SHIVIKA- PYAAR KI DASTAAN episode 8(ishqbaaz ff)

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Guys I am very sorry for the delay. I had posted it on Tuesday but I had got a rejected mail twice due to some reason. I am so sorry, but I am happy that many of u missed my ff. thank u so much for ur support u have given till date and pls keep giving ur support this way.

This is the link for the recap of the first seven epis
Episode 7

Now to the 8th epi :-

Oberoi family reaches the hospital and search for sahil and shivika. They find sahil sitting on a chair and sobbing. His hand is bandaged.

He sees the oberoi family and runs to them and hugs om.

Pinky- sahil beta, where is my shivaay??!!
Sahil (sobbing)- aunty shivaay bhaiyya and anika didi have been taken in there (he is pointing to the operation theatre)
Dadi- oh god! What has happened?
Rudra (crying)- o shivaay bhaiyya and anika didi will be fine right? Nothing will happen to them na? I cant see my superman and super girl in this condition.
Om- no rudra nothing will happen to them. U only call them superman and super girl right?

Rudra nods and sahil hugs him and starts crying badly.

Jhanvi goes and consoles pinky and gives her support. Tej goes to sahil and takes him in his arms and takes him out so that he calms down and sleep off. While going he signs om to take care of everyone.

It has been an hour since everyone had come to hospital and they r still waiting for doctor to come out and tell them that shivika are fine. tej comes back carrying sahil as he has slept.

At last the bulb over the operation theatre goes off and the doctors and nurses come out.

All oberoi members rush to him

Pinky- doctor how is my son?
Om- doctor how r they? They r completely, fine right?
Doctor- shivaay Singh oberoi is out of danger but Ms. Anika is still in danger, her head was badly injured so we cant say anything as certain about her for at least next 12 hrs.

Everyone get shocked and dadi is abou to loose balance but om holds her

Om- dadi! Pls control. Nothing will happen to anika.

Tej- I am telling u that I will get this hospital shut if anything happens to anika! She is part of our family and like my daughter for me.
Jhanvi- tej pls control ur frustration and fear. They r trying their best.

Doctor- yes we r trying our best but right now we cannot do anything about her condition we have to wait till she gets conscious, but if she does not open her eyes in the next 12 hours we might loose her.

Pinky- no no no! mata rani will not let that happen. Anika will open her eyes she cant leave us, she cant leave sahil, she cant leave my shivaay I know she did not accept this but truth is she loves shivaay so she cant go like this.
Shakti- relax pinky. Anika will stay with us only she wont go anywhere.

The nurse gets shivaay and anika out of the theatre on stretchers and take them to their respective wards. Pinky and others run to shivaay’s ward and pinky is still sobbing.

Omru and dadi then go to anika’s ward and are very sad knowing that anika is in a critical condition.

Shakti walks upto tej

Shakti- bhai saab I think we should ask maa and sahil to go home they r here from a very long time, we cannot take chances with their health.
Tej- u r right, u go with them jhanvi will stay with pinky here and I will send omru too after sometime.
Om- no. I am not going anywhere. Shivaay and anika are here in such a state and u expect me to go home. No way. And I am 100% sure that rudra also will not go home.

Tej (knowing that he cannot argue more infront of om)- fine then I will go with Shakti, maa and sahil. So many people here is not a good idea and maa and sahil both need someone with them.

Shakti and tej somehow convince dadi to come home. Shakti, tej, dadi and sahil(sleeping) go from there.

Pinky sits near shivaay and waits for him to get conscious while jhanvi and omru are in the corridor keeping an eye on both wards shivaay and anika’s (the wards are diagonally opposite to each other )

In shivaay’s ward

Shivaay moves his hands and slowly opens his eyes. He feels a jolt of pain in his body. He opens his eyes and sees his surroundings and sees pinky near his bed taking a slight nap.
Shivaay realizes where he is and a flashback of the accident plays in his mind and the only person who he is concerned about right now is anika.
He murmurs ‘anika’ though breaking but it was enough to wake up pinky. She gets up is happy to see shivaay awake.

Pinky- o my mata. My shivaay woke up. How r u? shivaay u know u scared me so muchs and who does such things with dear ones especially with mother? ……………………………………………..leave all that first I should call doctor.

She goes out before shivaay could say anything and omru and jhanvi come in with doctor. The doctor examines him
Doctor- he is fine but he needs complete rest and not a bit of stress.

He leaves

Omru show their concern for shivaay and shivaay assures them that he is fine and they have an obro moment.

rudra start with his confrontation with pinky and jhanvi putting in their questions. Shivaay is paying least attention to them and their questions as his mind is asking him questions all related to anika, like how is anika? Where is she? Nothing has happened to her right? Etc.

om notices shivaay’s questioning look. And asks him what is the matter as if he is the only sensible person present there.

Shivaay looks up to him

Shivaay- om voh voh anika

Everyone look at him then at each other and again get sad thinking of anika.

Shivaay- how is anika? Is she fine?

Pinky signs omru not to tell shivaay about anika. They understand and obey her as they know that shivaay is not supposed to take any kind of stress.

Rudra- what bhaiyya u just woke up from such a long sleep and adventure u should rest and here u r asking about anika didi.
Shivaay- I was taking rest from such a long time but I need to know about anika is she fine? and sahil too
Jhanvi- shivaay sahil is fine and went home with maaji, Shakti and tej. Don’t worry about him he has got a hurt on his arm but he is fine.
Shivaay- and anika? What about her?

They look at each other and get thinking how to handle this as shivaay is stubborn especially when it is anika.

Pinky not able to handle shivaay’s questions goes from there to anika’s ward and jhanvi follows her.

Back in shivaay’s ward rudra tries to divert the topic by talking of how cute the female nurse attending his room is and such stuff but shivaay is least interested in this stuid talk and his mind is only shooting questions to him about anika.

Precap- shivaay is telling omru something and omru are listening to it carefully, jhanvi stands out looking at them and and looks at anika’s ward and gets sad. Pinky comes to her and tells ‘jhetaniji anika is still not conscious I am very scared I cannot afford to lose her’ and starts crying.

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