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Recap of shot one to four:-
Shivaay was depressed knowing anika is dead. Tia,his sister,tried every way to make shivaay back to normal but cpuldn’t succeed. Later a girl named raina moves to their locality and she gets along very well with shivaay and his family. Later it is revealed anika is alive and raina is her daughter. Something has happened to anika’s sister for which she moved far away from shivaay. Raina knows half of her mother’s past.

Its anika’s birthday. Shivaay along with raina naina and reyaan go out for shopping.
SHIVAAY – Raina does ur mother do a job?
RAINA – yes.
SHIVAAY – oh… Y did u guys move here?
RAINA – due to some financial crisis.
SHIVAAY – When does ur mom go for job? I mean time.
RAINA – around 11 o’clock. Btw why r u asking about my mom so much?
SHIVAAY – I never saw ur father going for job.
RAINA – I don’t have a father.
She gets sad.
SHIVAAY – OH i am sorry.
Their chatting continues and they have a gala time.
As usual at night raina goes to anika’s room and takes out the diary. As she turns back she finds anika standing.
ANIKA – Raina what r u doing here?
RAINA -I came to take ur diary. I have so many doubts. Who is my father? What happened to your sister? And many more questions unanswered.

Anika breaks down and she starts crying.
ANIKA- U wanna know what happened to my sister right? She was MURDERED. RIGHT IN FRONT OF MY EYES. But i couldn’t do anything. I didn’t know how to tackle the situation. I was dumbstruck with what was going around me. If i reacted at that time i could have saved my sister but i would have lost u. I didn’t know what to do. I everyday feel suffocated that because me my sister died. That burden would never get lessened.
Raina was shocked to hear this.
ANIKA – And u want to know who is ur father huh? Ur father is none other than SHIVAAY SINGH OBEROI. Ur shivaay bhaiya.
Raina took hold of her mother’s hand while anika was looking at her with tears in her eyes. Raina took her to shivaay who was walking in the lawn thinking of anika. He was shocked to see anika there.
He hugged her and she to reciprocated it.
SHIVAAY – Where were u all these years? Don’t u dare to leave me alome again!!
Raina narrated the entire incident. Shivaay was shocked.
SHIVAAY – Who is the murderer?
ANIKA – daksh!!! Ur sister’s husband!!

Shivaay was numb. He told something to anika and kissed her forehead. He didn’t want to let go of his wife. She to didn’t want to leave shivaay. Thr next day morning police came and arrested daksh.
DAKSH – WTH!!!! Y r u arresting me?
TIA- Yes. Do u have arrest warrant?
The inspector shows the arrest warrant.
TIA – But what crime did he commit?
Tia was shocked to see her alive.
TIA -Bhabhi u r alive!!!
SHIVAAY -Yes she is.
TIA – Bhaiya u too??
Tia goes and holds the collar of daksh and while crying questions him.
TIA -Daksh tell me r they telling the truth. Daksh please open ur mouth. I can’t see someone alleging my husband like this. DAKSH OPEN UR GODDAMN MOUTH AND TELL ME SOMETHING.
Tia leaves his collar.
TIA – But y?

DAKSH – She knew about my affair. I couldn’t afford to be exposed in front of u and go to jail.
TIA – But now ur going. Inspector arrest him. I don’t ever want to see him in front of my eyes never ever.
Inspector take daksh along with them. Tia falls down and cries.
ANIKA – Tia be strong. Don’t cry. My sister sacrificed her life don’t cry and become weak and let my sister’s sacrifice go in vain.
Anika cries.
TIA – I am not weak. I am not crying for that man. I am crying for ur sister. I am crying for my children’s future. I am crying for marrying that devil.
Anika keeps hand on tia’s shoulder and looks at shivaay.
RAINA – Finally i succeeded in bringing SHIVIKA together.
She hugs shivaay.


So guys i’ve ended. As this is the last shot do give me many comments. And u guys might be wondering” just for five shots she took lot of time to update?” I am sorry for that. And i am even sorry that u had to read my crap. Sorry. And take care guys. This is saasha signing out..?????

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