Shivika Ts~Love confession~ft.Oberoi Family (By Anya) PART 3

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hello guys I’m back..! I’m reallys sorry for making you all wait for so long..
actually I was not feeling well I got a viral fever but now I’m feeling much better…
So here is the next update…!
I’m really sorry to all of them who are waiting for me to update my SS but I’m working on it and will soon update it…

Kindly ignore grammartical mistakes and typos


Shivika Ts~Love confession~
(Part 3)

“Hmm…ek kiss chalega”he said innocently.”bas itni choti si baat chaliye now close your eyes”she said and shivaay instantly closed his eyes like an obedient kid.She went up on her toes and shivaay could feel her hot breath on his lips.

She smiled mischeivously and kissed his cheek.shivaay opened his eyes instantly”hey! this is not fair you have promised that you will give me what ever I will ask for”he complained like a 5 years old boy.”yes I know that! you asked for a kiss and i have given you”she said innocently and pulled his cheek.”Ahhh! annika what are you doing?”he winched”App kitne cute lag rhae ho..!” she said giggling.”woh toh mein pehle se hi hoon…tumhe mujhe batatne ki koi zarurat nhi hai”he said while raising his eyebrows and a smirk came upon his lips.”ok now leave all this,now give me my gift”he said and once again pulled her closer.

Now there was not an inch left between them.Anni blushed while he smiled.She composed herself”arre maine toh de hi diya aapko gift…”she said”aap ne ek kiss maanga aur maine de diya”she added innocently.”No not like that”he winched”than how?mujhe toh bas aise hi kiss karna aata hai”she said while hiding her smirk.

“sacchi?”he asked surprised

“mucchi…”she said while fluttering her eye lashes.

“Accha chaliye choriye mujhe,mujhe bahut kaam hai”she said while unwrapping her hands from his neck and tried to move from his hold.He inturn tightened his hold”not before recieving my gift”he said huskily.”Shivaay leave me…anyone can see us, what will they thing of us?”she said shyly.”let them see,I’m not doing any crime that they will say something,I’m just romancing with my wife”he said and turned her around so as her back hit his chest.”Ye app kya kar rhe hai shivaay”she asked being nervous.When she didn’t heard anything,she looked up and her eyes locked with shivaay through the mirror.

shivaay was back hugging her and had rested his face on her shoulder as her hair was at the other side. while she hold his hand and was lost in his eyes.they stood like this for a few minutes”You know ye jo breathe taking beauty is mirror mein dikh rhi hai na mein usse bahut pyaar karta hoon..”he said and kissed the area just below her ear while she closed her eyes in a bliss ,a smile adorned her lips.She tightened her hold on his hands and rested on his chest.He smiled seeing his effect on her.

He slowly once again turned her around,now she was facing him.She was now breathing heavily ,her chest was falling up and down in a rhythemic manner,eyes tightly closed,face all red with quivering lips.He was just mesmerized by her beauty.”annika?”he asked softly..she slowly opened her eyes and looked straight in his greenish orbs which held pure love for her.

“May I?”he asked for her permission.
she blushed and looked at her fidgetting fingers.”hmmm…”she said and after earning alot of courage looked at him.As soon as his eyes met hers ,he got his answer.He slowly cupped her face with one hand and with the other pulled her closer by her waist.Her hands landed on his chest and slowly slowly the space between them began to decrease and he sealed his lips with hers ,pulling her more closer by her waist.Her one hand was tightly holding the lapel of his blazer and the other now find there way into his hair and pulled him closer.It was their first kiss and it was a bliss.

They kissed each other gently but soon it turned into a passionate one.she giggled as he tried to enter her warm mouth but soon she let out a wimpher as shivaay had bite her lower lips and made his entry into her little warm mouth.she gasped in shock while he smirked and soon he pushed her against a wall and started to suck her small tougue hard while she held his hair tightly and pushed him more into her.Soon his hand started moving all around her back,she was feeling week on her knees.Now both of them were fighting for dominance,Shivaay was amazed that his paanika was such a good kisser.soon they realized that they are running out of breathe and broke the kiss.

