Shivika (Shivay and Anika) – Eternal Enemies (Chapter 1)

“This year’s topper is Anika” Announced the principal. The college hall went in a uproar of applause.

Anika got up from her seat, an went to the stage smirking at her competitor. She received the prize and smiled for the photographs. As soon as she came down she was surrounded by her friends and classmates to congratulate her.

But Anika was looking somewhere else, her eyes searching someone.

“Looking for Shivay” Her best friend Chanda questioned teasingly.

“Yes want to see his loser face, after all he is my biggest competition”

Shivay and Anika had been competing for the past 2 years, last year Shivay had won and this year Anika. She had beat him by just a few points but it was a victory.

As they were moving out of the college she saw him and went to him

” How does it feel to be a loser Shivay Singh Oberoi ” She asked with attitude

” Just like you felt last year , and I am sure you did some cheating to come till here” He said smirking

Her eyes blazed with anger, and she screamed ” Who do you think you’re calling a cheater”

“You, who else” He said

She came nearer to hit him, but he caught her hand and puller her closer, she just kept staring at him and he at her. The whole world ceased to exist.

“Love is a strong feeling, but hate is stronger as it’s another form of love” Om says coming closer to them

“Rightly said bro, looks like beginning of a love  story” Rudy laughed

This made Shivay and Anika look at them. Both moved away. Anika greeted OmRu and went her way. Shivay kept staring at her till she crossed the gate of the college.

” Ohoo ohoo” Rudy fake coughed making Shivay glare at him an Omkara smiled

“I don’t understand how can you be friends with her, she is such an irritating girl “Shivay said

Anika and OmRu were good friends, Omkara was their classmate, and Rudra was in the first year. But they had instantly clicked with Anika. It’s like they knew her for years together but did not understand the hatred between Shivay and Anika. Sure, they were competitors, but it was something beyond that.

Anika came home and tightly hugged her grandparents and showed them the trophy she had won, they were so proud of her. Her parents mostly stayed out of the country, and she had not wanted to travel. So, she led a very simple life with her grandparents. They valued love and respect beyond money and according to her that was most important. Today she was super happy, she had broken the ego of that Shivay.

Shivay entered his room, and banged it loudly closing it, he went to this table and threw all things off it, how could he lose to that Anika. That girl was so full of herself, and she dared to compete with him, who the hell did she think she was, some middle-class girl, she was not even of his status. He will have to study harder; this will be the last year. And Shivay Singh Oberoi, the heir of Oberoi industries will never lost to anyone..

It was almost midnight, but both Shivay and Anika were twisting and turning in bed, something was troubling them, but they, unaware of their heart, just pushed themselves to sleep.


Hi guys.. Here ends the first chapter, let me know how you like it.


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