didn’t even know his name until his death. I used to call him « baby uncle » because every time we met he used to say « hi baby » so I ended up calling him baby uncle. His death left me so sad that I wanted it to be part of me. This star will always guide me whenever I’m lost. I also got this tattoo in honour of my sister and my sister by heart. Both of their names means star. Now, there’s also a third reason that came up. The star that lit up my life : Shivaay.

Shivaay, such a lovely name that means so much to me. For you who don’t know him, I’m sorry, you’re missing out on someone amazing. The first time I saw him I thought he must be a macho boy, not very nice. But I was wrong. I discovered in him an extraordinary person. I know he’ll always be there for me. Such a nice human being he is! I got married to him because my parents wanted to, but trust me it was one of the best decision of my life. In two weeks it’s his birthday. I want confess my love on that day in a way that he will never forget. Anyway, I have to pack my things so unfortunately I have to finish up on this.

Yours truly,

Annika Singh Shivaay »

After reading this, Shivaay was shocked and happy. Suddenly a notification appeared on his phone.

Annika : Hey! I just reached auntie’s home. Don’t worry for me, I’m safe. Take care, bye!
Shivaay (in his mind) : Now that I know that she loves me, I can also confess to her that I also love her. But let’s wait till she gives me the surprise because I’m not courageous enough to say it first.

Sorry for the delay. Because of some personal issues, I couldn’t do it before.

  1. I love you episode… Tis tie can you try to update continually. Thank you so much

  2. I love your episode… Tis tie can you try to update continually. Thank you so much

  3. Very nice update
    Was waiting for your update but it’s okay. Looking forward for more updates

  4. I look forward to the rest of your story! Sounds cool.

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