SHIVIKA- PYAAR KI DASTAAN episode 10 (ishqbaaz ff)

Hello, I am here with the 10th epi. I know u might be thinking how mad I am, that first I post my epis after so many days and now I am posting them with hours’ gap in between. But I was very very busy and today is a Sunday so I am free from clutches of work. This one is maha episode as it the 10th one.??(I like tens, twenties an so on)??
Ok let’s start with the epi

In hospital corridor, everyone is praying to god to save anika and not let anything happen to her.

Shivaay was sleeping because of effect of injection and medicines.

A girl in a yellow kurta comes running to oberoi family, she stops at a distance, her eyes are filled with tears, she calls out ‘dadi’ everyone turn to look at her, she goes running to dadi and hugs her. Dadi reciprocates the hug and caresses her hair.

Dadi- prinku stop crying beta.
Yes, it is prinku. She had just come back from her college camp.

Tej comes near her and she hugs him too.

Tej- prinku pls don’t cry ur shivaay bhaiyya will not want to see his strong sister cry like this right?

Prinku nods her head. She goes to omru

Prinku- om bhaiyya how did all this happen?
Om- we ourselves do not know exactly what happened prinku.
Shakti- yes beta. Few hours after u left for ur camp, shivaay went to drop anika and sahil to their home and then half an hour later we got call from sahil saying that they met with accident and we came here. We found shivaay’s car crashed near a tree. Even sahil does not how and what happened because he was sleeping.
Jhanvi- shivaay got pricked by glass pieces, but now he is fine and doctor said he needs complete rest and he should not take any stress.
Prinku- and anika. What about anika?

Everyone get mum but pinky speaks up.

Pinky- prinku beta, anika is still unconscious and doctor saids that her head got injureds and if she doesn’t wake up in next 2 hrs, we might lose her…….

Prinku gets shocked and tears roll down her cheek like a stream and rudra consoles her.

As the time passes by oberoi members get more worried cause anika is still unconscious and their fear of losing her increases. Half an hour passes by.

Shivaay gets up and sees prinku sitting near him lost in deep thought and her eyes are wet and her face was looking like she had been crying since long.

Shivaay- prinku! When did u come (he says by trying to sit)
Prinku comes back to senses and helps him sit.
Prinku- about half an hour back bhaiyya (in a very low and sad voice)
Shivaay- why r u so sad and look at ur face, why were u crying? See I am fine and I am talking with u too. U r my prinku pehelwan and what does anika call u? ummmmmm………… yeah sweet and strong.

Prinku gets more sad on listening anika’s name and she goes out of ward making an excuse that she will tell dadi that shvaay woke up.

Prinku goes out and after a few seconds dadi and omru come in.

Shivaay through the window could see other members sitting or waling around worried.

He saw prinku going into a ward.

Shivaay- om whose ward is that?

Om looks to where shivaay was pointing, and in a disappointed and sad tone and answers ‘Anika’s’

Shivaay wanted to go there and have a glimpse of her. But he couldn’t.

Shivaay- how is she?

That question was heard by omru and dadi but they pretended that they did not listen and were busy in something or the other. Shivaay felt weird as this had not happened before.

Then he saw prinku coming out of anika’s ward with a very sad face. Pinky got up with hope on her face and went near prinku, but prinku nodded signing a no and started crying and pinky consoled her.

This scene left shivaay confused.

Shivaay (thinking)- what just happened?! Why is prinku crying so badly and why is everyone so worried? Why is no one wanting to answer me about anika? Why? Why? Why? Is anika in trouble what happened to her? I just need to know.

Shivaay was in deep thought for the next few minutes and kept on trying to know about anika but kept on failing.

Dadi and omru were in his room to attend to him.

Shivaay- om rudra dadi, why are u all avoiding my questions? Do u think that I do not understand anything? I know there is something wrong and I want to know it.
Dadi- billu why r u stressing urself so much u rest na. if there is something tej, Shakti and omru will handle it.
Shivaay- dadi pls, I have been hearing this dialogue from a long time and I cant see u all like this what is wrong? I need to know cause it is about anika.

Dadi and omru look at him shocked

Shivaay- I know it is about anika, I can make out infact anyone can make out. Prinku was crying badly when she came out of anika’s ward, everyone is looking so tensed and worried and every now and then u r looking at the watch. What is wrong? This is making me mad now!!!!

He just could not take take it anymore and started breathing heavily and started coughing.

Omru and dadi were worried and shocked seeing shivaay in such a condition. Om got the doctor after sometime shivaay was fine.

Doctor- I told he is not supposed to take any kind of stress and pls answer to his questions. We cannot take risk.

Doctor leaves.

Shivaay- om rudra I really want to know how is anika. Today I agree rudra that anika is an angel sent for me. She always protects me from every harm.

Omru and dadi look on

Shivaay- it was dark and no street lights were on…………………………………

*Flashback starts*
(shivaay’s point of view)
Anika and I wre looking into each others eyes and suddenly from no where a truck comes in front honking. The honking brought me back to senses.

