SHIVIKA- PYAAR KI DASTAAN episode 32 (ishqbaaz ff)

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Epi 32-

Rudra goes to the living room to find only the elders sitting there with sad and tensed faces. Rudra goes to the pool side and finds mona resting her head on adi’s shoulder but her face clearly showed that she was in a bad mood.

“now, go and do something to boost everyone’s mood, go!” his love angel’s voice rang in his head and composed himself. He went and pulled adi and mona to the living room where the elders were, seeing rudra pulling adi and mona the elders got up. Before anyone could ask further questions, rudra showed his palm to everyone indicating them to stop.

Rudra- until I come back, no one will go anywhere. Stay here!!

He quickly went to om’s room only to find ishkara lost in each other, it came as a surprise for rudra but then he had other plans for the people in the mansion so he had to disturb the two to be love birds.

Rudra- uhmuhmmm… o, Ishana di

Ishkara broke their eye lock and looked towards rudra shy and embarrassed

Rudra- o, now a day you have started taking interest in girls, first heeerrrr (pointing his finger back referring to om’s ‘anjaani’) and now Ishana di.

Om gave a glare to rudra

Ishana pov- “first her”???? who is she? Is there another girl in om’s life??…………………… wait!! Even if there is why should it bother you? You are thinking too much ishu!!

Rudra- BTW u both are needed downstairs.
Ishana- by whom?
Rudra- thaaaaat you will get to know once u go down

With that rudra left to shivaay’s room.

When rudra entered his superman’s room, he could see his bhaiyya was lost in the embrace.

Rudra- uhhhhh… excuse me, ting tong!!

Shivika broke the hug and looked at rudra, shivaay was annoyed for ruining his sweet moment and anika was blushing like a tomato.

Rudra- love is in the air huh?

Shivaay gave rudra a glare and rudra changed the topic

Rudra- come down with me

Saying so he held his superwoman’s hand and dragged her to the living room while a confused shivaay followed them.

When they reached the living room, except rudra no one else knew what is going on

Tej- rudra will u tell us why have u gathered everyone here?
Rudra- yes yes I will. Yesterday and today were very emotional days and the emotional and sad ghost has not yet left us and there is only one way of scaring it away…
Om- what?
Rudra- wait for it, wait for it……………

He took a pillow and kept tossing it up

Rudra- o, u did not tell about your new chatting partner ((anjaani)), so this is for u

Saying so he threw the pillow on om’s face which spoiled his perfectly set hair, where everyone else was surprised seeing this, rudra and Ishana started laughing. Om was about to burst out at rudra but stopped seeing Ishana laugh

Ishana- o… o my god!!…… u look so funny!
Om- I… I look funny??
Ishana- who else? Zulfi singh oberoi’s zulfe!!!!

And Ishana broke of laughing again and rudra, anika and shivaay in unision said “zulfi singh oberoi?!” om too was baffled on listening to his new found nickname

Om- okay! That’s it!!

He took a pillow and threw it at ishana’s face.

Ishana’s mouth opened in a perfect o and now om laughed at her.

Rudra took another pillow and threw it at shivaay

Shivaay- what the wuck!!? Why was that?
Rudra- for keeping ur new found love a secret.

Anika suppressed her laughter but shivaay caught her giggling and threw a pillow at her. well, even shivaay agrees that she is a double tadibaaz so she had to repay with interest so she took two pillows and threw one at his face and the other at his stomach, then she could not get more pillows around her so she took the nearby object which was a vase and was about to throw

Shivaay- hey hey!! you want to kill me or what?? here take this (he was about to give her the pillow) throw this

But before anika could take it shivaay threw it on her face, leaving her baffled.

Rudra started playing pillow fight with mona and Aditya.

Shakti- pinky, I have had an over dose of your o my mata

Pinky was about protest but then a pillow landed straight on her face. She was the mother of a great tadibaaz and she had to pay back so she too threw a pillow back on shakti’s face

Jhanvi- tej, u have troubled me a lot

Tej’s face fell at the remark

Tej- I said I…

He could not complete as he was hit by a pillow thown by jhanvi and tej threw it back to her but then she caught it.

Rudra- that is not how u throw a pillow in a pillow fight papa, this is how u do it

And then he threw a pillow on his father’s face!! Everyone else who was busy playing pillow fight with each other stood still.

Rudra realized what he did and muttered

Rudra- o god!! I woke up the amrish puri!! Now I am gone for sure

Well of course he was gone! But in a different way.

Tej threw back two pillows on his face and then threw a pillow on shakti’s face. And everyone happily continued throwing pillows stating vague reasons, Aditya and mona were not left out of course.

After a long pillow fight everyone sat down on the sofas and couches and bean bags and had a hearty laugh.
Lafzon ka rishta nahi plays in the BG

Tej- okay, enough of this masti, we must now concentrate on how to punish those chaddas for their deeds

Everyone got serious with that.

Jhanvi- I think we should let the court and law do the punishment part
Ishana- but then we have to get some proof for that too
Aditya- we will, we will get all of that.
Shivaay- before that I wanted to get their stocks low so that their role in the world of business goes down along with their respect.
Shakti- I have heard that the borivali land is under chaddas but then that used to belong to the Raichands and I am pretty sure if this is true he must have done some manipulation to get it.
Aditya- it is true, that land was under papa and not only the land he also overtook one of the iron-steel companies.
Anika- we have to get those under our names
Shivaay- of course it will be done.
Mona- ishu di! We forgot a very important part
Ishana- what?
Mona- the will!!!
Ishana- oh right!!!
Pinky- o my mata!!! Now we have to go to Raichand mansion to get the will
Shivaay- but no one will let us go there. Everyone knows it is sealed.
Aditya- we have to find a way out.

After a while,

tej- it is done! The borivali land chaddas owned is now overtook by oberois.
Aditya- the iron steel company deal is also sealed, it will be under kritesh companies soon.
Om- now, we find the so called “loyal” lawyer of the Raichands and get the will.
Tej- Aditya, anika, Ishana and mona there is something you need to know, with what we are doing, the case will be reopened. All those truths and facts will have to be repeated. I hope u are ready for that?
Aditya- this is what I was waiting for from such a long time, now it is happening and I cant let go of it.
Anika- adi bhaiyya is right, we are ready and we will face whatever we must
Shakti- do you know anyone who is a rival of the chaddas, who might help us. The more the merrier!

While everyone else started thinking two girls shouted out “yes!!”

They were none other than prinku and ishu

Priyanka-ishana (together)- ranveer!!!
Shivaay- ranveer? Do u mean ranveer singh Randhawa or some other ranveer
Prinku-ishu- ranveer singh Randhawa!!

Precap- the youngsters go to the lawyer’s work place. Shivaay- I am shivaay singh oberoi, so don’t u dare play games with me. Om- otherwise, we can get your license canceled—forever. Lawyer- no no, please don’t do that, I… I agree, the will is in the mansion and I have a copy of it.

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