Shivika TS_Main Phir Bhi Tumko Chahunga_ [2 years Ago](By Anya) PART 1

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Hello Darlings! This idea just popped in my head when I was listening to Main Phir bhi Tumko Chahunga of Half Girlfriend One week ago but thought to write today and finally ended up writting it!It would have been an OS but It didn’t fit so divided it in two Shots.This song is so soothing i don’t lnow but I continuosuly listened this song for 2 days!Never really had the feeling to stop listening to it.I hope you all will like it as I really don’t know what i have written!It’s just a stupid idea of my mind but anyways here is the first installment.

Kindly ignore grammartical mistakes and typos.

HAppy Reading.


Shivika Ts–Main Phir bhi Tumko Chahunga–
Part 1

“I’m leaving shivaay,I thought that you have changed but I was stupid to even think about it as you can never change..NEVER !”annika literally shouted,eyes blood shot red with a wave of anger enclosed in them as tears comtinue to flow out,a bag in one hand while the other one was holding Sahil,shivaay felt as if thousand of knifes had been prierced n his heart at the very same time and the pain it gave was unbearable but his years of practice for not letting his emotions overflow saved him from breaking down.”and yes congratulation as from now on you will not see me,the girl who doesn’t have any of your so called Naam Khaaon And Khandaan”she said and rubbed off her tears.No annika you need to be strong! don’t make yourself fall apart just for this heartless man.No you need to gather your self. with that she turned and started taking slow steps towards the threshold of the mansion.

Shivaay stood there watching his life going away from him,it seemed like his heart was cracking with each steps she took. he so wanted to stop her but something was making him stop,stopping him to open his mouth or take a step forward and that very thing was his principle,the principles on which he had lived all his life but now see the cruelty of life,because of it he is loosing his life.Doesn’t it should show some loyalty towards him as he had done his part really well–didn’t let it down but it left him betrayed.He opened his mouth to say something but it seems he lost his voice.

“No shivaay you will not stop her,NO she is an Orphan and doesn’t know about her family background.How can you marry her? What will other people think of me?That I the Shivaay Singh Oberoi will marry a girl who doesn’t know about her surname?What if she comes out to be illegimate?”his mind reported but his heart was on a different path”Shivaay you Love her.How can you just let her go like this?Stop her”his heart said and this fight continue.And for once he listen to his heart and took a small step and forwarded his hand to stop her but as we say childhood principles do die hard,his mind overpower his heart and he stopped.

He could see rudra crying and begging her not to go but she didn’t reacted at all and continue to walk.

He turned his head all around to see all the members giving him a look full of disgust and hatred while his mother’s eyes were full of pride,as she was successful in making her leave his life forever.The thought of not seeing her again made his heart skip a million beats and he felt suffocated.He closed his eyes for not letting the invisible droplets of water to spill as he don’t wanted to show anyone that he was at a verge of regretting his decision.As he saw her crossing the threshold of the mansion,his heart broke into millions of pieces which he would not able to gather if he tried to do it all his life because he know that the person who can collect the broken shreads of his broken heart had went away from his life and it was all because of him.

Rudra came to him and asked him to stop annika but he just turned his head the other side showing he would not do anything while rudra just lashed out at him that he is not his superhero anymore as a hero never hurt a girl and by hurting his bhabhi he had done wrong a big sin and he will never forgive him.He was dragged by Om away to their room and Shivaay recieved a much colder stare from Om which shook him inside out as it’s intensity was way much powerful filled ,with Disgust,Hate and disrespect for him.Om didn’t said a word to him and went away with a hypertectly crying rudra.Shivaay looked at htem from the corner of his eyes while fisting his hand in a tight ball and didn’t let the mask of aneffected to slip away from his face.He know that they will forgive him soon as they can never leave their brother like this but little did he know that they will never talk to him.

All the other member of the house went to their room giving him a cold look but no one uttered a word while dadi’s violent wails were heard clearly as prinku made her way to the old lady room.Pinky stood just beside him ranting as usual in her excited voice but he didn’t listen anyone of them as he was preoccupied by his own thoughts.”today I will make something specials as that girl left us forever”he heard her say as she movd towards the kitchen smiling brightly while he was still rooted at his spot don’t know what to do?laugh or cry at his fate? He don’t know!

After staring at the doorway for quite a few second as if he was hoping that she will come back like she had down last time but nothing such happened and being unable to bear the pain he made his way to his err..their room. As we say a broken heart can never act to be mended for long and it meant to be broken apart at a time,the same thing happened with him.he closed the door behind him as tears finally made it’s way from his bluish orbs.How can he just let her go away from him?he felt like incomplete.

