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Anika: No
Shivaay: why
Anika: because ur already engaged
Shivaay: apart from that
Anika: wow……let’s go I think they went away
Shivaay nod in positive. Both of them leave from theater. They went to the park anika was playing with that little girl. Shivaay was looking at her. The little girl come and ask to shivaay to come and play with them. All three of them play there. The little girl was very happy. Shivaay like that girl very much.
Shivaay: what’s ur name
Girl: pari

Pari: anika aunty, is this uncle is ur lover.
Shivaay and anika look at each other
Anika: pari…….cut off by shivaay
Shivaay: what do u think?
Pari: u look good couple. I think u two r lovers.
Shivaay(smile): Then u r right we r lovers.
Anika look at shivaay
Anika: shivaay what r u saying

Shivaay: pari now we r leaving meet u tomorrow.
Pari: byee
Shivika: bye….they left from the park
Anika: hey why r u lying to that little girl.
Shivaay: this is true.
Anika: what

Shivaay: u know all people think that we r engaged so….
Anika: shivaay what do u think is it good to go with this drama. I don’t want to see u in problem because of me.
shivaay: I’ll tell u everything but u have to wait. Now we can enjoying wondering in New York city.
They start to visit so many place. Shivaay make anika happy in each and every moment with him. Anika was happy but she want to know what was shivaay hiding from her.
In omri office

Gauri was going through the files. Om come to her cabin. She didn’t see her but om thought she is ignoring her.
Om: gauri
Gauri stand in her position : sir
Om: ohhhh don’t be act

Gauri: what?
Om: I came to ur cabin and u ignoring me.
Gauri: sorry sir, I didn’t see u.
Om: don’t lie. I hate lies.
Gauri: I telling truth
Om: there is waste of time talking to u.

Gauri: same here.
Om: I came here to tell that tomorrow we to be complete a project so u have to come my home as there is no office.
Gauri: but tomorrow is Sunday
Om: so what?

Gauri: nothing
Om: so be at 9:00am tomorrow at oberoi mansion. He leave from there.
Gauri imitate him and tell: be at 9:00 tomorrow. God he make my life to hell

In college
Rudra was talking to the girls then sowmya come there. That girls are the friends of sowmya. Rudra want to make friendship with sowmya but his ego doesn’t allow. Sowmya feel sad for telling like that so she get the idea.

Sowmya: rudra I will not tell sorry but can we became friends.
Rudra(mind): god what a idea!!!! and tell okay friends…both of them shake their hand.

Omkara get call that there is exhibition held in New York so he has to go there after 3 month. Omkara was very happy because he was going to exhibit his article. He go and tell this to everyone in his family. Everyone was happy that his career is staring in New York.
Next day in india both ishana and guari enter into the oberoi mansion and meet all family members except om and omkara. Then they turn to see om and omkara they wear same dress and the hair style is also same this make ishana and gauri screaming “ GHOST”……

At evening in New York shivika reached home. By that time tia call shivaay. Shivaay tell to anika that its tia’s call. So anika start to move to her room but shivaay hold her hand and said wait and take the call.
Tia: shivaay u know I’m the one who is very happy to know about ur engagement. Where is she I want see her who impressed the great shivaay singh oberoi.

Shivaay turns phone to anika but our anika was shocked so shivaay put his hand on her shoulder and tell meet my hone wala biwi anika shivaay singh oberoi. Anika was now hell shocked and look at shivaay. Shivaay was smiling which was not fake.
Tia: shivaay she is looking beautiful. U two look good couple shivika.
Shivaay: u know she is my childhood lover.
Anika don’t know what to tell she is in great confusion.
Tia: Anika why r shocked?
Anika: nothing

Tia: but shivaay then why u don’t tell about ur childhood lover to the family.
Shivaay: I’ll tell this to u after tell to anika.
Tia: what I didn’t get u?
Shivaay: tia I’ll call u later.

Tia: okay. Then both of them cut the call.
Anika: what all this shivaay.
Shivaay site in his knee and tell: I LOVE U ANIKA. WILL BE ANIKA SHIVAAY SINGH OBEROI???

This is the end of the part. Hope u like it. In next part there will be only shivika. please leave the comment its means a lot and thank you for ur valuable comments.

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