A shivika is # SHADE OF LOVE- Episode 3

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Thanks for comments on the previous episode and really sorry for making it short as I have to complete my project……….

Anyways this episode will be long enough to compensate the previous episode ………………

Guys please keep commenting ……it keeps me motivated…
Now the episode.

Tej comes home and handover a number of bags to ANIKA saying that it contains dress for shivay sangeet in the evening …..,……..

ANIKA silently handover each packet to person who name is written.
Its shivay turn she ignores him and handover tia her and shivay packet and says this is your and your fiancée packet and goes to ten and handover the last packet calling it extra.
He smiles seeing her innocence and says check well it has a name too……

Saying this he goes to his room holding janvi hand as though a new couple ……………

All watch this surprised especially om and go to their respective rooms…………..

In the afternoon ANIKA comes to dadi room and says she can’t take this as she won’t be attending the sangeet ceremony…………

Before she could ask anything, dadi noticed shivay listening to them.

By then omru and daksh enters .

Dadi asks why you won’t attend the party anika???

Daksh gets sad………

Dadi tells look at daksh face. Come for him at least.

Omru give a confused look to dadi who asks them to see shivay…………….

Anika agrees for daksh which burns shivay more.

Dadi tells omru aab yeah Billy nahi rukega….
Jitna ham ANIKA ko daksh ke pass layenge utna pass shivay ANIKA ko khud laayega……

Omru smile

The 3 say aab hogi ishqbaazi takkar ki…….. And give a HiFi


Anika comes in a floral pink black lehenga colour coordinating perfectly with shivay and daksh.

All have worn same type of theme.

Dance starts……….

Rehaan dances with somya making rudra jealous.
Daksh dances with anika making shivay jealous

Om teases them saying aab toh full fire station laana padega and laughs.

Dance continues…

.shivay dances with tia looking at anika and daksh dancing tooooooo…….close.

Shivay is in height of anger as anika is comfortable having any other man except him I.e, shivay close to her.

Time for partner swipe and ANIKA is now in Shivay’s arms and he is now happy and satisfied.

They are lost in each other eyes.

Tears flow from anika eyes remencing shivay speaking to. Om and goes back to daksh and smiles…

They both dance merely making shivay out of control……

After sometime……….

While serving juice anika dress doori opens and she runs into a room.

Its shivay room. He comes and see her struggling and ties her doori. They have an eye lock.
Shivay gets in his bagad bills avtar and shouts at anika for letting daksh come near her .

Anika replies its none of his business.

Shivay fumes.

Anika heads to leave when shivay pulls her back by her hand and they share an intense, passionate and zid wala liplock.

At first anika retreats but to no use.

Shivay hold was firm and finally she reciprocated back and happy tears flow from her eyes.


Ishana dramatic entry …..surely

Stay tuned and please comment.

Thank you

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  1. wowwwww

  2. Nainaa

    Nice one..?? Jalan Singh Oberoi is so cute and Shivika’s lip lock is full on fire… Keep going Dear??

    1. Nainaa

      Read my ff also Love for Life…. You can get the links on my wall?

  3. Too good….update soon

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    nice episode

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  7. Nice sharon…

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  9. Nice…waiting for next update

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