He looked around to see the room looking like a dark tunnel as it’s lightness had left it.Shivaay How can you let her go like this?How?you know you loved her?Don’t you?But still you listened to your mind?Why Shivaay why did you do this?Now who will mend me?who will decrease this burning pain which I’m feeling right now?Who will complete me?I want the damned answer just tell me?Who will do this freaking things? His heart screamed while he just fall on his knees cursing himself for doing this to him.He can’t blame anyone for his condition today as he know he was the one who did or who let all this happened.

he just wanted to scream out loud in pain as he can’t take this pain anymore.No he can’t take this.he stood up and started breaking all the things which his hands could get hold off.As he think that this was the only way he could lessen his pain but it keeps on increasing.He took the vase and throw it on the wall in front of him and continue it until he was left with nothing to throw of.he sat on the ground resting his back on the frontal side of his bed, tears rolling down his cheeks,pulled his hair in frustation and screamed her name as if he was trying to forget her but his broken heart had taken a woe that it will not let her memories fade away from him and continue to toucher him as he did to it.His hand bleeding but he didn’t get affected as this pain was just a smallest fraction comparing to the one he felt he closed his eyes he saw her smiling face coming in front of his eyes and a small smile crept on his lips but it was soon vanished when her last words ranged in his mind and her eyes which held alot more hatred for him came in front of his eyes.

He sat up straight while he felt some wetness on his cheeks and he realized he was once again crying in his sleep as he saw this dream once again.No not a dream but a nightmare as if a dream came and end up making you cry it is referred as a nightmare which never leave you at peace.It’s been 2 years since she left but it seems he never move on in his life.He looked around and realized he was in his hotel room,In Lucknow for an award function in which he was really requested to attend and he too had a bussiness deal to crack today for a land as the function will start late in the evening.but after coming here he felt like his broken heart once again started to beat slowly and he felt a little relieve but don’t know why this was happening.

His life now just revolved around business and deals and nothing else.He had just become a living robot who indulged himself in offices works all day and night and nothing else because goingt o home is life going to prison which is full of darkness nad nothing else.As he has no one with him to share his feeling or in particular he don’t have his brothers by his side with whom he can share his turmoil because two years before they left him like she left him.Om went to London and never came back while on the other hand rudra was in mumbai but he live like he was not there.He is just waiting for the moment when his brother will come and talk to him but it seemed impossible.

With a sigh he stood up and went to get ready for the meeting.


As he entered the venue claded in a three piece suit in the party after the function ,he looked around to see the place beautifully decorated and was mesmerized by it ,He felt like the atmosphere of the place suddenly changed, giving him a feeling like he is at home but why he is feeling so ressless as he came here.His thoughts once again went to the one person he loved from his heart and soul and felt the pain increasing in his chest as he moved towards Mr.Ahuja who was the host of tonight.

“Welcome Mr.Oberoi! I’m Glad that you came here Do enjoy the party”A man in his early 60 greeted him with a hug while he too smiled at him”Thank you Mr.Ahuja I must say the decoration is pretty good”he said while looking around as it felt fimiliar to him”Oh Yes you are absolutely right Mr.Oberoi! aakhir ye party ki event planner meri daughter jo hai”he said delightfully while shivaay gave a confused look”Mr.Ahuja as I have known about you ,your daughter died in an accident few years ago right?”he asked out of curiosity”Yes but she is more like a daughter to me”he said”I’ll let you meet her”he added and excused himself from there.Shivaay went and sat near the bar to have some wiskey in an attempt to reduce his uneasiness which was increasing each passing second.

As he took the last sip of his glass he saw Mr.Ahuja coming his way with a lady whom he didn’t saw as it was a little crowded there.He felt the hair at the back of his neck stand up as his heartbeat sarted to thumb in his ribcage making him even more anxious.”I hope you are enjoying the party Boy!”Mr.Ahuja smiled”yes I’m”he replied softly,his eyes not moving from that lady “Well that’s great!”. “Uncle you called me is there any problem”Suddenly a fimiliar voice was heard from behind Mr.Ahuja and his breath caught in his throat as he saw her standing before him talking to the old man unaware of him.He blinked his eyes as he thought that it was the effect of alcohol but ,his heart beating inside his chest in a whole new phase gav him some hope.


Here is the first part I do hope you all like it! I know this is really boring reading the same Naam Khoon Khaandan but this is how the other part will proceed.And do let me know about your thoughts regarding this update.

With love,

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