Shivika SS – On my birthday!! Shot-3

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Hi all ishqies & pkjs…..I’m shraddha- DBO.Hope u buddies remember my story.?

I’m updating the next shot, correctly after one month.Tons & tons of apologies for this delay. Many buddies had asked me about this, like Deepu & Sumitha. ??
Sorry to nilash & astha di, for not bringing SSO in last 2 shots?

Thanks to all the readers of this birthday shot for commenting on this.

Recap:- Ragini is out of OM. Anika’s birthday, was celebrated grantly by the family.But SSO hadn’t shown up in the party till now or wished Anika.Anika rushing to his room to see him after his arrival.

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Hope u would like this shot.Sorry for typo errors.This is the last shot.?

Shot 3

I bang opened the door of the room just like my heart banging against the chest.I saw shivay lying on the bed, as he heard the sound of the door he suddenly woke up from the bed.I ran to him & hugged him tightly.He slowly pulled me out of the hug . I checked his face, hands to see if everything was fine.Yes, he was physically fine.I felt relieved.

He was shocked to see me in this state, I felt.

S: Anika , r u fine???
A: what r u saying shivay, it was u who wasn’t fine.& u r asking me if I’m good or not( angry)
S: who told you I’m not fine??( shocked)
A: rudra told me….
S: ( thinking) this boy is crazy….

Anika was still worried…
S: Nothing big happened, it was a sudden chest pain. I’m ok now.
A: shivay, why didn’t u have ur medicines properly.How many times I’d told u to take care properly.U won’t hear Na, coz U r bagad billa, simply showing tadi & not looking after ur own problems, becoming the great wall…

She was going on continuously without giving a gap , with tears shedding down. Shivay couldn’t bear this & to stop her he hugged her. Anika was dumbstruck with this action.

S: calm down Anika, I’m fine. I’m perfect now.
A: r u saying the truth or ….
S: no I’m not…I’m ok now…It took some time to get adjusted to certain truth that surprised me….this pain was a result of that….

Anika was shocked. What truth is he mentioning? Is it about his past? No, then he wouldn’t have been this relaxed.May be he might be saying about Ragini who had cheated him.

As Anika was moving in a trail of thoughts, it was broken by shivay.

S: mmm….Anika it’s already 11:00 , u should go & rest.
A:( worried) haan…I’ll go….

She wanted to stay with him to take care of him, but she couldn’t say it openly but….She began moving towards the door , but stopped there.

S: kyaa hua….
A: woh….what if….if u might have the pain again….U might need some help.

He slightly smiled hearing this, he was happy that she still cares for him after all the tortures he had done to her.

S: no need Anika. I was alone all this time.I can manage.

Her eyes were blurred with tears suddenly, maybe he didn’t want her near him.She tried to hide her pain & moved out of the room.His eyes were also watery at that moment when he saw her going away.

Anika was on the balcony.She was crying hardly there.She felt guilty on hiding the truth from him & distancing herself away from him all the time. She knew that she was the source of his pain now. He’s in search of the truth nowadays, she knew it.
He had himself told her many times to open up to him so that he could accept her again.

But that bitter truth is going to break him more.Even if she enters back into his life, he wouldn’t become the old SSO, after knowing his past.She sighed heavily.

Suddenly a strange sensation hit her , she could feel someone behind her.As she slowly turned her head, she met with those 2 kanji eyes; very close to her.

They were trying to read something from each other’s eyes, but rather than finding out the dark secrets they could only find love in their eyes.

“Anika……” she closes her eyes softly hearing her name from him again.Hiw much she had wished him to call her like that again.

“Sorry!!!!” she opened her eyes the moment she heard this. Billuji, saying sorry to her ; she wondered.

Her eyes looked at him questioningly.
Shivay was moving close to her , a small drop of tear was oozing out of his eyes.This made her more worried
She didn’t allow the flowing tear to fall down, she wiped it as it reached halfway of his cheeks.

“I’m sorry for everything….” he took hold of her hands. She wondered seeing this sudden breaking down.

S: it’s all my mistake Anika. My mistake.U were always right, u had always done everything for my happiness..
A: shivay tum…
S: I know everything. It was my mom who separated us.

Anika was shocked, how come he came to know everything.So did he knew that he was an illegitimate child also.She could feel that the earth was spinning.
A: kaise shivay,kaise aur kab???

S: ( crying) yesterday, I heard u & mom fighting.I heard mom saying that she didn’t want u as Bahu & that’s y she wanted to throw you out.

Anika remembered about the fight she had with pinky last day.

S: I couldn’t believe that it’s my mom who snatched away my happiness.I couldn’t bear that I’d doubted on you, I’d accused you.I…I….today in office I was totally worried thinking all this & suddenly had a pain in my chest.It didn’t happen since I missed my medicines.

Anika started crying hardly hearing this.

S: why Anika? Why did u want to move away from me? U gave more importance to my mom than me. U did things purposefully, for me to hate u & throw u out? Why? U never thought even once about me living my life without you? U hated me that much? Was I that bad that u thought of leaving me & go on your own?

