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Hi peeps it’s dhar back with a os actually i wanted mahis character to end on a positive note so my os ‘s first half would be concentrating on mahi and his good heart as a human being. It will sound a little odd , but I’ll try to make it as realistic as possible.

Enjoy reading
This story starts from the moment when kamini started to insult prinku . At that moment mahi shouted.
Mahi: maa bas kijiye , teko malum hai Na ki agar koi kisi bhi ladki ki izzat par ungli uthai toh apun k dimaag ka gangaram hota hai . Tu janti hai Na ki apun kisi bhi ladki k saath kuch bhi galat hote nhi dekh sakta
Kamini signalled mahi to keep quiet.

But mahi being mahi didn’t stop.
Everyone came to know that the master mind behind all the drama was kamini
Her truth was out .
Shivaay and the family members started to insult kamini

Kamini couldn’t accept the defeat so easily so she started shouting on mahi.
Kamini : mahiiii , ye saara problem tumhare wajah se hua hai. Agar tum beech meh nhi aata toh Mai kabh ka iss priyanka ki pregnancy k baare meh sabko bata deti aur yeh sabh nhi hota . Magar nhi tujhe toh iski izzat ki itni padhi hai jaise yeh Teri apni behen ho. mAgar tujhe toh ek aacha Bhai banne ka bhoot chadha tha. Sabh Teri wajah se hua hai bas Teri wajah se .

Meanwhile​ shivaay had already called the cops. Like every Hindi film the cops came at the last moment and arrested kamini. They were going to arrest mahi , but shivaay decided to leave him as he was just manipulated by his mother to do everything. It was not his fault.
Everyone thought that it was right to give him a chance to be better and do something in life .
Shivaay , omkara and rudra thanked mahi for saving their sisters image in front of everyone.
Though of mahi had not interfered shivaay would have handled it butwhen they didn’t know anything about the plotting, the news could break their prinku completely
Shivaay : par tumne hamari prinku k liye Jo bhi kiya uske liye thank you very much.
Mahi : arey Mr . Kanji aankh woh apun tho sirf kisi bhi ladki ki izzat ki gangaram hote hue nhi dekh sakta isi liye apun ne yeh sabh kiya , vaise bhi apun jabh SSO bana tha na toh apun ko Inn logo be itna pyaar diya Jo apun ko apni akkhe jindagi meh nhi Mila , kyuke apun toh kisiki najayaaz aulaad hai Na.

Thin layers of water could be seen in mahi’ s eyes . They could witness his pain ,but anika could relate to it .
Anika : mahi ji aap itne aache insaan ho toh phir kyu aise bure kaam karke apni life ka voh aap kya kehte ho …….. Ha gangaram , wahi kyu kar rhe ho.
Mahi : anika ji apun aisa nhi hai , magar apun apni mas k liye kuch bhi kar sakta hai .

Aur apun aapse maafi mangta hai kyuki apun ne us din nhi nhi raat ko jab aap ko kamre se bhar nikala that toh aapki feelings ki gangaram ha gyi thi .
Mahi and anika continued with their talks using their different different words which normal people couldn’t relate to . Shivaay was staring at both of them and trying to make out some meaning of their silly talks . And above all he was feeling very jealous of mahi as his anika was talking to that mahi in a very sweet manner.

He couldn’t bear it .He started fuming.
Omru noticed it and how could they leave this amazing​chance to tease him .
Rudra: o aapko kuch jalne ki badbooo aa Rhi hai
Om: dumbbell Tu sahi keh rha hai. Sach meh kuch jalne ki badbooo aa Rhi hai.
They looked at shivaay and gave a hifi to each other n received a glare from him .
Mahi was given another chance to live his life on his own terms and conditions.
He bid them Goodby n left to start a New life.
After mahi left , everyone dispersed in to their rooms thinking about the happenings.
Shivikas room

Anika was sitting near the pool side remisincing all the drama that happened below , she couldn’t overcome the fact that her shivaay was exchanged with another man , who looked like shivaay but he was not her shivaay. She always felt a strong connection, she had named it as love when he was battling with life and death with no help in front of her in that cottage.
But she couldn’t express it as she was afraid that he would reject it , and she was not in a state to handle any more heart breaks . She cursed her heart to be so weak in front of him .
Her thoughts were broken by the shivaay meter which started beeping loudly. Like shivaay had his anika meter, anika also had her shivaay meter. She turned only to find her husband staring at her lovingly, she saw love in his eyes but still she was afraid of the rejection.
She noticed a change in shivaays expression, it was not a loving one but a jealous one , she knew the reason and she wanted to make him more j so she went to him and started to praise mahi . Shivaay was asking her to stop , and burning with jealousy. She enjoyed seeing her over protective husband burning.

Shivaay s jealousy reached peaks and he shouted at her .
Shivaay : anika bas Karo , yeh kya mahi mahi laga rakha hai .
Anika: par aap kyu jal the ho , waise bhi aapko koi farak nhi padhta hai , Mai kuch bhi karu , Mai aapko kaun lagti hi Jo aap itna jal rhe ho…
Shivaay was very much angered and had been burnt completely in jealousy .

Shivaay : kisne bola mujhe farak nhi padhta hai mujhe bhot farak padhta hai jab tum kisi aur k paaas jati ho to , aur Mai kyu na jaluu tum meri ho , meri biwi ho , pyaar karta hi tumse , toh jalan nhi hogi kya bolooo . Aur khabhardaar agar ek air baar mahi bola toh sabki oh my Mata kar dunga…..

He said all this in one breath , he realised that he had confessed his love to anika . He wanted to see her reaction.
He lifted his head and saw the worst seen in front of him , anika was crying, tears were not stopping from her eyes, her billuji had confessed his love for her .
Shivaay moved to wards her n placed his hand on her cheek wiping her tears gently.
Shivaay : anika Maine kuch galat bol diya kya , tum jaanti ho na ki Mai tumhare aakho meh aasu nhi dekh sakta.
Anika : nhi shivaay apne kuch galat nhi kaha hai , bas mujhe yeh yaakin hi nhi ho rha hai ki koi mujhse itna pyaar kar sakta hai . Mujhe kabhi laga hi nhi tha ki koi mujhe itna pyaar karega .
Shivaay. : Anika I LOVE YOU and i cant live without u .
His eyes were waiting for her ans

She understood
She went near his ears and said SHIVAAY I LOVE U TOO and gave him a kiss on his cheek
Shivaay and anika had named their relationship.
Shivaay touched his cheek where his wife had given him his kiss , he stood there smiling cheekily like a seventeen yr old who received his first kiss , while anika blushed and ran towards their room .

Shivaay came in and saw a his beautiful wife sitting on the bed and blushing hard . He went towards her and gave her a tight hug that hug conveyed all their feelings towards each other . He slowly lifted her head up and caressed her lips , he wanted to capture them and taste those lusty lips of her , he couldn’t stop hi.self , he slowly captured them and started to dominate it , she felt a jolt of current flowing through her body as his lips met hers , she felt numb , she let him dominate her , he and she they both needed each other , they parted in need of oxygen. , Shivaay cursed this oxygen to come in between him and his wife .
He covered them with a duvet and the lights went off .

( I don’t know what happened inside the duvet , u can imagine it as u want???)
The next morning they woke up in each others embrace , they had completely surrendered themselves to each other shivaay became anikas completely and anika became shivaay s in each and every manner . The i and u became WE .

I hope u like this , all the chamelis and tomatoes are welcome with open heart , plzz drop it comments

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