Shivika Ts~Mislike me Not~(By Anya) PART 4

Hello darlings! as Iv’e said I’m back with an update much early.Well it was all because of you all who encouraged me to write this Anyways here is the next update and I hope you all will like it. and it is the most lengthy one of all as previous one was very short.

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Part 5

“The truth will set you free, but first it will piss you off.”
Joe Klaas, Twelve Steps to Happiness

“Hello Khanna ji have you done the things which I have asked you to do?”Prinku asked on her phone while coming out of Annika’s house with a file in her hand.

“okay great!”she said but within a second’So what is the news?”she asked hoping for the best.But the fear in her heart increased on hearing him shuttering.”Ma’am I won’t be able to say this on the phone”khanna said with a stressed voice.”okay than meet me outside Oberoi Mansion in an hour”she said with a trembling voice and was going to end the call when suddenly”You havn’t told Anything to shivaay bhaiya about it?”she asked in a new found fear in her voice and took a sigh of relief when she heard him say No that he hadn’t said anything to Shivaay about all this.

“thank you khanna ji and meet me outside OM I will take the documents from you”she said and ended the call with a sigh,entering her car which will take her to her destination.

While the whole ride she was in a constant battle with her heart and mind.Her heart was telling her that Shivaay can never do it but her mind was always making her remmeber the view of the devastaded women and this always over power her heart.She sigh,one of the most desperate one as she doesn’t know what to do.She was lost in her thoughts when the ringing of her cellphone took her out of her thoughts,her breath caught in her throat when she saw shivaay bhaiya flshing on the screen.She held the phone tightly in her hand and squeezed her eyes shut,switchiung off her phone.

She paced back and forth fromt he last 5 minutes outside OM looking desperately at her watch and waiting for khannaji to show up.After it felt like eternity he came there with a few documents in his hands.As soon as she saw him she hurriedly went to him and asked only one question which was killing her inside out”Was shivaay bhaiya there in the hotel that night?”she said with a desperation that couldn’t be decipher.

“I’m sorry ma’am but yes he was there that night”and her heart skipped a bit when she heard him say that but still her heart asked her not to go to thwe conclusion soon”But how could you be so sure?”she asked anciously”Ma’am here some documents which contain all the informations about shivaay sir that night,you can see it by yourself”he said and handed her the documents with whom he had come.She took it instantly and went away from there inside the house and straight to her room ignoring everyone, closed the door latch,sat on her bed and started going through the pages which contain pictures of CCTV camera fotage and information about who had come there that night and who had gone.

She thourally went throught the files for more than 2 times hoping the things which she was there vanished and there is something else but to her utter dismay it didn’t avnished but reamin the same.The same damn truth.she sat there looking at the files but her mind was somewhere else and suddenly floods of tears started to flow from her dove shaped eyes wetting the paper kept in front of her.She just hugged the pillow and cried her heart out as what ever saumya said was true watever she saw was true,these papers were the evidence.DAMN f**king truth!

She had lost all her hope now as before this she had a hope that everything is just a misunderstandig and nothing else.This is the reason she asked khannaji to go to the hotel and bring all the information about that night so that she can be assure that he was not the one annika saw but! but! god once again being cruel to her and burned all her hope into ashes as if it was a smalll piece of paper.She heard someone knocking on her door asing her to open the door adn she realize it is shivaay who is behind the door.She sat there looking at the door with nothing in particular.She was in a mess!She doesn’t know what to do.her head was trobbing with pain.She hold her head with both hands and paced the room back and forth.

After a few second she heard the door banging geting more violent ans haivaay beeging her to open the door as he is really scared as what ahd ahppened that she is behaving like this.She started to move towards the door when she heard him say that he will break open the door if she doesn’t open the door now.

shivaay on the other hand was pacing his room waiting for priyanku to come home as she didn’tt picked up his phone and then it went switched off.He was lost in his thoughts when a servant came and told him about priyanka’s arrival and with that he was here at ehr room’d doorstep asking her to open the door but it seems she is not in mood to open it.Which made him more suspious as well as scared.Is annika Ok?Is his baby ok?And where is annika?Does she accepted to come home?A whole lot of questions were revolving around his head and he want these answers so he threatened her.

shivaay waited for her to open the door and when the door opened his fear started to increase in his cheast as he saw her sister bloodshot red with pluffy eyes and there was anger filled in them.He looked confused at her”What happened Prinku?”he aksed with a voice full of fear and touched her shooulder while she just jerked it off mercilessly making him shocked.”prinku what happened dear is everything alright?How is annika? you are scaring the hell out of me please tell me something?”he said and holded her cheeks while she started crying.