I looked in the front and my eyes widened as I saw the truck coming towards us, I turned the steering wheel to avoid dashing into it. The car moved towards the left and I puts my leg on the breaks and pushed it down but it did not work. I realises that the breaks of his car were not working. I looked at anika and the expression on her face told me that she too understood that there was a break fail.

I tried to control the car and kept on pushing the breaks in the hope that it might work but it did not. We were heading to a tree at a very high speed and I could not do anything. I could see anika struggling with the seat belt and she told me the seatbelts were of no use because they were lose and will not stop us from hitting the front. This worsened my fear. There was just a little distance between the car and tree when I felt anika’s hand infront of me as if her hand was a seatbelt and she held it stiff.

We hit the tree very hard, and anika could not balance herself as she was trying to hold me back and she moved forward hitting her head to the front and then the glasses broke and everything was blank. I do not remember anything else, I had just heard a scream from anika before I fell unconscious there.

*Flashback ends*

Dadi looks at shivaay with her hand over her mouth in a shocked state.

Shivaay- dadi if she was not there then I would have probably lost my face due to the glass, she did not let me move forward, she held her hand stiff across me and in that process she fell forward and I don’t know how she is, what is her condition?

Shivaay’s eyes are filled with tears and so is omru’s and dadi’s

Dadi could not take it and moved out of the room.

Shivaay looks upto om

Shivaay- Anika is the reason that I am here in front of u safe without much hurt. She has again saved my life like always, I need to know her condition pls om tell me how is she

omru look at him teary eyed.

Om- rudra tell him………pls

Rudra goes near shivaay

Rudra- bhaiyya anika didi is still unconscious, she did not open her eyes even once.

Shivaay’s eyes widened

Rudra (continues)-bhaiyya, after operation doctor had told us that if she does not get conscious in next 12 hrs……. we might lose her and now there is only about 15 or 20 minutes left.

Rudra breaks down and om goes to console him but he too is crying.

Shivaay is left there with a shock, he is still as a rock.

Omru look at him and then at each other they give him jerk.

Shivaay looks up to them with his eyes filled with tears and he is trying to control them

Shivaay – I want to see anika.

Om and rudra look at each other

Rudra- but bhaiyya………
Shivaay- I said I want to see anika right now! (with little louder voice)

Om signs rudra and they help shivaay stand and take him out slowly. Everyone out look at the trio and their wet faces (as they were sad and crying) gave confused expression.

Rudra- bhaiyya wants to see anika didi…………right now.

Prinku opens the door for them. Shivaay goes in with om on his left and rudra on his right.

Just then anika’s fingers move but no one notice this.

Tears roll down shivaay’s cheek he could not control anymore. He went near anika and sat near her, he started to have a weird kind of pain inside him, not because his body ached but because his heart ached to see his anika in such a state.

She had her head covered with bandage, her hands to were bandaged and her right hand was wrapped in plaster and shivaay understood that she had a fracture because she was trying to hold him back with her right hand.

Shivaay slowly moves his hand and keeps it on her forehead and caresses it.

Anika felt the rough hand cause it was bandaged (shivaay’s hand was bandaged as it was pricked by glass pieces)

There was a movement in her eyes and shivaay saw that.

Slowly she moved her fingers, which were noticed by omru, happiness knew no bounds in them.

Anika slightly opened her eyes but shut the suddenly because of the sudden day light that reached her eyes.

Rudra ran out and told everyone, all the oberoi members were very happy and tears rolled down their cheeks but happy ones. They entered the ward and saw anika awake. Shivaay was sitting next to her. His left hand on her forehead.

The doctor too entered and asked them to wait outside. Omru helped shivaay back to his ward, but shivaay walked hesitantly as he did not want to leave anika’s side.

Shivaay was made to sit on his bed and have his medicines.

Doctor came out of anika’s ward and everyone rushed to him. Shivaay saw this from his ward window and wanted to go there but om stopped him as he had already taken too much stress. Omru go to the doctor to know about anika’s condition.

Outside the doctor was talking to oberoi members about anika’s health

Doctor- I had lost all hope on her, but thank god that she is conscious now. She is very weak and needs complete bed rest for next two weeks and any kind of movement of her hands is not allowed for the next 3 weeks. So I guess she needs to be here in the hospital for next two weeks and then she can be discharged.

Pinky- oh my mata! Our anika will be fine now.

All the faces are happy except shivaay because he could not hear anything what the doctor said and he was restless to find out.

Precap- shivaay tries to get down from his bed to go somewhere but rudra enters with prinku and stops him. Rudra sees him. He makes shivaay sit on his bed and says ‘bhaiyya where r u going u r not supposed to go anywhere out’. Shivaay replies saying ‘hey! I am fine now and I am getting discharged today right?’. Prinku says ‘so, will u come home in this hospital dress or will u change? Pls bhaiyya go and change you and rudra bhaiyya have to reach home’. Shivaay asks ‘anika is not coming?’. Rudra says ‘anika did will get discharged after 13 days’. Shivaay gives a blank look.???

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