Shivika love part 3

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Shivika love part 3

Hellloooooo lovelies
Soooooooooo sorry from the depth of my heart to end the last update so abruptly bt had my own issues

Since most of the dialogues are in hindi I guess it was not published..But As we the dialogues are expressed more fully in English only but due to the language constrains I am posting the English subtitles also

So continuing from where we left..

A shivay aap Kyu sorry Keh rhe Hai..U didn’t marry me because of own wish..It was the circumstances ki Aapko aisa kadam uthana pada..

Shivay why are you saying sorry I know you didn’t marry because of your own wish it was the circumstances that you were forced to take such a huge step

S Anika ye Tum Kya Keh rhi ho..Mujhe my h samjh nahi AA rha..Tumahe Mann me Kya Hai Aaj ye pehle baar Mujhe samjh nahi AA rha..

What are you saying I am not able to understand…it’s the first time I am not able to get what are you saying

Sad tune plays in BG

Anika pov
Lekin shivay Aaj Mujhe samjh AA Gya Hai ki aapke Mann me Kya chal rha Hai..

But shivay it’s the first time I am able to understand what is in your mind

A shivay bhale Aaj Mai Anika shivay Singh Oberoi hue..Lekin usse pehle to Mai Anika hue na..Sirf Anika..Kiske pass naam Khoon khandan Kuch nahi Hai..Surname nahi Hai…Maa baap ka naam tak nahi pta..Kya aap kabhi apni Marzi se aise ladki se shaadi krte..Btaei Mujhe..Aap Khud sochie

Shivaay maybe today I am Anika Shivay Singh Oberoi but before that I am only Anika the one without any surname without any high standard family I even don’t know the name of my father… would you ever marry such girl by own wish you only think

Shivay is numb and speech​less doesn’t know what to say..

Shivay remembers how he said that he will marry the girl of his business partner for one day chosing that only because he wanted a girl having Khoon khandan even if the marriage was for one day only..

A I completely understand shivay and it’s good na that our relationship should end at a good note ab to koi misunderstandings bhi nahi hai daksh Tia all is well now..Now u can live ur life as before and I can focus on my canteen work

S Anika Kya hogya Hai tumhe..Y u saying like this..How can u leave this home..Tum mere…..

What has happened to you why are you saying like this you can’t leave me you are my..

A moment of pause

A Mai aapki Kya shivay..zimmedari hue na shivay..Aapne bht acche se apni zimmedari nibhayi Hai or

What am I your Shivay who am I to you… your responsibility …you have you have fulfilled your responsibility

S shut up..Just shut up Anika..Tum mere biwi ho.. Samjhi tum..Sare duniya ke samne Mai ye keh Chuka hue ki tum Anika shivay Singh Oberoi ho..To how can u even think of leaving me

Just shut up anika you are my wife understand.. in the front of the whole world I have accepted that you are Anika Shivay Singh Oberoi then how can you even think of leaving me

A shivay Aapko yaad Hai Aapne lab Mujhe apni biwi accept Kiya tha..Kyu kiya tha..Kin halat me Kiya tha..

you remember me in what situation you accepted​ that I am your wife why you accepted and how you did

S Anika Mujhe kuch samjh nahi AA rha..Kya Kehna chahti ho tum..

Anita I am seriously not able to get it what do you want to say

A shivay aap baat suniye mere.. Btaei Mujhe kyu kaha tha Aapne sari duniya ke samne ki Mai Anika shivay Singh Oberoi hue..

Shivay please listen to me just tell me why did you say that I am Anika Shivay Singh Oberoi

S daksh bht batamezze kr rha tha..tumhare baare me bura bhala Bol rha Tha..Or fir

That’s was misbehaving with you he was saying filthy words about you and then

A or fir aapse dekha nahi Gya ki daksh mere baare me aise baate kr rha Hai..Or Mujhe bachane ke liye Aapne sabko Sach Bol Diya..

And then you could not see how that was insulting me I am just to save guard me you spoke the truth

S Anika tum Kya Kehna chahti ho..

Anika what do you want to say exactly

A shivay Us din agar daksh ne vo sab na kaha hota..Sab kuch theek se ho Jata to kya kisi ko pta chlta ki main Anika nahi Anika shivay Singh Oberoi hue nahi na..

Shivaay if on that day daksh would not have said such things everything would have been normal then would anyone know that I am Anika Shivay Singh Oberoi ???
no no one would have come to know about it..

Shivay holding her from both shoulders Lovingly..

Anika Mai janta hue ki sbke samne ye baat bht ajeeb tareke se Bahar aayi Hai lekin..

Anika I know that all this came in front of everyone in a really awkward situation

A shivay ye Sach Kisi ke samne kabhi na aata ki hmari Shaadi hue Hai agar vo sab na hota..mai jaanti hue ki ye Sab Aapne majboori me Kiya Hai taaki mere izzat PE koi aanch na aaye..Fir aap kyu itni explanation de rhe​ hai..All I want to say that ki all this what happened was because the circumstances were not in our favor..BT now when everything is soughted I think we Shud move back to our old lives.

