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Anika was dumbstruck by shivaay’s sudden proposal she thought it was her imagination but soon shivaay told “ anika my leg is paining tell ur answer soon. Anika smile at his words. Anika hold his hand and tell “ I’m waiting for this for long time shivaay. I’m double okay to become MRS. SHIVAAY SINGH OBEROI. Anika make shivaay stand she have tears in her eyes. Shivaay said I thought u will be happy hearing my proposal all sudden but u are crying. Anika smile and tell” These tears are of happiness shivaay” Shivaay hug her. But this time anika didn’t so shivaay broken the hug and look at anika. Shivaay ask r u not comfortable. Anika replied to him that I want to know one thing. Shivaay ask what? Anika innocently ask so u also love me from childhood? Shivaay put his hand on her shoulder and tell as u love me I also love u. Anika was shocked and ask how u know about it? When shivaay start to tell, door bell rang. Shivaay open the door and surprised to see the person. Person enter to the house and hug shivaay. Anika see this and thought who the hell is she to hug my shivaay. Shivaay see her face and understand that anika didn’t like it so he didn’t reciprocate the hug. The girl saw anika and ask to shivaay.

Girl: who is she?
Shivaay: She is my friend.
Anika(in mind): he is telling to everyone that I’m her fiancé but to this girl I’m just his friend.
Girl: hello myself RAGINI SINGH RAIZADA.
Anika was hell shocked and thought she make my chachu to hate me now shivaay no I’ll not……
Ragini: hello
Shivaay: Ragini she is amina. Anika look at shivaay.
Anika: hello saying this she move to her room.
Ragini: Shivaay why she didn’t tell anything.
Shivaay: because she is tried. Now u go and rest. He shows her room.

Anika in her room thinking about her past how ragini make her life to hell. Tears were coming out of her eyes. Now she is her to make misunderstanding with me and shivaay. I can’t afford the hatred of shivaay. She was crying silently and hug the pillow. She went to washroom and freshen up and go near the window of her room. Shivaay come to her room and see that she is very depressed and go near her and back hug her. Anika understand it was shivaay and maintain the silence. Shivaay ask r u anger with me.
Anika: why should I?
Shivaay make her to face him and tell “ anika u know one thing I love only one girl in my life and it will be still my last breath. Anika look at him little confused. Shivaay said “ hey budhu its only you” Anika happily hug shivaay and shivaay hug back.

Shivaay: Anika u know my love for u start in our childhood but I didn’t tell this to anyone because if I told this to my brothers they will start to tease me. Not only that in childhood I thought it was just infatuation but after u gone away from us I understand that I’m in love with u. So I search u everywhere but I didn’t get any information. Then my parent make me to study in delhi then after my degree I was there itself all this time I want to meet you but I don’t know where you are. I thought to ask my family but my mind didn’t allow me. Now u came back to my life. I’ll not leave u in any situation. Anika was very happy to hear his love confession. Then shivaay continue when I meet to in New York I didn’t understand u. When rudra identify u still I was in confusion because how they know u as they see u when they r child. But when arnav told that u are the sister of him I was shocked but I didn’t tell to him. But from him I get to know u love me from childhood but I thought now u didn’t love me so I act as friend to u. Then from ur expression and words I found u still love ur billu. Is it right paanika? Anika nod in yes. Anika ask how u know ragini? Shivaay told her not to be scare of her as now we will teach her the lesson. As I get to know she is the reason behind ur worst time I decided to make her realize the pain that u gone through. For that I make her my friend.

Anika: shivaay I’m sure she will make misunderstand among us and I can’t tolerate it.
Shivaay: u believe me?
Anika: more than me.
Shivaay: then now our game start shivika v/s ragini. Anika smile at him. Shivaay told her to sleep now as it was late night.
Anika: good night. Shivaay kiss on her cheek and go from the room, which make her mouth open shivaay turn and said close ur mouth otherwise files will enter. Suddenly she close the mouth and shivaay went to his room. Anika close the door and touch her cheek and smile. Then she also went to sleep.

PRECAP: omri rumya and ishkara in New York. Ragini to come close to shivaay and anika jealous on it.

This is the end of the chapter. Hope u like it. Kindly ignore the mistakes and please comment on it. I think there will be 4 more chapters. Support me till the end please.

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  1. Shabana

    The chapter is really very nice ? loved it mainly the confession part it was awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww ??
    And jealous Anika ?? but I don’t like that part of her if possible make jealous Shivaay ?? just my view Ur ff is really very nice

    1. Sam-99

      Hey thank u for ur suggestion surly I accept this one……thank you drr for ur great support…….

  2. Hkaur

    Sooooooooo sweeeet. I loved the confesion part just loved it. Pls post next one asap

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      Thank u so much drrr…..
      It means a lottt. …..
      I’ll try to post soon…..

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    It is nice one dear

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    Lovely… superb… loved it….

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    Superb update

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    Awwwwwwwwwwesome….. Eagerly waiting 4 nxt….

    1. Sam-99

      Thank u so much……
      It means a lot …….
      I’ll try to post soonnn……


    Dear Sumitha
    Ye Naagini Iss Main Bhi Aa Gayi??ShivIka Scene Is Cute??The Chapter Is Intersting?????

    Take Care And Stay Safe?

    1. Sam-99

      Thank u so much drrr…….i’ll do her omm…………

  9. Ankita27

    Amazing update… loved it…

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  10. Gayathri.visu

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