Shivika Ts~Love confession~ft.Oberoi Family (By Anya) PART 1

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Hello guyzz! Once again Anya here with a Shivika TS.
I know I know I must have updated my SS but this Idea just pooped inside my head today and I just Can’t refrain myself to penned it down.Really sorry to all of you who are waiting for me to update it…

Ok coming to the TS…I don’t know what I have written but i hope you all will like it…
I really wanted them to confess like this..

So here is the first installment.

Kindly ignore grammartical mistakes and typos


Shivika TS~Love Confession~
(Part 1)

Annika woke up from her beauty sleep as the sun ray’s hit her face.She moved a little and suddenly sat up straight,looked at the alarm clock at the side table and sigh in relief.”thank god abhi sirf 6:30 hi baje hai”she wispered, looked beside her and a wide smile spread across her face.Shivaay was sleeping on his stomach with his hands spread on either side,his face on the left side with mouth slightly open.”kitne cute lagte hai ye soote hua,kissi ne nhi socha hoga ki jo aadmi aise baccho ki tarah sota hai wo ek angry and arrogent bussiness man hai”she thought and put her palm on his chin to close his mouth.within a second his mouth again opened,annika just shook her head and stroke his hair lovingly.

shivaay moved a little in his sleep”kya hua annika itni jaldi kyu uth gayi?chalo so jaao”he wispered with eyes closed and pulled her towards himself.Annika just landed next to him and her face was just inches apart from him.He wrapped his hand around her waist tightly and slowly opened his eyes.annika who was shocked by his sudden action got lost into his greenish orbs.they were lost in each other eyes when shivaay said”aise kya ghoor rhi ho?”she just came out of her dreamland and shook her head in a no”mein kahan ghoor rhi hoon?”she said.”haan mujhe pata hai… ki tum nhi ghoor rhi ho,so jaao abhi bhi time hai”he said with a lazy smile and nuzzled his face at the crook of her neck.Annika just held him tight and hmmed in response..

She was stroking his hair as he again felt asleep.She slowly removed his hand from her waist and stood up without disturbing him.She went inside the washroom to freshen up and after a while came out to see shivaay is still sleeping.She went towards him and careses his hair”Happy Birthday Shivaay…”she wispered and planted a soft kiss on his forehead.

With a last glance at the birthday boy she made her way towards the hall.

Each member of the Oberoi family were seated on the sofa expect Rumya and Shivaay,chatting with each other.”good morning everyone!”annika exclaimed cheerfully while the rest of them greeted her with a smile.

“So now can we discuss our plan?”she asked everyone while they all noded in agreement.”Guys we should wait for rudra and saumya,she had gone to wake up rudra”Om suggested while they all again carry on with the left over conversation.Annika went and sat beside Dadi and started talking to her.

Suddenly a shrill voice was heard”somu!! I will not leave you now!!” rudra screamed as saumya made her way to the hall running and then hiding behind Om.”Bade baal wale Bhaiya please save me from your stupid brother.

“Somu where the hell are you?today i will not leave you”A half dreanched rudra shouted while coming in the hall with a jug full of water in his hand.

“arre ye ho kya raha hai?”Dadi asked.

“Dadi dekhiye na ye sumo ne mujh par paani phek kar mujhe uthaya..koi aise kissi ko uthata hai?”rudra whinched like a child.”mein kitna accha sapna dekh raha tha…aur isne mujhe utha diya.abh mein is sumo ko nhi choronga”he added “Nhi dadi maine aise hi nhi uspar paani pheka tha…wo toh mere itne uthane par nhi utha toh mene uske upar paani daal diya”soumya peeked from behind Om and said innocently.

“par uthane ke aur bhi tareeke hote hai..”rudra mocked”haat hota hai aur maine aazmaye bhi par tum nhi uthe.Aaplogo ko pata hai ye mahashe ko mene bed se bhi gira diya tabh bhi ye wahi par pare hua the gehri neend mein”saumya said defending herself while the rest just burst out laughing.”abh aap hi sabh boliye mein kya karti?”she asked innocently.
“sumo now just wait mein tumjhe abh nhi choronga”he said and headed towards saumya who was still hiding behind Om.saumya just ran away from there and soon rudra started chasing her.she ran as fast as she could from her dearest life while rudra ran behind her with the jug.
Everyone just giggled and whatched them running all around the hall.

