Shivika’s love story – episode 4

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Episode 4

The next day, Annika had to go to work but she took a leave. She wass suffering from her periods. Shivaay was getting dressed when he saw that Annika was still in bed.

Shivaay : Are you okay ?
Annika : Yeah!
Shivaay : Then why aren’t you getting ready ?
Annika : Nothing, I just forgot to wake up.

Shivaay was feeling that she was lying. He saw a red mark of blood in the bed and went to the cupboard without even saying anything. He took a small bag and gave it to Annika.

Annika : What is this !
Shivaay : Just open it !

There was some pads and medicines.

Shivaay : I know you have your periods. I got this once in case it would help you one day. I might not be a boy to know what you are suffering but I have a mom and sister. Take the medicine after eating breakfast, it will help you a lot !

Annika : Thank you so much, means a lot !
Shivaay : Do you like dumplings ?
Annika : I love dumplings. Why ?
Shivaay : A lot of people have food cravings during periods so I thought to buy some when coming back from work. Anyway bye, it’s time for me to leave
Annika (in her mind) : Such a gentleman he is !


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  1. Off course he know he is doctor
    It’s fantastic please write more it is to short

    1. Mithira

      Thank you, will try to write more next time !

  2. Good try babe! U shud write on wattpad…………

    1. Mithira

      Thank you for your suggestion ! Will try to write on wattpad. It’s just that I don’t have much time to write with my studies so I’m trying to do my best. I hope you read the other episodes !

  3. Wow! It’s amazing

    1. Mithira

      You are one of those who reads my articles from the first episode. It makes me happy to see that there is at least on person who is following me from the beginning. Thanks to you for this !

  4. yaar update soon…….waiting for next!

    1. Mithira

      I also have to study so I will only write when I have time. Maybe tomorrow next episode will be updated. Thanks !

  5. By the way in which class you’re studying currently? Just asking dont take it seriously………….

    1. Mithira

      Well I don’t know comparing to India in which class I am because I am living in Switzerland…


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