This was making him more nervous and scared his mind screamed that ask her what had happened but she just moved away from him wiped her tears,went towards her bed collected all the scattered files and gave it to him.He looked confused nad started to look at the files”what’s this?”he asked”Is that you?”she asked in cold voice.He looked at the pictures”yes it’s me it’s the day when I was in the award show and…”

“okay it’s enough’She cut him off” I thought that this is all fake but this is the truth,You betrayed anni bhaiya!You cheated her! That night you were at this hotel after the award show and what you did is pathetic,I will never forgive you not did Annika,because of all this she lost her baby”as soon as she said this shivaay stilled.he thought that he heard it wrong”what what did you said?”he whispered”yes bhaiya annika was pregnant and she went through a miscarriage and this is all because of you!All because of YOU!”She screamed and started to sob sitting on the floor”All because of YOU”she continue to say it,Shivaay didn’t heard anything except the fact that he lost his baby!He lost their symbol of love his little bundle of joy.All his dreams to become a father was crashed down into smaller pieces of mirror which couldn’t be made ad one once again.

The files slipped from his hands and He felt as if all the air has been sucked out off his lungs and he was not able to breath.”Annika hates you bhaiya! So don’t you dare to go her.Just don’t”priyanka said still crying sitting on the floor helplessly.

Shivaay doesn’t know what is happeneing around him,He thought that he was dreaming.Maybe he is having a nightmare and nothing else.He looked down to see priyanka crying and he felt some wetness on his cheeks.He extened his hand on his cheeks and realize that he is crying.he saw priyanka standing going once again inside and searching something in her hand back and when she got it,she just gave it forcefully on his hand and closed the door at his face.He stared at the the closed door for a few secons and looked at the file in his hand which had “Annika Shivaay Singh Oberoi”written on it.

He went from there lifelessly and entered their room,sat on the couch with a thud and opened the file with trembling hands.He closed his eyes when he saw the papers which seemed to be the death certificate of his unborn child.He felt his gaze becoming hazy,he just crushed the paper with his hands and with that he was destroying everthing which was there in the room.He puched the mirror with his fist and blood started to oozze out of his knucles but he doesn’t seem to bother it because this is the only way he could show his frustation,his anger,his pain to lessen.

“This is all because of You”Prinku’s words rang in his head and being tired he sat there on his knees around the scattered things and screamed his heart out and started crying like anything while hugging his legs close to his chest.

He needs someone to be beside him and the person which come first in his mind was his brothers.Yes Omru!HE need them at this very moment.Still crying he started searching for his phone in the mess and got a few mores cuts on his palm but once again it didn’t matter to him,hands red in colour he dialed the number of Om with trembling hands.After a few rings Om picked up the call.

“Hello shivaay how are you?and everything is alright in the house?”Om asked sincerely while getting noresponse except the voice of some one sobbing took him ooff gaurd”Shivaay are you there? Is everything ok?Tell me shivaay you are scaring me”he said being panicked”Nothing is right Om.Please come back I need both of you please”Shivaay begged n a pleading tone with a cracked voice making Om more restless”Shivaay?What happened bro?”he asked in a hope that he will say something”Please come back”was the only thing he continue to say between his violent sobs”Okay I’m coming with rudra!Don’t stress yourself.I’m just coming with the next flight.Everything will be ok”Om said hurriedly and ended the call.

“What a pitiful mass of dangerous nothing”
Charles Bukowski, Pulp


So here’s the End! I hope it was upto your expectations.And I know i have revealed a lot of thing in this update and also gave you all the hint that the next update will have Omru in them.But what wil be their reaction?Any guesses? And 1 more thing,I won’t be showing any of the other members of the family becoz I think it will exasarate it!

Well I’m really happy to see that you all are loving this priyanka! To be true I always wanted her to be like this.To be fierce and bold but the cv’s had really cut down his character which is not at all acceptable from my side.

And criticises are the most welcome in this thread and I won’t be offended else I will be happy that I got to make my mistakes rectify as we write stories just to make you happy and if you don’t like anything it’s our duty to make changes.

And one more thing there is no Mahi.

Okay I think I have said alot,Pardon me for this.Next update will be coming day after tomorrow as I will be a little busy.Shorry!

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