Shivika OS Turning Point Ft. Priveer

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I don’t know how this came up. Its a short OS. I’m not totally satisfied with way it has become, but I crave for something similar on the show. Please give your reviews!!

The Oberoi family stood in shock as Priyanka entered with Ranveer. Both in wedding attire.Priyanka’s red rimmed eyes gave out no specific emotion.

R: Mr Shivaay Singh Oberoi, meet my wife Mrs Priyanka Singh Randhawa.

Ranveer’s voice thundered through the eerie silence that had engulfed the mansion.

Shivaay felt like he was slapped.

Tej just lashed at Jhanvi before breaking out of the house, Pinky trying to console her took her inside. Rudra stood numb as Saumya interlaced her fingers with his.Shakti accompanied asobbing Dadi to her room.

R: No one, will even tell your brother in law to take a seat, bad manners!!

Omkara looked into Priyanka’s eyes, he had got his answer.

He just tilted his head back to to take a look at a fuming Shivaay beside a concerned Anika. Passing a dry smile he turned to the newly wedded couple.

Seeing the look in Om’s eyes Randhawa confessed..

R: You are thinking right Mr. Artist I had forced Priyanka into this marriage, it was not her choice!!

Anika noticed the pain & hurt in Shivaay’s eyes change into full fledged rage, his eyes went grey ,thecolour it had turned when she had slapped him just before the wedding,he rushed towards the ACP and held him by his collars.

S: How dare you do this to my sister?

R: Its nothing compared to what she did to my sister!

Ranveer’s face mirrored the same intensity of Shivaay’s anger.


Shivaay had given Ranveer a tight slap, before he gave another, Priyanka held his hand. Ranveer was fuming!

P: Bhaiya!

S: Prinku..stay out of this!

P: Why? Why should I.. this is my matter!

Priyanka’s confident scream startled everyone present there.

P: Bhaiya you don’t have any right to slap him, yes he did wrong and I hate him for that. But I did wrong too. I comitted his sister’s accident. But instead of reporting it I chose to hide, I even forced Om bhaiya to hide it, he was forced into drugs and depression due to this guilt. Ranveer’s sister had been in coma since two years, because of me, just because of me!!

Rudra noticed that Priyanka hadn’t faltered even once during the entire statement. Shivaay painfully looked at him Om who chose to stare at the floor.

P: ‘Mujhe nahi pata ki halat bura hai ya insaan’, but its my problem and I’m going to handle it. I’m going to this jail!

S: But Prinku..

P: Kya Bhaiya..You did same thing with Anika, for no reason at all! She still stands behind you in your adversity..she forgave you..she forgave you!!

Priyanka taunted spitting fire.

R: What.. isn’t he married to Tia?

P: No, she was kidnapped and he forcefully married Anika, by blackmailing her that he will kill her baby brother!!

R: Hare wah Priyanka, your family is great!

Priyanka gave him a weary smile.

P: Bhaiya do you remember what you said when Dadi asked how you will feel, if someone does the same thing to me as you did to Anika, see now bhaiya…Karma pays!!!! being an Oberoi doesn’t count. It never did!


I stepped back, I had to be happy how strong Prinku had become. How well she had put across her thoughts. But I couldn’t, each of them had cut me deeply and it bled. As Ranveer pulled Priyanka rashly with him and Om hurried behind them, I remembered how Anika had broken down in my arms. I remembered each and every time I had wronged her, from start. I remembered my own words’ “meri behen ka saath aisa kuch hone se pehle mein poora duniya jaladunga” . But now I can’t even pull out Prinku from this misery. I never knew what had pushed Om into drugs, I had assumed various other reasons to it. I didn’t know I didn’t see. I was just a failure as a brother, as a husband?

I thought, inspite of getting to know about Anika’s innocence I hadn’t even apologised well. I had hurt her again knowingly or unknowingly. I felt a sharp pain build up in my chest, I lost my balance and fell heavily on the ground. I felt suffocated with all this new found knowledge.

As my vision blurred and I slipped into unconsciousness I saw her face streaked with tears holding my head against her shoulder.

A: Shivaay..aap tik tho hai na?

I smiled at her through my tears. I wanted to live to ask her for forgiveness but I wanted to die because I knew I’ll never be able forgive myself.

2 months later

Anika PoV

Shivaay’s health was still my reason of worry. Doctors had advised me to keep him happy and stress free. The family was trying really had to accomplish this task. But he was still on his guilt trip he felt responsible for every wrong thing that had happened with each one of us.

Ranveer’s sister was provided with the best treatment that the Oberois could afford, and she was recovering at a fast rate. Priyanka had become bold and even their relationship has evolved, and is in a decent phase. Shivaay is kind of civil with Ranveer, but he still hasn’t mentally accepted that event till now.

I really do miss his ‘taadi’ he behaves kind of normally during the day but during the night he still gets violent nightmares. His doctor had told me, that he fears of losing me. Like me abandoning him or something terrible happening with me kind, and the fear was deeply rooted in his subconscious mind.

His heart condition was just satisfactory, thanks to OmRu & Soumya they would somehow make him have his medicines and food.His behaviour to me is kind of divine, he considers me like glass, as I’ll break or something. He is always so gentle. He never fights with me and always agrees with me however hard I try to pick up a silly fight!

Huh! I really miss my bhaggad billa sree sree mahaan tadibaaz singh oberoi!

Presently I’m staring at my beegi billu sitting engrossed with my sautan. He is not even interested in giving me some blush lessons.

A: Billuji, take your medicines and go to sleep.

S: I had them, there is important work, I’ll lie down in a few minutes.

A: Its already very late, just sleep now

S: Anika I told you!!

He wasn’t shouting or anything, but was a little louder than usual. I was surprised when a thin layer of tears formed in my eyes. Shit! This man has spoiled me!! I turned away and started folding the clothes on the bed. He got up and stood behind me.

S: I’m sorry Anika, I didn’t mean to..Its just work.

I knew, that he’ll go on doing this now..

A: Shiv its fine, just come lie are not supposed to take this much stress.

S: Hmm..Anika, I won’t sleep now even if I lie down.

Shivaay POV

I was having a terrible headache and was also feeling uneasy I didn’t want to frighten Anika, so I was keeping quiet.

Anika PoV

His forehead was pink in colour, he might be having an headache. Imade him sit and gently massaged his forehead. After few minutes I noticed that he had fallen asleep. I gently transferred him to a pillow.

Shivaay PoV

I woke up as the sun shone through our white lace curtains. Anika looked her best in white!She was still sleeping over me, I kissed on her forehead and she cuddled closer. I never wanted this feeling to go away. I had committed so many sins and she has suffered a lot too. Now on, she’ll never be alone I’ll always be on her side, I had promised so. But somehow it felt the other way around. It was she who took away my loneliness, my deep ridden fears, shared my burdens, took care of me. I didn’t deserve her.But she was my turning point, and I wanted to be on this road forever!

Guys I still don’t know If this is worth. But this concept was ‘ghantiya bajing’ for a long time in my head. Do share your comments including chamelis & chandinis!!

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