“sumo statue!”rudra said with a smirk and saumya stood still on her place.Rudra came to her and pour the whole contant on her head.Saumya eyes widen in horror as she realized that he tricked her.”Crybaby! what have you done?”saumya asked flabastered.”I just take my revenge”he said with a smirk.”You are gone rudra”with that again their tom and jerry
race started.

“Ok now both of you statue”Om said and they stopped on their track. “I think you two have forgoten about that we are here for something important”he said. “yes om is right,rudra saumya today is shivaay’s birthday and we are here to discuss the plan but I think you two are not interested in it “Janvi said”arre haan aaj toh bhaiya ka birthday hai mein toh bhool hi gaya tha”rudar said and smack his forehead”so what’s the plan?”he added.”first you two go and change your clothes,we are waiting for both of you here.Come fast”janvi ordered while the two of them glared at each other and noded there head.

“sabh is sumo ke wajah se hua.mujhe toh yaad tha par iski wajah se mein bhool gaya”rudra muttered,while saumya heard it”accha toh meri wajah se tum bhool gaye?”saumya asked while keeping her hand on her waist.”haan toh na tum mujhe aise uthati aur na mein ye baat bhoolta”he said and soon once again their fight started.”rudra sumya just stop fighting like small childrens!! go and change fast!! and come down asap”tej said with a stern voice being pissed off by their fights.

rumya made a puppy face and went to their rooms while bickering with each other.”ye dono ka kuch nhi ho sakta”dadi said and all just shook their head.

Soon rumya came and the meeting start.All was set..!!

It was planned that they will be having a small party in which only close friends and relatives are going to be invited. Tej and shakti were asked to keep shivaay buzy in the office till evening. Pinky took the responsibility to invite all the relatives.Jhanvi will help in choosing that what will they wear at the party,she had already call the fashion designer and he assure her that he will be there with the clothes till 5pm. Dadi will be keeping an eye on the kitchen department,making sure that all the things which are going to be cooked are shivaay’s favourite.annika will be the event planner along with prinku,Omru and saumya.Meanwhile she will make the birthday cake with the help of prinku and sumo.At this rudra just laugh out loud and said that the cake will vanish before the event will start as Sumo will eat all the cake and in return he got a stam on his foot from sumo while the rest of them giggled.

the most important thing to be discussed was that no one will tell shivaay anything and will not remind him of his birthday.As they were sure that shivaay as always forget about his birthday.The past few months were very difficult for shivaay—the truth of tia’s marriage was out and the kapoor sisters were now behind the bars along with mrs.Kapoor.And the media come to know about shivika marriage.there was alot of scandelization regarding this and the Oberoi’s stock were going down…but he had at last cope up with it and now every thing seems well.

Annika and shivaay had never confessed their love to each other openly as more then words their eyes spoke more volume.they know they love each other and slowly slwoly they started behaving like husband and wife.the small small gestures like sleeping together,teasing each other and a little romanctic moment were the signs that they love each other..For annika this all things were new to her.This feeling was different and she was scared to take the next step as whoever she loved had gone away from her and she was scared to loose shivaay who had slowly become her heartbeat her soul. He respected her feelings and never tried to get the right of a husand.He was just waiting for the moment when his Paanika will make an attemp to take their marriage to the next step and he eagerly waiting for that to happen.

within these months annika had make her place in everybody’s heart.She was the perfect Oberoi Bahu.Even tej and shakti were fond of there Anni bahu.Pinky janvi and annika shared a motherly bond while Jhanvi was Annika’s mentor. At first it was difficult for her to behave like an Oberoi who doesn’t speak much.Who wear designer clothes.who speak fluent english but with the help of Badi Maa she instantly learned these things.all of them were surprised to see that annika had taken all the things so effortlessly and was doing it so well.But at home she is her realself.the bubbly annika who wear jeans and top,speak wierd language,do wierd things with rudy(her partner in crime).All member of the house were fond of her.They loved their Anni Bahu dearly.

So as per plan no one reminded shivaay let alone wished him birthday at the breakfast table.Shakti and Tej left for office along with Shivaay.As soon as they left all of them dispersed to their asigned work.

