Shivika Os ||Momentous Change|| (Alternate Universe)

Momentous Change

Rukh Jindagee Ne Mod Liya Kaisa

Hamne Socha Nahee Tha Kabhee Aisa [x2]

Aata Nahee Yakin, Kya Se Kya Ho Gaya

Kis Tarah Mai Tum se Bewafa Ho Gaya

Insaaf Kar Do, Mujhe Maaf Kar Do, Itna Hee Kar Do Karam

Dil De Diya Hai Jan Tumhe Denge, Daga Nahee Karenge Sanam

O.. rab di kasam yaara rab di kasam Dil de diya hai jaan tumhe denge, Daga Nahi Karenge Saman O, Dil De Diya Hai Jaan Tumhe Denge, Daga Nahi Karenge Sanam.

Annika looked at the city ahead of her, the city who took everything from her, she smiled sadly as she sat with patience waiting for the car to take her to her destination. She opened the car’s door and came out with a bunch of white flowers, her legs involuntarily taking her towards the place where she wanted to go. with each step towards it, her legs felt like jelly, her throat choked as it become difficult for her to breath, the back of her eyes burned as she saw the small grave in the Oberoi’s semetary, placing the flowers on it she stayed there for sometime, silent tear slide down her cheeks as she thought about her cruel faith.

Crying bitterly she didn’t realized something slipping from her hands.


Rudra sat in one of the chairs, his mobile close to his ears as he tapped his feet on the floor nervously, he was continuosly thinking of the posibilities that what would happen when his elder brother as well his soon to be ex sister in law will come face to face after one year and a half of seperation? it will surely be a tsunami to a particular extend.

“where are you brother?” he asked the minute the call was recieved,”why is your Mobile not recieving calls?” but was surprised to listen someone else voice most probably, his brother presonal secretary who informed him that his brother had went out and on inquiring where he went he was told that he didn’t said anything and went away making him wondered weather he had forgot about the meeting for which he was this much worried?

“Okay ping me when he’ll return to the office”

The minute he kept his mobile, Om entered the cabin through the glass door, his facial expression showing that he was too dissapointed just the way he was with the two persons whom he thought were one of the most sensible creatures he ever know. “Let’s go, she’s here” Omkara called out and with a curt nod rudra exist his cabin with two swift strides and was inside the elevator, tapping the 35th floor of this Oberoi enterprises.

“Bhabhi?” Rudra whispered the minute he opened the door to the room where annika was waiting for them to see Gauri sitting beside her with a cup of tea having a hearty talk with Annika who was in a black blazer and pants with white crisp T shirt. Her black tresses falling carelessly till her waist while her charm bracelet making a twinkling sound at times she took a sip of her ginger tea.

She seemed to be thin and pale, the colour of her olive skin look dark and the glow with which she made everyone’s day was lost somehwere behind the sadness which surrounds her life. her sparkling cocoa orbs was dull and empty, the enthusiams which it contain earlier was not at seen else a hollow sphere replaced it. Her smile was not at all reaching her eyes, or it should be better to say that she was trying hard to smile but she was failing miserably in it.

Om stood just beside him, seeing his wife talking like this what seems like after ages, the corner of his lips arched up in a small admiring smile. Om kept his hand over his younger brother making him come out of his stance as they entered the room with slow baby steps.

“I missed you so much Gauri” Annika said as she gripped her hands tightly making gauri smile at her with tears in her eyes, “me too B–”

“What about me?” Rudra cut in between making annika glance behind her with a surprised look and immediately sprang onto her toes to take his loving brother in her embrace as Rudra hugged her tight squeezing the hell out of her but she didn’t mind it at all because she know how much he had missed her.

“How can I not miss my baby?” she replied cheerfully trying her best to make the environment as normal as she can, “I missed you like anything, was just waiting for the moment when I can catch up with you” she said as she came out of the embrace caressing his subtle with a motherly care.

“Yeah, I can see how much eager you were to meet me that you came after this long”he pouted making annika say a word of opology.

Om cleared his throat and annika smiled as she took him in for a hug, “How are you annika?” he asked with a small smile “I am fine” and she wondered how well these three words hide her vulnerability but little did she know that each of these person present there knows the hidden meaning behind those three simple words.

They all settled about and talked about their life, Annika was immensely impressed by Rudra, he had really taken over the Oberoi Bussiness to heights in just a few months and surely looked like a mature man enough to handle all this if no one is there maybe the circumstances had led him to be like this and Shivaay’s melonchaly behaviour was making no difference either.

“excuse me” Rudra moved to the other corner to try his luck one last time, “Hello Bh—”

“I’m on my way” the voice was as if some robot was saying it and then the line went dead, he gazed at his mobile screen which flashed the smiling face of his brother and he wondered from how long he havn’t smiled like this? sighing for not able to remember any recents dates he joined the conversation.