Shivaay rested his forehead against her,catching their breathe while she was blushing hard and her eyes were tightly shut.she opened her eyes and stared deep down in his eyes.”this was the best gift i had ever gotten in my birthday”he whispered while she smiled shyly..He once again neared her when suddenly they heard someone calling shivaay”Bhaiya where are you?”rudra screamed while coming towards their room.

Annika just pushed shivaay lightly and tried to escape but shivaay held his wrist”shivaay ye ap kya kar rahe hai…choriye mujhe rudra hum dono ko ek saath dekh lega toh sabh log humme tease karte karte thakenge nhi”She said with panic while trying to move away from his hold.”No i will not leave you” he said with a smirk.”okay you won’t leave me?”she asked while coming closer to him.”no”he said instantly.She moved a little closer and traced his face with her fingers gently while shivaay groaned in response and his hold become tighter on her wrist.She looked above his shoulder”rudra!!”and screamed shivaay who was holding her instantly released her and turned around to find no one standing there”no one is there”he said nad turned towards her “Bye!”she whispered and with the speed of light quickly went toward the pool side giggling and through Sumo’s room went towards the hall not before making her self presentable.

Shivaay who tried to get hold of her was not succesful in that,she tricked him and he chuckled at her childishness.”iska kuch nhi ho sakta”he shook his head and straighten his suit and messed up hair and quickly went outside to see rudra talking to some guest.”phew! bach gaye!”he muterred and went towards him.Rudra excused himself as soon as he saw him coming.”Bhaiya aap kahan reh gaye…every one is looking for you! and did you see bhabhi?wo bhi nazar nhi aa rhi hai”he asked.”main aa hi raha tha actually i was not able to find my broach so that is why i was late and where is annika I didn’t saw her..either”he said being clueless.”oohh mujhe laga wo aapke pass hogi…” he said.”did you look for her in the kitchen?”shivaay asked”arre mein toh wahan dekhna bhool hi gaya…mein bhi na.. shayad wo kitchen mein hi hogi”he said while smacking his forehead.”haan chalo abh hum chalte hai”shivaay said.”yes let’s go”he said while shivaay just sighed in relief and followed him downstairs.

They went downstairs together, shivaay was greeted by some bussiness man and started to have a conversation with them but his eyes were looking for a certain beauty who had made his life upside down.He was a changed man now…The Shivaay Singh Oberoi who was an arrogant snobbish cruel heartless bussinessman was now an obsequious kind-hearted man and this all happens because of his lady love his annika.she changed him…fully…the guy,for whom blood surname and lineage matters the most now fell in love with a girl who doesn’t have any of those three things…sometimes he would wake up and think that this all things are just an illusion but no! this was the reality..the Tadibaaz SSO now have fully changed into an ishqbaaz and he was glad that such changes took place in his life.He was thinking about alll this when suddenly he was pulled by someone and was taken into a bone crashing hug.He had to take few steps backward to steady himself while the person was squeezing the life out of him.

“Happy Birthday my boy! I’m really sorry that i was late!”the person said and kissed his cheeks.”thank you ishu!”he said while hugging her back…”but how come you are here? you were in London right?”he asked confuse while breaking the hug.”Yes I was there only but how can I miss my brother’s birthday haan..?”she said”i was going to come in the morning itself but my flight got delayed and so i landed late…I’m really sorry Shiv for being late”she said with a guilty voice”hey! what are you telling it’s ok…you came and that was enough for me”he said while she gave him a small smile.”no not like that…I want my ishu’s brightest smile”he said,now she gave him her brightest smile.”that my girl..!”he said and took her into a side hug.”by the way where is anni wo nazar nhi aa rhi hai?I met every one but I can’t find her” she asked and looked around in search of her.

“Ishu!”a person screamed from behind.the two turned towards the voice and saw Annika coming towards them.”anni..”ishu said and hugged her.”I missed you dear..”anni said while hugging her.”me too!” she said and broke the hug.”I really missed all the fun!”she said sadly.”no problem Ishu di! I’m have recorded the whole thing”sumo said from behind “when…”she started but was cut off by rudra”When sumo pahalwaan is here then why to fear..!”he completed her sentence while she galred at him.”hey crybaby FYI my name is saumya not sumo watever”she said while pointing her finger at him”naam bolne se sacchai nhi badal jaayegi”he mocked and soon their fighting started.

the rest of them just shook their head in disbelieve.”ok guys enough!”ishu said while putting an end to their bickering.they stopped and looked around to see that all the people were looking at them.they felt embarressed and gave an awkward smile.