By evening everything was ready.The whole Oberoi Mansion was decorated very beautifully.all of them were running here and there looking at the last second preparation.The cake was ready all the foods were cooked.the dresses had every thing was set.The hall of the OM was looking ethereal , drapped in yellow and white baloons,curtains and the chandelier was giving it an exquisite look.A large piano stood beside the large stair case.A big table was placed at the centre just below the chandelier.Were the cake was going to be kept.

“Ok guyzz all is done we must change it’s nearly time for Shivaay to come”Janvi said.”Yes bhabhi I have called PAPA and he said that they are leaving the office to come home”Rudra said and soon everyone went to change.
soon Guest started coming and dadi along with janvi and pinky started welcoming the guests.Dadi was wearing a white-golden salwar suit,Pinky was weraing a white saari with golden embroidery,Janvi was wearing a simple white gown with Zari works in golden and black.Omru were talking to some guests while annika was still running here and there to see all the things are ready or not.She wanted this to be perfect! saumya was running after her keeping an eye on each of the things.Annika was wearing a white saari with golden works paried with a black blouse.Saumya was wearing a golden and black salwar suit. Prinku was talking to Ranveer wearing a balck full lenght gown with white embroidery.They were dating each other for past 3 months.

“annika!”a shrill voice came across annika and she turned to see her bubly friend mallika coming towards her and take her into a bone crashing hug.annika hugged her back giggling at her childish behaviour.”Mallika just leave her do you want her to die out of suffocation or what?”SVR asked from behind with a teasing tone.

“Ohhh please! Sid mein itne din baad apni frnd se mil rhi hoon toh usse aise gale bhi nhi laga sakti?”she said annoyed while coming out of the hug.”arre q nhi tum mujhe kabhi bhi aise gale laga sakti hoon”annika said and smiled at Sid.he came forward and hugged her while she to reciprocate it.”How are you anni?”he asked.”I’m fine Sid and how are you two? and how was your trip?”annika asked both of them.”we are fine Annika aur trip bhi bahut accha tha…waise tera baghad billa nazar nhi aa raha hai kahan hai wo?”mallika asked.”wo bas aate hi honge”she said.”waise you are looking georgeous anni”Sid priased “yes Sid,anni you are looking marvellous shivaay toh flat ho jaayega tumhe dekh kar “mallika said and winked at her. She blushed and thanked them.

“Bhabhi!”Rudy called her”tum log milo sabh se mein aati hoon…”she said and excused her self.”bhabhi Chote papa had texted me that they all are going to reach in 5 mins”he said “thank you rudra mein abhi aati hoon aur haan sabh ko bata do that they are coming”she said hurriedly and went away.She went towards Janvi who was talking to some guest”Badi maa”anni wispered.Janvi excused herself and take annika way from there.”what happen Anni?”she asked being worried while seeing her stressed face.”I’m scared Badi maa and hell nervous…I don’t know I will be able to do it”she said while bitting her nails.”Anni everything will be good… I have faith in you…and I know you will rock it”janvi exclaimed while caressing her cheeks.”you have worked really hard on this and we have practised it last night na..and you were marvellous so why are you fearing?”janvi said while making her understand.”but badi Maa…”she said but was cut off by janvi”no buts and wats you are going to do this and I’m sure you will do it at your best…Becoz Janvi Singh Oberoi had taught you this”she said sternly while keeping her index finger on her lips.anika just noded like an obediant kid and gave a small smile to her while she kept her hand on her hair.”i know you will do it anni don’t take stress my darling just be confident!”Janvi encouraged her while she at last gave her badi maa a wide smile.”I will do it Badi maa!”she exclaimed while she gave her a nod”I know that dear…””accha chaliye humlog chalte hai wo log aane hi waale hai”annika said and both the ladies went toward the hall.Priyanka bought the cake in the hall and placed it on the table.

“Annika they are coming”Om shouted and then the lights went off.She held Janvi hands tightly as she was scared of darkness and on top of that she was nervous while janvi held her hand tightly while assuring her that every thing will be ok and waited for them to show up.


So this it the first part…
How was it?should I continue it or not..?

Plzz give your reviews on it…

With Love,

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