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Hey guys hope you all remember me I know it’s a long time but hey I am back with a new Ts  on current track it’s been an year after anika left the house……

“Anika…maa…Ani….” He mumbled and fainted.
“Bhaiyaaa!!” Rudra again woke up shivering and sweating from his recurring nightmare.
“It’s ok rudra” Bhavya his love who woke up hearing his scream engulfed him in a bone crushing hug and ran her hands through his hair and to down his back to calm him.
After some time he broke the hug and drank the glass of water she had passed in a gulp.
“Go” she wispered he nodded and ran to shivaye’s room onlyto find him in a deep sleep a peaceful expression had covered his pallor.
Rudra slowly stepped forward and lightly placed a kiss on his forehead and turned to nod at the lady sitting on couch who smiled back in assurance. He again sat down and took his arm and mumbled” I love you Superman” gave him a small peck and left.
This had been a routine that was followed at least once or twice a week for a last few months.
“Sir everything is ready and I have checked them throughly we are ready for today’s event” said Anika rushing to her boss.
” Great work Anika, here let me introduce you to today’s client”
” This is Ms Trivedi I was talking about Mr Oberoi”
” Oh hello Ms Trivedi” Anika stopped dead on track seeing the person in front of her in dashing 3 pc suit, the eyes which were always filled with warmth and love were red with raw fury a challenging smirk adorned his face. The person she once knew was nowhere to be seen.
Mr khurana was busy talking something about him being the great businessman and all as an introduction but her mind was to busy to register.
Her mind was flooding with memories from her past and heart was bursting with numerous emotions.
“Rudy??” She mumbled as she saw her darling baby brother in front of her and stepped forward with something that resembled smile .
” What did you just call me?” He hissed in anger.
At the sound of which she flinched and and a shiver Ran down her spine as there hand touched for handshake.
She looked here and there to confirm what was happening was true and she blinked furiously to hold back her tear. But she composed herself as she caught a glance of her boss shooting daggers at her who was shocked as Anika called “the Rudra Singh Oberoi”
As Rudy.
” I..I am s… sorry… Mr Oberoi” She mumbled ” please enjoy the event and please do tell me if you need anything else” she added and practically ran from there.
Only to catch a glimpse of the tall long haired man retreting back to his car to avoid her glance.
She could not understand what was happening why are Omru here after all this time and what happened to them billions of questions were bursting into her brain.
“No Anika you have to be professional no mistakes today” she assured herself with today’s money she was going to pay Sahil’s hospital bill she had to do this for her Sahil’s operation.
She brought herself back together and ran back to work avoiding the oberois as much as she can but she could feel their eyes following her.
City hospital:
” Doctor Sahil??”she panted As she ran to doctor with the money.
” Don’t worry Ms Anika Sahil is okay now operation was successful his leg is amputated and bionic implant was fixed he will be fine in a few days”
” Operation???…..b.. bionic??? What?? But I just came with the money and bionic?? I can’t afford that that’s why we agreed on wooden implant?” Anika questioned.
” But Anika what are you saying yesterday only Mr. Oberoi came after you left paid the fee and took Sahil to a better hospital where they had bionic implant facility. I know about the treatment as I just got off the phone with the doctor there.”
“What??? Mr Oberoi?? But how could you do such a thing how could you send a child without asking me” she shouted.
” Calm down Ms Trivedi this is a hospital and Mr oberoi came and paid the bill and and worked for the best treatment. Both Sahil and him seemed to know each other well and loved each other and in addition Mr Oberoi also had some court papers so I sent Sahil.” He replied haughtily irritated by Anika’s behavior” and by the way Ms Anika he is Mr Oberoi how could I ever stop him he owns this hospital.” Saying this he left.
“You are gone Mr Oberoi”Anika muttered with her eyes blazing with fire.

So how was it hope you guys liked it and do tell me through your comments

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    It is amazing… Update soon dear

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    Hai Aditi..Good to see you back with some interesting TS..Amazing Chappy..Will be waiting for the next..

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