Shivaay tried to neared annika many times but she always ditch him and become buzy in talking to others,totally ignoring him.He was annoyed by it but never showed it. all of them were talking to each other when rudy took anni with him to the dance floor where some couples were already swaying with the music.seeing this shivaay took ishu with him while Om took saumya with him.shanky and tejvi along with priveer and sid malli were also present.
they were dancing when the song changed and the partners were changed.Now all of them were with their respective partners.

all of them swayed with the soft music playing in th BG.

Shivaay was holding annika by her bare waist and pulled her closer while she blushed.He smirk while she was not able to look at him due to shyness and kept her gaze on his shoulder rather than on his orbs.”annika you can see me…! I’m not going to eat you up.”he wispered and chuckled. “but you wouldn’t have tricked me annika,you are soon gonna pay for your deeds”he huskily said “and I promise you that you will love it!” she now turned into a deeper shade of red.”go and see your face in the mirror annika you are looking like a tomato”he wispered in her ear while his lips get brushed on her earlobe and a shiver ran down her spine.”you are blushing..!”he said while grinning.”no I’m not”she said and looked at him.”you are!”he said and turned her around.He back huggd her while she breathe heavily,moving in sync he kissed her earlobe.

She tried to move away from his hold due to shyness but he pulled her back.”do you know what I just love this blush on your face”he said and nuzzled on her neck while she closed her eyes tightly.he turned her around once again,she couldn’t take his piercing gave more and hugged him while resting her head against his chest,he stroked his hand on her hair.both were lost in each other embrace and didn’t realize that the song had ended.All the people aplaused which took them out of their dreamland.they parted and smiled at the other people.

“bhaiya see behind your back”Rudra asked him and they turned around to see Om and ishu still swaying that too without music,lost in each other’s eyes.all of them giggled.Rudra went behind Om and annika went behind Ishu.”O” rudra tap on his shoulder while he shrugged of his hand.”O the song is over”he whispered again but there was no response.On the other side annika too do the same with ishu but got the same result.No responce.Aniru looked at each other and smiled wickedly at each other.”OM””ISHU”both shouted at the same time in there eare,this took them out of their daze.they looked around and realized that the song is over and soon parted.Ishu was blushing hard while Om smiled sheepily.All of them gave them them a naughty look and just laughed out loud.this made them feel more embarresed and they quickly went from there.

Now almost all the guest took their leave not before wishing shivaay once again and praising annika for the event organised by her.The elder members of the family went towards their respective roms after a tiring day and the youngsters were left alone sitting in the hall talking to each other and teasing Ishkara when rudy came with a large frame wrapped in a gift wrap.He went towards shivaay and gave it to him.”bhaiya this is for you”shiv looked surprised and took it from him.”what is this rudy?”he asked.”your birthday gift”he said.”and what is it?” he asked”open and see it by yourself”he said and winked.Shivaay out of curiosity opened the gift wrap and his eyes filled with tears as soon as he saw it.he looked up with tear filled eye towards rudra and smiled at him”arre bhaiya aap toh ro rahe hai kya itna kharaab hai humara gift?”He asked sadly.”No rudy! I’m not crying due to sadness but because of happiness…I just love this gift my brother” and he took him in a bone crashing hug.he kissed his hair while he too reciprocated the hug with a bright smile.

All of them smiled looking at the duo.”hey we are also here and we had also contributed equally for this gift”Om said and soon the hug turned into a group hug.


Sorry guyss for not ending it here…
ye kuch zyada hi lamba hogaya issiliye I had to do this…there’s another part left for it to end…
plzz bear with me…and have patience…
and as always i will be waiting for all of your precious comments…

With love,

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      hey sweetie..!
      thank you for your kind words…
      but I feel really bad to say that I won’t be able to extend it more..!
      otherwise it will look like a mess if I’ll add something more it…
      but I hope I will write something new on them soon…if possible…
      plzz don’t be angry on me for this…I’m really sorry..!

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