Shivika love part 5

Shivika love part 5

Sooo hellloooooo once again…Thank youuuu so so much everyone.. Special thanks to vivikhta…U made my day with that comment..

So lets start..

Shivay is left thinking Anika Sahi to keh rhi Hai..Hmesha se maine yhi ejsaa dilaya Hai use ki mere liye Khoon khandan hi sab Hai

Anika was right..I always made her realise that family lineage and bloodline is everything for me

He thinks Can he really live without Anika..He thinks of all good moments spent with Anika…Anika and he laughing together..Their blush lessons..Anika almost dead inside the water chamber..Anikas trust in tias case..anikas shivika ansh moments..Anika saving Shivay from the bullet..Anikas confrontation..His uneasiness when Anika is not around..

Yes I am in love with her.. Shivay Singh Oberoi is in love…Sounds so awkward.. (shivay Singh Oberoi ko Pyaar ho Gya Hai..Sunne me hi kitna ajeeb Hai.. ) I will not her go now….Not at all..

Meanwhile Anika is sitting beside the pool area..

Anika pov

Shivay ko kaise btao maine apni Dil ki baat..Ki Mai nahi Jana chahti aap chod kr..Na Aaj na Kal..Kabhi bhi.. Lekin jab aap hi Mujhe apni biwi accept nahi Krna chahte…Maine sari zindigi apne Baal Butte pe jee Hai.. Kabhi Kisi ke ehsaan tale nahi jee hue..apne Pyaar ke Karan apni khuddari se kaise samjhota kru…Mujh pe Sahil ki bhi zimmedari Hai..Kal ko fir kuch ho Gya and shivay or mere beech kuch aisa hua ki Mai ye sochu ki Mujhe chle Jana Chahiye Tha..usse accha mujhe Abhi hi Jana Chahiye…

How should I tell you what’s in my heart I also don’t want to live in either today not tomorrow I don’t want to leave you ever but if you only don’t accept me as your wife and what can I do I have left my whole life my own without anybody is help without anybody’s sympathy just for the sake of my love I can’t sacrifice my self respect I have to take care of Sahil also if something happens tomorrow that I will have to leave shivay then I’ll regret my decision of staying so it’s better to leave…

Next day

Shivay gets a message seeing 100000 rs deposit in his account..He enquires and gets to know that Anika has deposited this account..He thinks to ask her

S Anika vo..

A Advance Mila Hai next event ka..

I got an advance for managing my next event

S Anika lekin Maine to pucha nahi

But I never asked..

A itna to jaan gyi hue Aapko..Ki pta chal jata aapke Mann me Kya Hai or aap Kya Kehna chahte hai..

Atleast I know you this much that I Know what is in your mind and what you want to say..

She walks past him

Shivay holds her hand from backwards..

Anika is amazed..Lifts her eyelashes and sees shivay Lovingly..

She looks at shivay holding her wrist and lifts her eyebrows asks asks about it..

Shivay awkwardly leaves her hand

S itna Sab samjh gyi ho to vo bhi samajh jao Jo Mai kehna chahta hue..

So please try to understand what I want to say..

A samjh hi to Gyi hue..Ab bas ammal Krna baaki Hai

I have understood..Just have to complete it now..

S anika..Tum galat samjh rhi ho..

You are misunderstanding me..

A to samjhae na..Kya nahi samjh rhi Mai..

Then tell me what you want to say I am unable to understand

S Anika..Tum jaanti ho na Mai apne aap ko express nahi kr pata..

I can’t express myself…U know

A janti hue..Lekin Jo aap Kehna chahte the..Vo Mai samajh gyi hue..

I know but whatever you wanted to say that I have already understood

Oh Jana sad version plays

She leaves the room.

Sahil enters

Sahil mujhe bhi nahi Jana aap Sab ko chod kr

I don’t want to leave you all

Shivay Mai tumhe nahi Jaane dunga

I know I won’t let you go anywhere

Sahil Anika Didi​

Shivay usko Mai Mana lunga

I’ll convince her

Sahil Mann Jao Billu ji..Aapko bhi Pyaar ho Gya Hai na mere Anika didi se..

Just admit it you love anika Didi

Shivay is like..whatttttt

Advance sorry for short update

Hope you like the episode

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