Shivika an unknown feelings (Episode 5)

Hi guys I am sorry for late update it’s been two months so please forgive I am writing the next episode and those who missed my previous part I am giving you link
Episode 4

Epi 5:
Shivom and rudra break their hug and something strikes their head then said in unison oh god same prank happened and we became fool again saying they got up from the bed and went to freshen up afterwards they had breakfast and went to respective works.
@Annika house:
Soumya got up and went to Annika room and woke her up from the sleep and Annika got up from the sleep and asked her what is she doing in the early morning
Soumya: di you only said that I will be joining gym and you only forgot
Annika was surprised that her sister said it but she composed and said yes I had completely forgot ok this is the address of the gym go and I had already talked to them and done the registration also and there is no need fear.
Soumya: ok I am going bye
After soumya left Ishana came to Annika and asked di what happen to somu she agreed and wanted to go for gym am I dreaming the girl who hates exercise is talking about exercise.
Annika: yes ishu but nice change haa I like it she will understand soon that whatever I did is good for her.
Ishana: hmm ok di I have to go to dance for practice bye see you later and I think today you will be busy so go to bakery early so that you can complete work a little bit early
Annika: ok bye

@rudra gym:
Soumya entered the gym she is a little bit upset and she made funny faces seeing the gym while going she has collided with a boy and fall down her nose became red and she opened her eyes and saw a tall man who had well built body and looking handsome she gave an irritated look the man laughed seeing her and controlled his laugh and helped her.
Soumya: thanks but no thanks
Boy: what?
Soumya: thanks for helping but not for laughing and colliding mr
Boy: rudra and sorry for it you had come for?
Soumya: I had joined gym
Rudra: ok so let me introduce myself then others I am rudra singh oberoi owner of this gym and let me introduce to your trainer come with me
Soumya: ok my name is soumya and l am coming
Rudra went to a girl and said soumya she is your trainer Naina and Naina she is a new joining so see her saying it he went and the trainer started teaching soumya about how to use machines and how to work on it and as it is first she didn’t started doing much exercise and like this soumya did work out and the trainer also gave diet plan to follow so soumya took it and went home after work out.

@Ishana side:
Ishana is driving a scooty and lost in her thoughts and there was a girl who is crossing and she was about to hit the girl someone saved her and she stopped suddenly as she sensed that she is going to hit a girl and someone saved her so she put her scooty aside and went to the girl and said sorry and then saw a man who is looking angry and she said him I am really sorry I had been more careful
Boy: yeah be careful miss
Ishana: Ishana and sorry mr
Om: Omkara singh oberoi
Ishana: ok and once again sorry and bye
Saying it she left

Precap: Shivom and rudra planning to take revenge on mohit

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