SHIVIKA- PYAAR KI DASTAAN episode 30 (ishqbaaz ff)

hello!!!! I know I am a little late, but I was busy writing this very very long part. I am soooooo happy that all of you read this ff and it is because of your support that I have reached the 30th epi, so pls pls pls do comment as this part is the past revelation and super long.

Epi 30-

Ishadika (Ishana, Aditya and anika) reach home (ishana’s home)

Anika’s pov- here we are!!! Infront of ichcha atya’s home. It has been 14 years since I came here but it is still the same. It has the same fragrance that you get from the front garden flowers and it is the same beauty, with its elegant wines climbing and creeping on the roof. I still cant believe this is reality, and if by any chance if this a dream then I don’t want to get up ever. I am going to see ichcha atya, mona and naren kaka!!! I just cant wait to meet them.

They enter the house, which is very quiet. As they enter a girl in her early twenties comes into the hall.
She has a confused look on her face, she goes to Ishana.

Mona- ishu di, where were you? Papa had been asking for you and you had left the grocery bag at the door and di, who are they?
Ishana- sshhhhh, mona how many questions will u ask? Where is papa?

Before mona could answer, Ishana and mona’s father Mr. naren Mehta entered.
Naren- ishu? Who are they

Adi and anika look at each other, happiness visible in their eyes.

Ishana- papa, I had told you na, that adi bhaiyya and anika taai will come to you one day?

Mona and naren are confused

Ishana- see, they are here! Adi bhaiyya and anika taai

Mona and naren’s expressions change from confused to shocked

Mona- di… u… u are joking or what? This is not a topic to joke upon
Ishana- mona, I am not joking, this is adi bhaiyya and anika taai. Cant u see the similarity between our adi bhaiyya and the person standing in front of you? And about anika taai…

Ishana drags anika infront of naren and brings forward her hand where her charm bracelet is

Ishana- see, papa see this, this is our anika’s bracelet na?

There was a moment silence and suddenly naren sat on the nearby couch with a thud, all four youngsters move forward towards him with concern. Ignoring all their questions about him and his health, naren’s eyes are fixed on adi and anika. He keeps a fatherly hand on both their heads and slowly cups their faces.

Naren- aa… adi, an… anu, how… how are u both?
Anika- naren kaka, look at yourself, what have you become? and… and where is ichch aatya?
Ishana- taai… maa… maa is no… no more.

anika was left shocked. Aditya and Ishana tell her what happened (muted convo). anika was torn again, she had found so much happiness today and she got such a shock today.
And so they have another emotional moment. After a while all of them are sitting on dinning table with their dinner plates empty, they chat and share their life story after the incident, they console each other and share their funny moments that took place in the past 14 years and join hands to avenge the death of their family members.


Everyone are up and having their breakfast.

Anika- ummm… there are a few more people who need to know the truth and we have to go there today.
Aditya- who else needs to know melody?
Mona- and why taai?
Anika- adi bhaiyya they are the oberois, I told u right they have took care of me like their own daughter.
Naren- oberois? Ishu, that oberoi who…
Ishana- yes papa, taai is talking about them only,
((one more thing guys, anika has not informed any of them about her and shivaay))
Aditya- but why anika? I understand they are close to your heart but…
Anika- bhaiyya, I know you are quite protective about this but trust me, they will help us. Please bhaiyya, I already told shivaay that I would tell them all about it.
Ishana- all about it??
Anika- yes all about it
Aditya- I don’t know melody
Anika- bhaiyya pls, for me please. Till now I did not reveal anything to anyone but now I really have to tell the oberois.

Ishana pov- why is anika taai wanting to tell them about us?…………………. ishu ishu ishu u are simply overthinking…………………… anyways, it is good that we are going to OM, I am feeling so happy I can clear out everything with omkaraji, yuuuupppiee!!!!…………… wait wait wait why am I feeling happy and excited about clearing out everything with him? Who is he to me?

