Shivika’s love story – episode 5

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Episode 5

Few days later, there was a press conference at Shivaay’s hospital because he won the title of « best doctor of the year ». Shivaay went to the press conference with Annika. Annika thought there was a party at the hospital. When they arrived there, she was really shocked seeing the press.

Annika : What is this Shivaay ?
Shivaay : Actually, I have a surprise for you, come inside !

The entered inside and saw a huge poster congratulating Shivaay for being the best doctor of the year. Annika was so happy for him.

Annika : Congratulations, you didn’t even tell me !
Shivaay : I wanted to surprise you, that’s why. Anyway the journalists will interview me in a few minutes so sit somewhere and just listen to me.
Annika : Okay, all the best !
Shivaay : Thank you !

Shivaay started to answer to the questions.

Journalist : What do you think about being the best doctor of the world ?
Shivaay : I am really happy because I was waiting for this since some years. Success will comme itself if you take a lot of efforts!
Journalist : What are the unique and different skills you have, as a doctor ?
Shivaay : I am a doctor who mostly uses naturals medicines and natural treatments. I don’t use english medicines much to avoid any side effects for the patient.
Journalist : What is your planning abou the future ?
Shivaay : My aim is to open a hospital in the futur where only natural treatments and equipments will be used, but that’s not for now. And I’m only 25 so I have enough time to make this dream come true.
Journalist : Why did you choose to become a doctor ?
Shivaay : Well… Tha’s a sad story ! Do you really want to know this ?
Journalist : Even if it is sad, I’m sure it will be motivating for some people so tell it !
Shivaay : Okay… When I was young everything was going well in my life till one day. My parent’s were pampering me a lot because I was only child. I had a lot of friends. One day, me and my parents went to shopping. When we were coming back to home a car hit my parents. Imagine me! I saw my parents dying in front of my eyes. I saw them suffering and went to them. I shouted and did my best to save them, but unfortunately I couldn’t. I cried a lot. I thought that no one should suffer the same pain as me. And that day, I took my decision. I wanted to become a doctor so I could save the life of others parents.
Journalist : Thank you for answering to the questions !

Annika had some tears.

Annika (in her mind) : I think I have fallen for someone !


For some people’s request I tried to write more than before, if it’s not enough leave a comment. As usual don’t forget to comment and share if you liked this.

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  1. it was good! but not that much interesting….gud try babes try to make it intresting……

    1. Mithira

      I love those who leave such comments because I can correct my mistakes. Next time will try to upload something more interesting so thank you !


    Can you try to write longer episodes than this. I actually love Annika and Shivaay – they are my favourite couple so I love reading your episodes. I love it so much but can you please try to write longer episodes. Oh and also can you expand on their emotions as it really helps to understand how the character is feeling and it is easier to relate to them. Thank you so much🥰😘😍😁

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