Shivika ss – SE MIO (Part 2)

Part 2
At night in shivika’s room
Shivay: Annika what have u decided?
Annika: I already told u Shivay I am joining tomorrow
Shivay: but anniika it’s a 2 yrs contract and what if u feel uncomfortable there.
Annika: don’t worry Shivay I’ll be fine.
Shivay: but let’s do one thing u can work there without signing any contract for one month. If u like to work there then u can sign in the contract. It’s like a demo period.
Annika: but Shivay

Shivay: atleast u can do this much right for me
Annika: ok ok aap please apna tadi mat shure kijiye. I will talk with arnav ji I think he will agree.
Shivay: then fine I’ll drop u tomorrow
Annika: there is no need for that Shivay I’ll go by auto. If u come with me then they will recognise me with your identity and I don’t want that to happen. So please.
Shivay: par Annika
Annika held his hand she said slowly I know my pathi parmeshwar u want me to be safe. Don’t worry I will be always with u. she hugged him. Shivay was shocked by her gesture. Seeing him not reciprocating Annika broke the hug.
Annika: aap mere pati ho u can hug me
Shivay: ah ah

Annika: come on Shivay u r SSO u can do anything.
With that Shivay lost his cool he hugged Annika tightly. She too reciprocated it. They broke the hug after sometime.
Shivay: annka u know na I’m not very much expressive. I may not tell my feelings always but u r very important to me.
Annika kept her finger on his lip.
Annika: shh Shivay u don’t need to explain me. U always take care of me. I am very lucky to have u in my life.
They once again hugged each other.

Shivay: yeh lady kumbharan kahan chali gayi voh bhi itni subah.
Then he remembered abt her work. He got ready and went down. All were sitting in dining table. His eyes were searching for Annika. Omru noticed it and chuckled.
Rudy: o don’t u think Shivay bhaiya is desperately searching for someone
Om: I too feel the same.
Shivay: both of u shut up.
Rudy: gussa toh ayega iye Shivay bhaiya aap chinta mat kijiye bhabhi safe hai. Woh darasal arnav bhaiya ne bhabhi ko pick up kiya.
Shivay was drinking water and he spitted it.

Shivay: what r u saying?
Om: haan Shivay I saw him picking Annika this mrng
Shivay: ok fine I have to make a call
He called Annika. But she was not picking it. He broke his phone. He was hell angry. He angrily went to his room. Then he noticed that she left her phone in their room itself. He decided to do smthg before everything go out from his hand.
He was waiting for Annika in his room. He asked khanna to keep an eye on her. He reported him abt her whereabouts. By 8:00 pm she returned back from work. She was much very much excited. Her face showed a glow of happiness. She was humming some songs. She opened their room. She didn’t find Shivay. She thought he didn’t come back from his work. So she picked her night suit and went to washroom. Shivay angrily stormed into their room. He was searching for Annika. But couldn’t find her. He decided to change. He locked his room and started to change.

While in bathroom Annika forgot her towel so came out of the bathroom. Here Shivay was only in his boxers. He was going to remove it. But our baffled Annika shouted.
Annika: Shivay rukiye yeh aap kya kar rahe hai, saying so she closed her eyes tightly and turned around.
Shivay saw Annika and got terrified he ran behind some curtain and covered himself.
Shivay: tune kuch nahi dekha na Annika
Annika: nahi nahi meine kuch nahi dekha . par aap pagal hai kya. How can u change your dress like these?
Shivay: but I thought u didn’t come back yet.
Annika: ok ok mein andhar jaa rahi hun aap change kar li jiye.
But our romatic singh oberoi got some naughty ideas. He slowly went towards Annika and hugged her from back. She started blushing.
Annika: Shivay what r u doing?

Shivay: shh Annika I am very angry with u.
Annika: mein ne kya kiya shivay
Shivay: u forgot your phone in home itself. On top of that arnav picked you.
Annika: ok billuji. I am sorry. I’ll inform u from tmrw before going to work. But why did it bother u if arnav picks me up.

Shivay: bcoz u r my wife.
Saying so he started to kiss her earlobe. He was sucking it slowly. Annika lost her senses. She was moaning in pleasure. Shivay slowly turned her towards him. But Annika eyes were still closed. He started to kiss her eyelids and then cheeks. When he was about kiss her Annika’s phone ringed. Annika got her senses back. She pushed him back and went away to pick her phone.
Annika: hello arnav ji

Shivay’s pov
I have to do something of this arnav. He always disturbs me. I was going to kiss her. My dream was coming true. I always wanted to taste her luscious lips which always haunted my dreams.
Shivay changed his clothes. After finishing her call. Annika settled herself in the couch. (in my ss both r not sleeping in same bed ).
Thanks everyone for your support. Please ignore my bad hindi because I am from south india.If I get many comments next part will be updated soon because I’M BAD NOT VERY BAD.

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