“Annika, would you try to understand If I’ll tell you something?” Om asked in between making annika look at him expectantly, she knew what he wanted to say, “If it is about your brother, I don’t think t will be of any use because I’m done with him” she replied making clear that she doesn’t wanted to listen anyone, “But once try to listen it” gauri encouraged making her sigh, she nodded.

“Annika please don’t make such decision so early, you know such decision are always made to be regret, You don’t know from which difficulty Shivaay had gone throught all this time–”

“Than what about me Om? Do you think after what he did to me I can’t take this step?” her eeys flooded with tears.

Om shaked his head negatively,”Yes you have all the right to do whatever you want, we all are not against you but once listen to what he wanted to tell you, don’t just let it go”


“I know that you will do whatever is right” Rudra cut in between “because my superwomen can never dissapoint me”, everyone nodded while Annika just smield sadly unsure of what to say or do but soon Gauri asked about her life in Los Angeles amd she was glad that this happened.

“Yeah, Los Angeles is really a good place, you all should come there to me—” her words died dead inside her throat instead a gasp escaped her mouth followed by the others as they saw Shivaay making his way inside the door, the colour draining out off her face as soon as she saw him drenched in water from head to toe, his black trousers from his knee to the ankle had changed into the colour of brown due to the mud smerged on it.

“Shivaay what happened?” Om asked followed by rudra and gauri but annika just stayed like that, she didn’t uttered a word but just keep staring at him, the moment he looked at her she was too fast to divert her attension towards the window where rain drops were striking it and making her realize that it was raining pretty fast, she moved towards it continue to gaze out while Shivaay just shrugged off his shoulder, ‘I don’t think knowing about what happen to me will be of any use” it was more then a whisper but annika took a deep Inhale, the words seeps deep inside her heart like a sword and she was left breathless.

She was so caught up by her thoughts that she didn’t realize that now she was alone with him in the confined wall of this big cabin.

Shivaay stood near the door like a statue, he really don’t know what should he do? seeing her after a year, the various emotions which he had thought had died in him the day she left was slowly emerging out from the hard wall which surrounds his heart but what was the use of all this when there will be no one to reciprocate them including her?

maybe god had given him a chance to let go off the weight from above his heart today, maybe the guilt which had consumed his whole soul will find a way to come out today, maybe the anger which was running in his veins like flames will be going to erupt today, maybe the longing which had crashed his heart into pieces is going to be mend today, maybe whatever he had lost because of his deed will be back to him today. MAYBE – the word itself made him hopelessly weak but Shivaay Singh Oberoi never loose hope.

Taking a step forward, he neared her while this small distance started to become miles away with each cautious step, the wet mud painting the pristine white marble like the way it painted his fate.

When he was just a few meters away from her, annika turned, her face trying to keep the mask of nonchalance for the best but today it seems to be getting worst and worst. Why she always become weak infront of him? He was the one who destroyed her life, he was the one who took away her eigth months Baby, he was the one who took her right to become a mother, everything that happened that night seems to flood her mind like a rewind and it seems it just happened yesterday and the pain, the disgust she had for this man (whom she loved the most and still does) is freshly inscribed on her soul even after all these months.

The back of her eyes was burning but she never let it flow, she can’t allow herself to breakdown in front of this man who never tried to listen to her pleas.

“Have a seat Anni” Shivaay whispered, his eyes red as blood, water dripping down his head, making it way inside his waist coat and then mixing with the other droplers to make it way to the ground.

“Annika” she corrected him making him take a deep breath, “please sit down, we need to talk”

“There’s nothing to talk about Mr.Oberoi” annika fired back, “neither that day and nor today, I assume” her voice was calm and cold as if trying to make him understand that now there’s no use of anything of such sh*ts.

“Anni, I mean Annika, please don’t do this to us–” he had covered the small distance which was in between them and got hold of her shoulder, pleading her with his helpless eyes but now his touch was even making her feel disgusted it’s like nails had been pierced in her smooth skin, removing his hand from above her skin she moved a step backward, trying to make a gap in between them as shivaay stood petrified.

“there was never ‘us’ Mr.Oberoi, it was always you” annika screamed, the emotions choking her up, “that day too, you never asked me what I wanted, no never even thought to tell me this, You freaking destroyed my life Shivaay, you destroyed me and now you are saying, I shouldn’t do this to us?” Tears flow off her eyes like blood, all the accusations all the anger which was bubbling up her soul like cold blood was finding it’s way through her, sliding down on the cold floor, she let her vulnerability to showcase.

“Annika” Shivaay was alert, taking a step forward to hold her but annika’s extending palm stopped him on his tracks, “And now I wanted to be free from this strangulated relationship, the mere thought of it makes me feel like a looser” she said with a affirmed tone standing up on her feet as she rubbed off the angry tears but Shivaay was not yet finished, he can’t let this happen not before Annika listen to what he wanted to say.

