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Kindly ignore mistakes………
Ragini and shivaay move to textile shop. Ragini ask to select some dress. Shivaay was so irritate so he select the dress which he doesn’t like. That time he got message from anika he open the message “ billuji I know u r angry with me. U know I don’t want to come with that cheapde nagini. So I told like that. I want to go alone with my billuji. Please don’t be angry and ha come to home early.” See this message shivaay was very happy and thought anika was right if this ragini is there I can’t speak openly to my anika it’s better to avoid ragini in evening. Shivaay was tired with ragini’s company she go to all shop this make shivaay angry but he control it. At 5:30pm shivaay and ragini come home. At that time anika was eating nuts and watching television. Seeing shivaay’s face anika understand shivaay was to kill ragini.
Anika: ragini how was the shopping?
Ragini: it was awesome u know I buy everything which was selected by shivaay. She start to show her dress.
Anika(in mind): ohh god I don’t like any of her dress and ha she told this all selected by shivaay. Is shivaay poor in selection. No he select me those dress which I like so much then what happen now. Leave this I have to do something to make his mood good.
Ragini: how is this amina?
Anika: nyc. I think u take some rest and ha ragini actually tonight I’ll not be here only come tomorrow because my friend call me for her b’day party.

Ragini(in mind): ohh thank god now me and shivaay alone here.
Shivaay(in mind): she told me we together go out but she say now she alone going oh god I can tolerate this nagini anymore. Then shivaay left to his room angry. Ragini move to her room.
Anika: ragini u don’t want to happy as we together going out. Saying this she move to kitchen and make some tea for 3 of them. Anika give one cup to ragini in her room. Then she came to shivaay room.
Anika: shivaay aap ka coffee.
Shivaay didn’t respond. Anika put the coffee in the table and come close to shivaay. Shivaay look at her.
Anika hug shivaay : I know u r angry with me for not coming with u.
Shivaay also hug her: I’m not angry with u for not coming with me but u told me we together going out evening.
Anika: yeah is any change in that?
Shivaay break the hug: but u told to ragini that u go alone….
Anika: shivaay we together going but u don’t want to tell her.
Shivaay: so we two will go… the way whose b’day party?
Anika: my friend I already told about u so we two can go for it.
Shivaay: but what will I say to ragini?
Anika: if she see u only na…
Shivaay: mathlab?

Anika: come with me she hold his hand and both of them move to ragini’s room. There ragini is sleeping.
Shivaay: what will if she wake up?
Anika: shivaay how many question u ask to me? okay she will not wake up today as I put sleeping pills in her coffee.
Shivaay: what????
Anika: now can u please go and get ready……
Shivaay: okay ……Anika start to leave but shivaay hold her hand make her to face shivaay.
Anika: what?
Shivaay come close to her and anika ask what r u doing. shivaay tell ur punishment. Anika tell what did I do? u make alone with that nagini said shivaay. Anika smile her smile turn to shock when he kiss on her lip. Anika push him and go to her room.

Shivaay POV
Oh god what I did. What will she think about me. How will I face her again. Anyways I’ll get ready and tell her sorry.
POV end.
Anika wear a red and golden lehenga with golden jewellery and having minimal makeup. She looking gorgeous. Shivaay wear sherwani which is red and white combination.
Shivaay: why anika give this dress to wear for today’s party. whatever I’m looking good. Anika laugh at his words.
Anika: hey r u doing praising urself…
Shivaay: I know I’m handsome. then he look at anika he was mesmerized by her beauty
Anika : come let’s go.
Shivaay: u look beautiful anika
Anika: I know
Shivaay: ohhhhh
Anika: waise u also look handsome.
Shivaay: really and come close to anika then he remember something and move back.

Anika smile at him and both of them leave.
Anika and shivaay get into the party but both of them don’t want to be there. So anika give excuse and they come out from the party.
Shivaay: so what will we do.
Anika: let’s walk
Shivaay: r u mad wearing this heavy dress u will walk.
Anika: come shivaay I’ve no problem.
They start to walk in this time anika didn’t tell anything
Shivaay: what happened anika why r u so silent? I’m sorry for that …..cut off by anika
Anika: what happen to me. I’m alright. By the way what u buy for me.
Shivaay: do u want see it.
Anika: wait come fast it is 11:55. She hold shivaay’s hand and both them come to a place it was dark.
Shivaay: why it is so dark anika
Anika: wait 3,2,1 light on. The place was beautifully decorate with balloons flower lights etc. In centre it is written that

Shivaay was surprised and was beyond happy.
Anika: Happy B’day shivaay and she hug him
Shivaay: Thank you so much anika. Do u remember my b’day………
Anika: hey how can I forgot my billuji ka b’day. Saying this anika come closer to shivaay. Shivaay get shocked by her move. Anika kiss on his lip. Shivaay was dumbstruck but after few second he respond to it. After sometimes they broke the kiss and anika rest on his chest.
Shivaay: anika u know this my best gift in my b’day.
Anika: there is some more surprise for u.
Shivaay: what’s that?
Anika: I’ll tell first you cut the cake.
Shivaay cut the cake and both of them feed each other.
Voice: u cut cake without us
Shivika turn and see omri and ishkara
Shivaay was beyond happiness go and hug om and omkara.
Shivaay: but how u come here.

Om: when we call u, u didn’t take the call so I call anika bhabhi so this was her plan. Shivaay look anika and both of them smile at each other. But rudra said shivaay.
Anika: yeah rudra come u don’t want to hide.
Omkara: are he is not …….cut off by rudra
Rudra: Happy b’day bhaiyya
Omri and ishkara get shocked: tum here but kaisa?
Shivaay: thank you. U didn’t come with them.
Anika: not only him sowmya also there where is she rudra?
sowmya: I’m here dii
Rudra: sowmya tum heya?
Shivaay: who is she?
Anika: stop everyone shivaay give the cake to everyone.
Shivaay give cake to everyone . There is one more surprise shivaay
Shivaay : what is it????????

PRECAP: What was anika’s next surprise for shivaay????

This is the end of the chapter. Hope u like it. Tell ur views on this. Thank you for great support. Ur comment make me encourage to write more so plz kingly leave the comment.

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    Dear Sumitha
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    Take Care And Stay Safe?

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