She reminisces herself calling riddhima as sautan and dreaming to be om’s wife

Ishana pov- what are u thinking ishu!!?? That is all past and now adi bhaiyya and anika taai are here so there is no need of giving any money to them which means no need of any conning, just stop thinking about omkaraji. Stop! Stop! Stop!

She shuts her eyes tight. But us brought back to the real world by anika, Aditya and mona who together were screaming out her name.

Anika- what happened to you shanu? Where were you lost?
Mona (teasing)- in whose memories are you lost di?

Ishana gives her a glare

Aditya- nriti are you fine? Is there something wrong

The protective and concerned brother in him woke up and seeing this a smile crept upon ishana’s lips.

Ishana- yes bhaiyya, everything is fine, I just slipped into my own thoughts
Mona- we can see that, but in whose thoughts did slip into?? (teasing)
Ishana- will you shut up mona?!
Anika- ok ok, leave all this and get ready fats we have to go OM
Ishana- OM!!! Is it decided (with a smile on her face which makes it clear that she is happy)
Anika (confused as to why she is so happy)- umm… we just decided infront of you, so yes we are going there
Ishana- so why are we wasting time? Come on lets get ready fast

Saying so she sped off to her room leaving everyone else confused except mona as she was giving a naughty and teasing type of look and smirk.


Om and rudra were explaining the happenings of yesterday while shivaay was sitting on a couch and was lost in his own world. They were explaining now as yesterday none of them had the energy to explain anything once they were back and retired to their rooms after a very light dinner. At the end of the story there was pinky’s famous one liner

Pinky- O my mata!!!
Dadi- thank god, anika got back her happiness

Everyone notice shivaay

Rudra- shivaay bhaiyya, why are you sitting there like a daadhu?
Prinku- daadhu!?
Om- he means to say sadhu (he gives him a light hit on rudra’s head)
Shivaay (getting back to the real world)- no… nothing… anika had called, she said they will be here in a while, and she will explain everything to us.
Priyanka- they? Who else is coming bhaiyya?
Shivaay- of course, Aditya, Ishana and ishana’s sister mona
Omkara’s face lit up at the mention of ishana’s name
Omkara (with brimming happiness)- Ishana is also coming??
Shivaay- uhh… om, that is what I said. Ishana is coming along with anika
Rudra- bhaiyya look at om, how happy he has become at the mention of Ishana di. And why would he not, he found his lost love back
Om- shut up rudra!! Why will I be happy if Ishana is coming how should it even affect me? And she is not my lost love!!
Rudra- she does not affect you?
Om- no she doesn’t!
Rudra- then why were you awake the whole night?

Everyone look surprised at om, no wonder why his face looked dull and his eyes sleepy.

Om- I… I…
Rudra- now don’t tell u were not thinking about Ishana di, cause I heard u, u kept on muttering the same lines again and again.
Shivaay- what was he muttering
Rudra- “she is anika’s sister, does that mean she was actually forced to do what she did, she too has a past, a painful one, does that mean I am wrong, did I hurt her too much” (he was acting to be tensed and worried making a cry baby face)

Om was red due to embarrassment, shivaay was trying to stop his smile and others were surprised to the core.
Just then Ishana, Aditya and anika enter. Everyone looks towards the entrance.

Om’s eyes were only looking at Ishana, whereas shivaay was staring at anika. Much to om’s disappointment, Ishana completely ignored him and was giving attention to all other members as anika was introducing her and Aditya and mona to the oberoi family.

Pinky- anika, now at least tell us what happened this suspense is killings me

Anika sat on a sofa and Aditya sat beside her while Ishana and mona stood behind the sofa.

