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Hello everyone. Hope u all r fine. Guys sorry for not replying to ur comment it is because of slow net work. Thank you for ur great support. Each and every comment is valuable for me. I’m happy that in previous chapter I got more comments. I know I’m late to post this chapter, sorry for that.
There is change in precap.

Here goes next……….

Arnav: without knowing her u r going to marry her.
Shivaay: actually it is fake she is not my fiancé. Shivaay tell everything to arnav.
Arnav: so u r engaged to Tia.
Shivaay: but that engagement has no value.

Kushi: what? what u mean?
Shivaay: Tia and me r just friends. one day my dadi have heart attack she move to ICU. Then she ask me to marry a girl. Because whenever they tell about my marriage I was telling some reason and move from there. But that time I can’t tell anything. U know really emotional blackmailing. I agree to them but my dadi want me to engage me on that day. Dadi ask me to engage to Tia. On that day we got engaged but none of us is interested. Then after engagement I came to know it was the plan of my family. So I tell them I will not value this engagement. Tia has already a boyfriend but our family didn’t know about it. My mother told me if u find a girl then u don’t want value this and that too after my MBA. I don’t want spoil Tia’s life.
Kushi: why can’t you marry our ani
Then anika come crying to arnav and hug him.
Anika: bhaiyya…..

Arnav was very happy and reciprocate the hug.
Anika: I’m really sorry
Arnav: plz ani doesn’t be sorry. If I can’t understand u who will understand my lovely sister.
Arnav break the hug and wipe her tears.
Arnav: This was the great surprise for me ani. U came to wedding without any gift for me.
Anika go from there and everyone is shocked that she is leaving from there. Anika reached the house and took a photo frame and cover it with gift paper and returns to her brother and give the gift to him.
Arnav open it and see their childhood pic with their parents. A tear drop from his eyes. Anika wipe it.
Arnav: if our parents are also here?????
Anika: bhaiyya they were happy see us in heaven. Thank u shivaay for bringing me here.
Shivaay: I’m happy that because of me a sister and brother get together.
Everyone smile. Ishana and gauri come there.
Ishana: jiju how was u feeling.

Arnav: I can’t express my feeling. It is beyond words.
Gauri: It is happy time so let’s dance come everyone. She held everyone to the stage and plays the song “ab tho party shuru hui hai”
Everyone start to dance with full mood. Shivaay was dancing along with he see anika was laughing and dancing with full energetic.
Shivaay(in mind): How beautifully she dance and she looking very beautiful. Really that saree suit only for her. Anika come there shake him.
Anika: u r not in this world?

Shivaay smile and then both of them dance. Then song change to “ Phir bhi tumko chahunga” arnav and kushi, anika and shivaay dance in pairs and ishana and gauri took video and photos of them.(I don’t know to describe the romantic step)
After the song shivaay and anika move apart. The night was special for everyone. At the end of the party all guest gone only shivaay, anika, arnav, kushi, ishana, gauri are present there.
Arnav: so anika we will leave New York at 2:00 am flight.
Anika: but bhaiyaa why so jalti?
Kushi: Because there after tomorrow Ishana and gauri are suppose to be in Mumbai as they working under someone what’s their name I forgot.
Ishana: di wow… I also forgot

Anika: what u forgot ur boss name?
Guari: wow we two r working under two people but their name start same.
Ishana: yeah gauri is correct.
Anika: like Om and omkara hena shivaay
ISRI: yeah yes they two

Shivaay: what? u mean om singh oberoi and omkara singh oberoi.
Isri: yes
ishana: I’m under omkara he is good artist my field is also that.
Gauri: and me under om as he is the manger of oberoi industry as I’m interested in business field.
Anika, arnav, shivaay, start to laugh. But kushi ishana gauri having confusion.
Shivaay: they two r my brothers and they r …….

ISRI: They r??
Shivaay: nothing u will find that when u reached there.
Arnav: ani now we r leaving we will see u later. Take care of yourself.
Shivaay: don’t worry arnav I’’ll take care of her fully. Anika and shivaay look at each other. Then everyone leaves to their home.

This is the end of the part Hope u all like it. If u want I’ll post two chapters together tomorrow. Tell me if u want. Give me suggestion if have.

With love

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