“Shivay…..” Anika shouted as she couldn’t hear all those.
A: shivay please never ever say that I hated you. I can never do that….Never…

She fell down on her knees crying & cupping her face.Shivay kneeled down & slowly took her face in her hand.
S: then tell me why did u agree to my mother? U could’ve ignored her , u could have told everything to me….

On one side of her heart , Anika was happy that he hadn’t known about his past; but other side she was confused on what reason she’ll say to him.

A: shivay, I came to your life recently.But pinky anty, she’s ur mom. She’s with you from the moment u were born.She was along with u in all ur happiness & sorrow. I’ll never be able to take her place in your life. I can’t be selfish.She always want the best for you in your love.Maybe she doesn’t feel I’m perfect for you.

I can’t separate a mom & son for my happiness. If I wouldn’t have gone, she would……

S: she would???? would do what???

Anika stumbled with words.
A: she would’ve gone away from you & I know you wouldn’t bear to lose your mom.So I wanted your happiness only shivay, just your happiness.

A beautiful silence followed.Both were crying, but they were relieved on opening up their minds.

“HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!” said shivay.
A: shivay tum….y r u saying this now??
S: coz this is a special day for me too.U were born for me Anika, only for me.Its u who taught me the power of love, it’s you who taught me that in true love we’d always be selfless. We’d always want to see the other person’s happiness even if we r depressed.I dunno, without you , what would have been my life?? Isiliye, you should promise me that you would never ever leave me again , for any reason.

Anika feared, she feared if she stay with him what if he’d come to know his past.

A: shivay what if u will lose all ur comforts in this mansion, if u choose to love me
S:( smiling) I’m even ready to live in a hut along with you. I’d leave all the luxuries for you, if such a situation comes. & I know if I’d go like that then OmRu will also come with me.I just need all of you to complete my life.

Anika’s heart was aching due to happiness. She’d finally won back her Billuji.She tightly hugged him expressing all her love.She knew it was a heavily emotional moment & this could again make him unwell.So she wanted to make the moment light.

A: arrey Billuji, u r so bad .U r wishing me at this time & didn’t give me a gift even.Bagad billa hai tu, ek number ki billu….hmm….

She moved away, faking anger.
S: sorry Anika, I forgot that…Oh no…
A: Its ok shivay, now I would like to give you something.

Saying this she moved closer to him while he smiled.
A: close your eyes billuji.

He smilingly closed his eyes but opened after few moments, shockingly because she had thrown water on his face from the nearby tap.

A: kaise he Billuji, ekdum khidkitod hai Na….
S: I’m going to show u Paanika.

He began chasing her around in the balcony & there goes it….
After all this billu & paanika’s love is incomplete without tadi???, specially on her birthday……..

This was the last shot, I hope it wasn’t boring. I’ll soon come back with another shivika story.Dont forget to drop down ur views……

take care

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  1. Di i was looking for it ……….
    Plz come with shivika story soon because after Sept 4 I can’t come here so please come with shivika ff soonnnn…….
    Love this bday ss to a core……

    1. Shraddha-DBO

      Hi Sumitha,thanks for loving this .
      Yep, I’ll soon try to come up with shivika b4 sep 4??

  2. Dhar

    Awesome episode… Loved it.. U just rocked it… Plzz do come back with another dose of ur writings

    1. Shraddha-DBO

      Thanks a lot Dhar, shall come back very soon?

  3. Alekhika20

    Superb update

    1. Shraddha-DBO

      Thank you dear?

  4. It was superb….Loved it to the core….Will be waiting for your next story……

    1. Shraddha-DBO

      Will come back soon yaar??

  5. Deepu

    it is just as khidikithod as our shivika thnq sooo much shraddha dear for completing this ff

  6. Niriha

    Awesome…..loved it

    1. Shraddha-DBO

      Thank you niri for always commenting…..?

  7. Aashi9

    luved it
    hope they end up like this

    1. Shraddha-DBO

      Of course, I do hope they’ll unite soon?

  8. amazing……loved it

    1. Shraddha-DBO

      Thanks somu??

  9. Aastha_Reddy

    Hmm….finally, I read it Shraddha, with relaxed heart and mind. I was worried for Shivaay bhaiyya and now took a long breath… let the Tom and his Jerry stay together to face rest hurdles.

    1. Shraddha-DBO

      I’m happy that u r happy.Finally shivika were also happy?


    Dear Shraddha
    I Wish Aisa Hi ShivIka Show Main Bhi Ek Ho Jaaye Bina Ilegtimate Truth Out Hokar??ShivIka All Moment Is Awesome???The Shot Is Really Nice I Really Enjoy It??????

    Take Care And Stay Safe?

    1. Shraddha-DBO

      Thank you uf for always supporting me???

    1. Shraddha-DBO

      Thanks Arya……??

  11. Dear…I’m really angry on u not posting for these many days…..very bad….but,anyways it was a gud update…..always ur friend and an admiring fan….

    1. Shraddha-DBO

      Thank you raksha for loving my stories….of course u r my buddy too??

  12. Nikita_jai29

    It is lovely dear

    1. Shraddha-DBO

      Thanks Niki ??

  13. SMC

    Amazing ending…???
    I really loved it and enjoyed it..?
    Hope you come back with another one because you’re an amazing writer..???♥️

    1. Shraddha-DBO

      Of course shall come back yaar, thanks a lot……?

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