Anika- Mr. rajesh richand, the person about whom you all were talking yesterday was my dad. We were a happy family without any tension or trouble. papa, aai, adi bhaiyya, me and chutki- I mean adika, my younger sister, jay kaka- my father’s brother, leela kaku- kaka’s wife, aaji (grandmother) and ajoba (grandfather). Papa used to take care of the whole empire whereas kaka was an engineer. Ishana and mona’s mother Mrs. Ichcha Mehta, our ichcha aatya (bua/father’s sister) was CEO of Raichand business empire since it ever emerged. Her and papa’s relation was no less than a brother-sister relation. Ishana’s dad- Mr. naren Mehta too was an engineer and used to work with jay kaka, so both the families were closely related even though there was no blood relation. Once we all had decided to visit the farmhouse on the outskirts of the city, this was 14 years ago. Ichcha aatya or anyone of the Mehta family could not join us because of their work and other reasons. We were going to stay there only for a day and that day turned out to be the most dreadful one.

Aditya gently places his hand over anika’s should cause he knows she needs all the support she could get.

Anika- it was night and all of us were in the main hall when all of a sudden the lights went off. Me, adi bhaiyya and adika were in a corner of the hall. Then from nowhere we heard a bullet shot and many screams and gasps of our family. Everyone was feared, we could still see a bit even if it was dark, someone stabbed jay kaka and ajoba with a knife and they fell to the ground with shouts following. Aaji was also stabbed and… and…
She could not continue, she was sobbing. Adi took her in his embrace even though he himself was on the verge of crying.

Aditya- and they cut aai’s throat. We suddenly felt a hand over our shoulder firstly we were scared but then understood it was papa, he lead us to a counter and hid us there and warned us not to come out until the people who attacked us went away. Then he too moved from there, we don’t know what happened after that but then we heard another bullet shot and papa’s shout. We understood papa was shot. We were hell scared but we couldn’t scream or cry, cause if we did they would get to know where we were hiding. After a while of searching, those guys left. The happenings struck us, in a matter of 20 minutes or so we lost our most valuable possession, our family. Chutki was just 10 years old and was badly shivering, it took us quite a while to recover from the shock… our parents, grandparent, uncle and aunt were lying on the floor without life, blood all around. We called up ichcha aatya and she arrived there as soon as possible, they too were shocked, they consoled us. Next day…. I had to perform the last rites… adika fell sick by the end of it, she had high fever. But god was not happy with the amount of sufferings we already had to face and thus he gave more. Me and both my sisters were alone at home, naren kaka was out of station, Ishana and mona were asleep and aatya had gone to get medicines for adika. Those guys came there too, they kidnapped me, anika and adika. They kept us in some remote area, we first did not understand who they were and what they wanted, but then we saw Mr. chadda there and on listening to their conversation we understood that it was all his plan, he did all that because two or three companies of his were closed down cause there was some illegal work going on there and people got to know it because of papa, he said he was insulted by papa and that until Raichand empire will be there, he cannot expand his.

Anika- he was a very big rival of Raichand group and he held immense grudge against our family, reasons unknown to us. But the next two days were extremely tough for us, they tortured us a lot. They did not even spare adika… she was already ill… on top of that… they… they used to torture her and not give proper food and… and
Aditya- and she eventually died!! She too left us forever. That day those goons whom Mr. chadda had appointed let us do her last rites, taking advantage of the situation, we ran. We ran and hid ourselves in an abandoned cottage. But they reached there too…

FLASHBACK (14 years ago in the cottage, Aditya is narrating it)

The goons had reached near the cottage and anika saw them, she informed me

Aditya- melody, listen to me, promise me that u will not let anyone know that u r anika Raichand, promise me that u wont go to Raichand mansion again, promise me that until I come back u will not tell anyone about ur real identity
Anika- I promise bhaiyya, but why are u telling so?
Aditya- melody, right now those goons are out and they will come here any minute. u will also not try to find me, I myself will come to u one day.

He hugs her

Aditya (still in the hug)- melody, I am sorry but I have to do this if u have to escape safe and I know u will not agree to what I say but I have to this I am sorry, but please run from here as soon as u wake up, don’t stay here any longer.

Anika was confused but suddenly felt a jolt of pain on her head and fell unconscious. Adi had hit her head with a rod, he quickly hides her under a pile of hay stack.

Aditya- I am so sorry melody, but this is for u to escape safely.

