Shivika: Nafrat — Chapter 2

14 years later:

girl’s POV:

it was just a matter of a few more hours before I am officially 18.

as soon as I am 18, I am going to leave this place called hell.

well maybe it is not all hell. my gauri mama and somu mama are amazing. om papa and rudy papa always made sure I was not deprived of a father love. as much as om papa and rudy papa raised me as their own child along with their own kids, I can never forget my real papa who died because of two people. my so called mother and that homewrecker shivay singh oberoi.

my papa died of a car accident when I was 4 and I was shocked to see my mum move on so quickly after his death. but then I realised that even when my dad was alive, she already seem to move on from him.

that night when daksh died, I saw her mum crying in a very messy room. her bra, pants and clothes were on the floor and I could smell cologne. a cologne papa never used. my mum was only wearing a jumper and her hand was on her stomach which seemed quite big. Inoticed purple marks on her legs and neck.


soon I realised that she was having [email protected] with shivay singh oberoi and she was expecting a child with him. did I say child? I meant twins. as I grew older, I realised that my mum had an affair with shivay before my dad died.

I never liked shivay singh oberoi to begin with. once papa died, my hatred started. when I saw their marriage, my anger hit the roof.

papa, why did you leave me?

I hate you so much papa for leaving me.

but I still love you because you are the world’s best papa.

a while after my papa died, my grandparents came and that’s when the custody battle started. my fate was cursed and my custody ended up going to two murderers. but I remembered that the court clearly said that once I was 18, I could go wherever I liked and today is the day when I will break free from is just a matter of few hours.

anyway as I was saying, mrs pinky oberoi doesn’t love me at all since I am not her precious billu’s daughter but she loves my mum a lot and the children she conceived with mr oberoi. 6 years after the twins were born, my so called mother and mr oberoi decided to have another child leading to anshi.

I know this may be cruel saying this and you may think that the children of anika and shivay have nothing to do with my dad’s death but I just hate those children. because of the twins, I lost my dad.

I remember so much from those 14 years. I didn’t even know my mum was expecting till that day when she gave birth to them but even before the twins were born, I still hated her.

she was nine months and she just fell down the stairs when she started to scream in pain. a very tiny part of me felt bad for her but the rest of me was cold and bitter and I thought that she deserved it. she was rushed to hospital and after 5 hours of labour, the twins were born. the minute I saw those twins, my heart completely became stone.

I saw my mum walking towards me. she was wearing a heavy green sari with light makeup and her hair was all curled. she was wearing sindoor and her nuptial necklace. whenever I look at the sindoor and nuptial necklace, it reminds me that she never wore them when she was married to my dad. she never wore sarees unless a religious event when she was with my dad. she always wore short clothes. I don’t care how sanskari she tries to act but I will never forget her having an affair with mr oberoi.

she said to me: today you will be 18 and you will be free to leave here but think again. are you sure you want to leave? you are my daughter and I will feel empty without you.

I rolled my eyes. her emotional drama will never melt my stone heart.

me: keep this emotional drama to yourself. I have waited 14 years just so that I could leave this hell. and if I am your daughter, you should have thought about that before you decided to have an affair with mr oberoi and give yourself up to him.

I passed her with a disgusted look as I flipped my hair.

author’s note:

hi guys, look I have nothing against shivika. this is inspired by a show called tujhe hai raabta with my touch. I honestly have nothing against shivika and I don’t hate them at all. I just happen to be more of a rikara fan but I respect every fandom. and in this story, in the end everything will turn out fine.

as the story continues, you will slowly start to understand everything as soon shivika will give their side of the story and then once they give their side of the story, we will see how they will gain akshi’s love.

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    It is nice

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    Nice..So shivika has their side of story..Will be waiting for the next..

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    akshi’s pov was painful.she is waiting to leave oberoi house.will she go or will she be stopped from going? waiting to know what’s shivika’s side of story

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