Shivika (Shivay and Anika) – Eternal Enemies (Chapter 2)

Someone was honking badly, aghh.. She wanted to sleep, and hated when someone disturbed her, rubbing her eyes she woke up and saw the clock. Her eyes widened as she was late for college. And surely Chanda was at her door.

She hurriedly freshened up and ran to the door. Chanda was about to say something, when Anika just hugged her. This always worked, Chanda was her best friend and she felt connected to her by heart. She and Chanda had met the first day of the college, Anika was had felt so lonely as she sat alone at the last bench of the class, when Chanda had come and asked if it was ok to sit with her. Then on their friendship had kept growing and became stronger

They both entered college, and as they were crossing to gate, a car sped by them.

“You idiot” Anika screamed

The car screeched to a halt, and Shivay came out of it. He was dressed to perfection, black jeans with a black leather coat and blue glasses, looked like he was straight out of a photoshoot

“Shivay looks so handsome” Chanda said drooling

“Handsome, my foot. Is this a college or a location for photoshoot; Who comes to college dressed like that” Said Anika with irritation

” Did you call me something ” He said walking towards  them as if challenging her to say it again

“Yes I called you an idiot, you idiot”

Chanda giggled at the side and that made Shivay furious.

“Mind your language Anika, you should consider yourself lucky that you even got a glimpse of my car, it’s a limited edition and so am I ” He said with attitude

“Only you could do this unwanted show off, a person doesn’t become bigger with a car or looks”

“Only middle class people who get admission with scholarship say like this”

She came nearer to him, “an only people like you could have this mentality”

Anger had consumed both and they were staring at each other.


“Shivay baby what’s wrong” Tia came out of the passenger side of the car. Anika rolled her eyes, her comes the barbie doll. Tia always said that Shivay was her boyfriend, but she had never seen him behaving as a boyfriend to her. He most of the time was either alone or with his brothers.

I hate Shivay thought Anika. I will forever hate him; she still remembered the first day they met. She was his partner for a project, and he had complained that he didn’t want her. Just because of her looks. She always dressed simple in a churidar wore spectacles, with her hair tied. Maybe she looked ugly, but that was no reason to judge a person. For her knowledge spoke more than looks. But people like Shivay would never understand that.
They both looked at one another and just moved their ways.

“Arghhh.. I hate that girl, she spoiled my day,” Shivay growled angrily

“Leave it baby , don’t spoil you mood” Tia always hated how Shivay always got entangled with Anika, even though she knew that they hated each other but even she could see the chemistry between them. She knew that Shivay had purposely sped the car past them, he always liked getting a reaction out of Anika..

They all headed to their classes, the professor came and announced that they have to do a project for which he will be assigning partners.Anika was praying that it would be Chanda, she would love to work with her best friend.

The professor announced that Anika would be paired with Shivay. Both got from their seats and said NO simultaneously. The professor looked at them and said that everything was done and there was no going back.

“Am not going to work with that idiot Signh Oberoi ” She scoffed

“He is also a topper Anika” Chanda reminded her.”Yeah whatever”

They both tried to convince the professor but no use. They looked at each other angrily

“Shivay, Anika it’s just a project.. Come on you can do it” Om said

“Am never going to do any project with him” Anika said angrily and walked away

“An nor am I going to” Shivay walked away too

“Nothing can happen of these two bhaiya, leave it”said Rudy

Night had fallen, Shivay was sitting staring at the pool.. His ego was hurt as Anika did not want to work with him. Hadn’t he done the same to her in their first year.. He just didn’t know she was so intelligent.

“Shivay why r u so disturbed, worried that Anika does not want to work with u” asked Om

When Shivay looked ay him Om understood. They were not related by blood, but by love. And just by looking at his brother he would know that he was upset.

“How much ever you show that you hate her, you want to work with her… So just go an talk to her, she might agree… She is nice girl”Om said and left

Shivay thought for some mote time and then dialled her number

“Hello” A groggy voice said

“Shivay Singh Oberoi” He said in full attitude

Anika got up and started blinking her eyes an looking at the phone… Was she dreaming.. Why the hell was he calling her.


“I think we should work on the project together, after all this is our final year ” He said

“I don’t want to work with you, now get lost and let me sleep “She cut the call

“How dare she hang up on me.. Shivay said and threw the phone to the wall… And it crashed to pieces… He is going g to make her pay for all this



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