He kisses her forehead and hides her face too.


Aditya- soon those goons came in and caught me, they asked me to tell where anika went but I told them she ran away long ago, they used to beat me too but I could not open my mouth about anika

Anika- when I gained consciousness, I understood what adi bhaiyya told. I cried sitting there but I had no other way but to obey what bhaiyya told me I had promised him and had to keep up my promise, for I knew he would keep up his promise. I ran from there and kept running. A newly married couple found me on the foot path and took me to their home I stayed there with them, four years after sahil was born but sahil’s mother died while giving birth and three years later sahil’s father too died as he had cancer and me and sahil were left on our own with sahil’s bua.

Ishana- after you three were kidnapped, maa and papa searched for you everywhere, they went to the police too, but then got to know that they closed the case saying it was rajesh mama who killed his own family with very vague reasons. Maa and papa interrogated and found that the policemen were corrupt, all were corrupt. A few days later maa saw Mr. chadda going somewhere secretively and decided to follow him and she ended up in the place where they had kept adi bhaiyya.

Aditya- Mr. chadda had come there like he used to come every day, to threaten me by beating me up telling me to speak up about anika. But that day, once he and his men left, aatya came in, I was surprised. She untied my hand and legs, we jumped through a vent which was big enough and ran. We onto a road but there was forest everywhere. Those goons came behind us but aatya told me to go back home, she told me run, she forced me to leave and told she will be right behind me so I ran further. But then I heard aatya’s scream, she too was slayed by those goons, she left out a last scream telling me to run and not stop, I was scared and I did what she told me. I ran to aatya’s home and fell down crying. I told kaka what had happened, he was broken. He gave me some money, and told me to go away to delhi and not come back until I was financially stable. He told me return only when I will be able to face those chaddas without doubt. He told me not to worry about anika or anyone, he said he will see what should be done.

Ishana- we tried to know about anika taai but failed, we gave upon the search and tried to handle our breaking lives. But those chaddas wouldn’t let that happen. Raichand empire was shut down, all the property including the Raichand mansion was under government. That was not supposed to happen, rajesh mama had written a will but that bastard lawyer also was not loyal, he said that there was no will, when the truth was that the will was in the mansion but we were not allowed to go in, I don’t know what procedures happened and all but at the end, everything was under government, there was nothing on adi bhaiyya’s name.

Aditya- naren kaka knew that the chaddas will not keep quite if they knew where I was staying, so he gave me some money, and told me to go away to delhi and not come back until I was financially stable. He told me return only when I will be able to face those chaddas without doubt. He told me not to worry about anika or anyone, he said he will see what should be done.

Mona- for a few years after adi bhaiyya left, the chaddas were quiet, don’t know why, but then they started blackmailing us. Papa was left broken and he started drinking, he was thrown out of job too, ishu di took it upon herself to handle the house, but she was continuously being blackmailed by Mr. chadda, but somehow, she completed her interior designing course and had a good job and I was also doing good I my engineering course. There were times when that chadda would keep blackmailing Ishana di for money and many a time he used to create some havoc so that di loses her job and then he would want money from her, the police officers who would get transferred here would all be bought by Mr. chadda.

Ishana held mona’s hand signing her to not talk more. Om noticed it and understood why Ishana cheated him in the past, he felt guilty.

Anika was crying relentlessly in aditya’s embrace when Ishana and mona came infront, kneeled. Ishana rested her head on adi’s lap while mona rested her head in anika’s lap. The four of them had group hug, consoling each other. Looking at them, everyone present had tears in their eyes. Shivaay only wished if he could go and take anika in an embrace and could comfort her saying that now everything would be set fine, but he knew that she needed her brother and sisters more. Rudra became emotional and instantly hugged his brothers, prinku also joined in the hug.

precap- shivaay quickly takes anika in an embrace (o jaana plays as bg music). on the other hand, om keeps his hand on ishana’s and they have a cute romantic eyelock (o saathiya plays as bg music).

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