Shivika Ts~Love confession~ft.Oberoi Family (By Anya) PART 2

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Shivika TS~Love Confession~
(Part 2)

Shivaay entered the house and saw that it was dark.”ye lights Kyu gayi hui hai?”he turned and asked Tej and Shakti to found them missing from there.”Papa aur bare papa dono kahan chale gaye?”he thought.”Annika maa dadi omru… sabh kahan gaye?”he asked while coming forward when the lights went on”SUPRISE”all of them shouted in unison.He was shocked.He looked around to see all his family members along with some close friends were smiling brightly at him and were now singing “happy birthday” and then he realized that today was his birthday.He totally forgot about it.

he looked around the whole house to see it beautifully decorated and HAPPY BIRTHDAY SHIVAAY was written beautifully in a thermocol placed in front of the table.He saw that papa and badepapa were standing with their respective partners and were singing happily.He saw Mallika and Sid also who just waved at him with a bright smile.But the one person his eyes were eagerly waiting to see was not there.He searched the whole crowd but he can’t see her.

Annika who was standing with prinku slowly went away from there without anyone Acknowledgement.He was pulled off by his searching operation by Rudra who came forward and dragged him towards the table were the cake was kept.He came out of his surprised state and give a wide smile to all of them. “chalo bahiya now cut the cake”rudra said excitedly”but ye sabh ki zarurat kya thi?”he asked “uffo shivaay ye sabh ki bahut zarorat thi…tum hamare liye itna sabh kuch karte ho toh hum sabh ka bhi farz banta hi ki hum sabh tumhare liye kuch kare…so just cut the cake,today is your birthday..Bro!”Om said “yes bhaiya please cut it na…mein isse dekh dekh kar mara jaa raha hoon ye itna tasty lag raha hai ki mein bas intezar kar raha hoon ki ye kabh katega aur mein kab isse khaaunga”rudra said with a puppy face.All of them just laughed while shivaay just hugged him.

“BTW where is annika?”he asked for the person his eyes were dying to see.”Bhabhi was here only”rudy said being confused and looked around in search of her.”Bhabhi…!””Annika”all of them were looking for her but she was no where to be seen.

Suddenly the lights went dim and the spotlight fell over a lady sitting infront of the piano.All of them turns towards the lady and shivaay was mesmerized to see annika in that white saari looking like an angle who has being send from heaven only for him and a small smile played on his lips while her eyes were downcasted.She was looking ethereal while the light was giving her a glowing look.She looked up and her eyes locked with shivaay…her eyes show pure love for him and he was overwhelmed by this feeling.”This is for you Shivaay” she said while he just smiled lovingly. Soon she started to play the piano.Every one were surprised to see her playing it so effortlessly except Janvi and OmRu who were smiling proudly at their anni bahu and bhabhi respectively.

(P.s: if possible than plzz listenHasi ban gaye-female version while reading this scene..It would favour as a cherry on top of the cake
Haan aa o…

She started singing while all were mesmerized by her voice.

Main jaan ye vaar doon..
Har jeet bhi haar doon…
Keemat ho koi tujhe…beintehaan pyaar doon…

She sang while showing her unconditional love for him which she was not able to express to him in these days.Shivaay was just lost in her eyes who had not yet moved an inch away from his.Sunddenly Rudra started to play the guitar and smiled at shivaay who was now smiling widely.Annika gave a small smile to Rudra and continue her song.

Saari hadein meri, ab maine tod di
Dekar mujhe pataa awaargi ban gaye…

Haan hasi ban gaye
Haan nami ban gaye
Tum mere aasmaan
Meri zameen ban gaye…

She sang while showing that he had become her everything.Her breathe, her soul…her happiness her sadness her everything.Her eyes tear up a little but she continue to sing.Shivaay’s eye also tear up and he smiled at her lovingly.He closed his eyes and sent a silent prayer to god thanking him for giving this precous gem to him.

Aa o… aa…

She sang and soon Om joined them and played the flute while the two played the piano and guitar.Who ever would have seen shivaay at this very moment wld have said that he was the world’s happiest person at this time.Janvi came forward and took annika seat and continue to play it while anni stood up and started moving towards him.

Kya khoob Rab ne kiya
Bin maange itna diya
Warna hai milta kahaan
Hum kaafiron ko Khuda

She came near him, held his hand and sang while looking upwards to thank the almighty and than looked around to see her amazing family and then at his unique orbs who had now changed it colour to a deepest shade of sapphire,who had tears in them.She extended her other hand and pointed it towards herself and then at him(showing him that he had become her god, her everything)

Hasratein ab meri tumse hai jaa mili
Tum duaa ab meri aakhiri ban gaye

The spotlight was on them now.
She held his cheeks in her palm and sang, hugged him,break down into tears in his embrace,singing the last word.Everyone was now shedding tears of happiness by seeing them.They were each other lifeline without eachother they are nothing they looked empty and lifeless without each other.

Omru and janvi too stopped and there was pin drop silence in the hall except the sound of annika’s wail.Shivaay held her tight in his embrace and stroked her hair to calm her down.when her cry turn into silent sob he broke the hug and looked at her while wiping her tear strained face with his thumb.

Pehchaante hi nahi…ab log tanha mujhe…
Meri nigaahon mein bhi…hai dhoondte wo tujhe…
Hum the dhoondhte jisey wo kami ban gaye…
Tum mere ishq ki sar-zameen ban gaye…

He sang while looking at her tear filled eyes telling her that she had become a part of his soul and without her he is incomplete.Rudra started to play the guitar once again and the rest of them smiled while wiping their own tears.Mallika and Sid side hugged each other while looking at them.