Now fully determined by it Shivaay grabbed her arms in a tight grip and made her sit on the chair, “We are not yet done annika” she tried to stood up, tried to push him, punch him but he didn’t moved an inch, the intensity of his dull blue eyes made her feel feverish, she was not here to listen to whatever he wanted to tell else was here to sign the divorce papers and become free from this relationship which never worked.

“Annika, please just for once” he once again pleaded, the helplessness in his voice shows how much desperate he was “loosing my baby, I can’t loose you too” and annika stilled, she doesn’t know what was going on, the mere mention of their baby made her heart rip apart in the most cruel way possible, grabbing his white drenched T shirt she squeezed it tight, letting his muddy trousers to slash against the icy floor Shivaay sat in front of her on his knees as she cried, for the first time she cried like this, “you shouldn’t have done that shivaay” she whispered inbetween her sob, “you destroyed our life”

Holding his Collar she shook him, The pain taking it’s way to anger, “we were so happy, everyone was happy” She continued, her hands now pulling him closer, “We both were going to be parents then why you did this? Why you killed your own baby?” The words seep deep in his broken heart, he was surely the murdered of his own child, his own blood and for this he will never be able to forgive himself, no never ever.

“Answer me Damn it!” She yelled, her eyes still in the same condition, her hand wounded around his collar, her face just a few inches away from him, but shivaay had his head hung down, he wasn’t able to meet her accusing eyes which held hatred and anger for him, he was at fault but can’t be a person be selfish? For once in his life? he wanted to be selfish and when he really did his life was left shattered and dark.

“Shivaay!” She whispered, ” you wanted to have a talk then now what happen? Why aren’t you saying anything? Speak up for heaven’s sake, I want to know why you did this? Weren’t you happy that you were going to become a father or you don’t wanted a girl like me to be the mother of your child? Was I so worthless?”

Shivaay looked up, anger igniting in them like flame, “don’t you dare say that again” he whispered dangerously as if warning her. “Then tell me the blo*dy reason why you did this?” She asked with questioning eyes.

“Because I don’t wanted to loose you damn it!!” he screamed, the thing which he had kept deep inside his heart now came out, removing her hands from his Collar he held her hair in a tight grip from behind, pulling her closer “you ran away from the hospital without letting me know anything, do you have any idea how madly I looked for you each day each night? You never gave me any chance to explain”

“There was no way any explaination to what you did” she breathe close to his face, “there was, saving you was the only option left for me, I can live without anyone but not you, the doctors informed me that you were having complications in your pregnancy and if delivery happened then your life would be at risk” he left her hair and drag it towards her cheeks, “and I choose not to risk your life, was this any sin? saving someone you love is a sin Annika? Tell me?” He said as the emotions choked him up atlast, “I would have been the happiest person to know that I was going to become a father but if it comes in between your life, I don’t want such happiness, I just wanted you”

Annika felt the ground beneath her slip, she just wanted it to open wide and gulp her up, what the hell she did? She punished him, she distanced herself from him for for god knows how long just because he wanted to save her life, how stupid of you annika that you never waited for him to say anything and flew away? How stupid of you that you let him live in this loneliness alone?

He was now sitting on the floor with his face dipped on her lap as he cried, involuntarily her fingers wounded in his wet hair and she tried to sush him, “Shivaay please stop crying”

“Please don’t leave me again Annika, I can’t live without you anymore, you don’t know how much I need you” he whispered and annika made him look in her eyes, “I too can’t live without you Shivaay, I’m sorry that I never let you speak to me again, I’m Sorry” she whispered as she cried, he nodded negatively, holding her cheeks yet once again, ” you don’t need to be sorry annika, it was the circumstances which led you to do that, but not now from here onwards, you are not going to leave me anymore anytime” he replied and kissed her forehead promising that they will now never be apart.

They remained like this, their forehead touching each other when shivaay dipped his hands in his trouser pockets and then held her hand, she looked confusingly at him and then to her hand but suddenly gasped, “How you got this?” she asked surprised looking at her finger to see the particular thing missing, Shivaay just shrugged off his shoulder, slided the solitary ring in her ring finger and kissed her palm tenderly. She smiled and looked at the ring thinking where she lost it and then something strike her mind and she was left weeping.

“were you were there?” she whispered, he lifted his tears flooded eyes and smiled, while she just took him in for a hug.

In her arms, the warmth was like water to his barren land, he needed this, he needed her and he only know how he had lived without her, it’s was more then torture and less then death while on the other hand she seemed to come alive, her lost soul finally found it’s way to it’s owner making her bloom like a flower just like in spring.

From the glass window on the other side everyone smiled because they knew that these two people’s will never dissapoint them ever.


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