Haan hasi ban gaye
Haan nami ban gaye
Tum mere aasmaan
Meri zameen ban gaye…

He sang the last part and once again took her in his embrace.She hugged him tightly while he ended the song and kissed the top of her hair.Rudra was now playing the guitar in full swing”I love you shivaay”annika whispered,enough for shivaay to hear.Shivaay now tighten his grip around her and smiled brightly she nuzzled more into him.The moment had finally came where his Paanika had at last confessed her love to him.This was the best gift he had ever had in his whole life. He made her look in his eyes still in his embrace”I love you too annika”he said tenderly and kissed her forehead softly.She closed her eyes and smiled in satisfaction.

they were lost in each other when the applause of everyone took them out of their moment.The lights came back,they parted away and smiled at all of them.Shivaay took her into a side hug and every one smiled looking at them.All this time Saumya was clicking pictures of all of them.”Bhaiya bhabhi zara idhar dekhiye”she asked them while they smiled at the camera.

Dadi came forward and hugged both of them”Rab tum dono ko aise hi khush rakhe mere baccho”she blessed them while they they just smiled.”O MY MATA!!”pinky squealed and hugged both of them happily.All of them just giggled by seeing her.”annika tune toh ajj mujhe rula hi diya meri bacchi…kitna sundar gaaya tune’she sais and kissed her forehead.”mera shivaay kitna lucky’s hai ki usse teri jaisi wifes milli hai”she added while shivaay smiled.shakti came and placed his hand on her hair and caressed it lovingly.tej also came and hugged both of them.

Mallika just jumped over shivaay and hugged him tight.”Happy birthday Baby”she exclaimed and kissed his cheeks while Sid and anni shook their head.”control Mallu…mein gir jaaunga”shivaay siad while steading himself.””ooh sorry”she said and smiled sheepily.”happy birthday Bro”sid said and hugged him.”thank you both of you”he said smiling at them.

Janvi came”I’m proud of you anni…my child…See you were scared but you done it soo easily”she said and hugged her”yes Badi maa I have done it”Anni whispered.Then she turn to shivaay”shivaay my child,thank you very much for bringing my daughter to this house and a very very happy birthday dear…”she said with tears in her eyes,he hugged her and took Annika into it.

While all of this was happening.”O ye Ishu bhabhi abhi tak aayi kyu nhi? Unhone poora maza hi miss kardiya”rudra asked om.”yes rudra but her flight was delayed and that is why is late…she had landed in mumbai…I just saw her message and she will be reaching in half an hour though”he said while rudy noded.

“Ab mukkamal hui yeh kahaani…
dil dena tha, aur leni thi teri dewaani
mohabbat ki hui dastaan
ab sadaa ke liye bezubani!!”

Om said while these two smiled at him.He came forward and caresses annika cheeks and hugged shivaay.”Hey! mere bina hi Obros moment ho raha hai…this is not fair”Rudra screamed “chalo mujhe bhi space do”he added and hugged both his brothers.Shivaay had tears in his eyes and hugged them tightly.”thank you guyss”he said”anything for our big brother”they said in unison.Everyone smiled at them..

they broke the hug”Arre Bhabhi aapko pata hai aaj mein pehli baar kissi ke birthday mein rooya hoon…aur itna mene uss din bhi nhi rooya tha jis din Us Lady Baba ke sath bhaiya ki marriage fix hui thi accha hua bhaiya ne appke saath shaadi ki nhi toh hum sabh ki OH MY MATA ho jaani thi”he said playfully while shivkara smacked his head from both side.All of them smiled.

“Accha chalo sabh…abh mujhe bahut bhook lagi hai mujhe wo tasty sa cake khaana hai…bhaiya chaliye jaldi se cake ko cut kijiye”rudy dragged shivaay along with annika.Shivaay cut the cake while all of them cheered and whistle.
Shivaay first feed annika and then one by one to all of them.

He was talking to some guests when Janvi came”shivaay go and freshen up first then come down, Annika had kept your clothes in your room so go now”he excused himself and went to his room to freshen up.He was wearing his blazer when a hand came up and helped him to wear it.Annika came forward and set his collar while he looked at her lovingly.She took the broach and pin it up on his coat.She was buzy in doing that when shivaay slided a few strands of hair at the back of her ear while she shivered.”annika”he called out softly while she hummed in response.”Thank you”he said and made her look in his eyes.”For what?” she asked innocently”for every thing”He said and slided his hand around her bare waist.”But I’m angry with you”he said with fake anger.”Kyu? kya maine kuch galat kar diya?”she asked with a frightened voice.”haan kiya toh hai aur vo bhi bahut bari waali galti”he said while hiding his smirk.”bataiye na shivaay mene kya kiya hai?”she asked being restless.

“tumhe jaan na hai?”he asked while she noded”aur agar mene bata diya toh tum mujhe wo cheez dogi?” he asked tenderly while pulling her closer.”haan haan what ever you will ask i will give please tell me”she said instantly”Pinky promise?”he asked’uffo haan Pinky promise chaliye abh jaldi se boliye”she said being irritated.

“I’m angry becoz my wife have not given me my birthday gift yet”he said with a pout.She just wanted to kiss him at that very moment.”accha ji”she said and wrapped her hand around his neck.”yes!”he said sadly.” Accha chaliye mujhe bataiye aapko kya chahiye?”she asked with a smirk.”Hmm…ek kiss chalega”he said innocently.”bas itni choti si baat chaliye now close your eyes”she said and shivaay instantly closed his eyes like an obedient kid.She went up on her toes and shivaay could feel her hot breath franning on his lips.


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