Shivaay this truth of a marriage would not have come in front of anyone I know you accepted this thing only because of my reputation.. then why are you giving such explanation all I want to say is that what happened in the past was the because of the circumstances not being in a favour but now since everything is fine and sorted I think we should go back to our own life

Her eyes filled with tears which she wipes off immediately…

Shivay still lost in his thoughts when anika feels dizzy and is about to fall and shivay catches her and ties to wake her up..He thinks she might got dizzy due to medicines..he makes her lie on the bed and caresses her hairs

He holds her hand and says Anika Kya hogya tumhe..And thinks may be she said that because of the effect of the pain killers..

Giving hopes to himself he too dozed off to sleep holding anikas hand..

Hello again..Hope this is long enough to compensate for the previous short updates..

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  1. I’m always checking tellyupdates to read your ff . I really loved your ff dear . plzzzzzzzzzzzzzz post soon for this ff fan

    1. Sairan

      Thanks a lot ???????

  2. Awesome…
    I’m loving the idea….Really emotional…
    Anika expressing herself & her POV is really amazing…
    Waiting fr d nxt…. 🙂

  3. Sairan

    Sorry sorry sorry sorry so sorry for such a late update actually I have submitted this part for the third for the third time the first two times it was complete meaning in Hindi because you see the feelings are more beautifully​ Express when in Hindi because you can actually imagine Shivay and Anika talking like that but its ok everything can’t happen as we want so that’s why I have posted the English also

  4. Alekhika20

    asum part

    1. Sairan

      Thanks a lot ?

  5. Savera

    Yaa sairan this is long enough than before i don’t know that u r very amazing writer u nailed the episode dude can’t wait to read more plz post soon plz…

    1. Sairan

      Ohh godddd
      Savera itnj tareef Matt Kro
      I am a big fan of urs btw
      U r more amazingggggg than me
      Thanks a million times dear ?????

  6. Awesome epi

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      Thanks a lottt

  7. Awesome

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      Tjank youu

  8. Madhu.r

    any way thanks for the update

    1. Sairan

      Most welcome ❤

  9. VHM

    This is making me excited…actually i was planning to write something similar to this…but yours is much more wonderful than what i thought of penning down…so i dropped the thought of writing my OS…and one more thing whether it’s in English or Hindi doesn’t matter as long as content is worth reading…so your FF has all the things which makes it definitely reading…………waiting for the next shot very eagerly

    1. Sairan

      Thanks a million trillion yes vhm
      Plz don’t say like this plz do write ur FF too I am big fan of ur writings..I r exceptional…Thanks a lot for your kind words..BT I really wanted to show the property emotions that’s y wanted that it Shud be published in Hindi..BT u have made me realize that Actually it doesn’t matter…Thanks a lot ?

  10. It’s was an awesome super duper episode ???? . Anika s question towards shivay is justified. I’m want the same situation happen in IB.why shivay delaying his love confession. I’m waiting for that moment.
    is anika is pregnant?
    I’m waiting for your next episode. update soon. ????

    1. Sairan

      Thanks for acknowledging the epi fear..Thanks a lot ?????????
      Don’t know rjag Gul is thinking..No issues hm yahan PE apni nayi Kahani likh lete hai ❤❤❤❤❤

  11. It is awesome dear…

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      Thank​k you so much

  12. Superb dr and Anika really expressed her feelings and how she wud hav felt whn she heard that convo my god superb dr and yeah is Anika pregnant????? Jus post next asap..

    1. Sairan

      Thanks a lotttt

      No no Anika is not pregnant

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  15. Aryaraju

    Really loved it.. Waiting for the next one ??

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  16. Sairan, Its amazing yaar… loved it!!
    Tum ne na bilkul sahi kaha…jab hum hindi mein padthe haina toh uska mazaa hi kuch aur hota hai…mai scene mein na gus jati hoon…aur actual mein sab kuch imagine karne lagthi hoon..
    Well, eagerly waiting for the nxt…update asap!!

    1. Sairan

      Aginjn the awwwww space seeing such a wonderful appraisal for my work..Thanks a lot ??????
      Haina..Hindi Hai hum
      Uska maza hi alag hai

  17. Vanshree

    sairan I can’t tell about your ff are just just ….I don’t have to xpress how’s it itsawesome dhinkchak

    1. Sairan

      Ohh godddd..Thanks a ton ❤ ❤❤❤❤❤

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      Thanks a lot ??

  20. Gayathri.visu

    Wow! Its really a heart to heart talk Sairan… Anika’s questions are justified. Waiting for next part.
    And I likes ur writing style. Its very neet and excellent!

  21. Sairan

    Thanks a lot ??????
    Very Happy that u liked it

    1. Sairan

      Thanks a lot ?

  22. Sairan dear the way you describe annika didi ki dil ki bast was emotional. Post next part ASAP.

    1. Sairan

      Thank youu so so much ?

  23. Awsome……………

    1. Sairan

      Thank youu

  24. Amazing but u can write only english waiting for the next

    1. Sairan

      Thank you

  25. Sanskriti120

    Sairaaaann yaar kya likha tume ab main kya karoon tumhare next update tak raha nhi jayega. ????????. All I could do is waittttt for you update yaaaarr. You are ryt Hindi main feeling express ache se hothi hain. I’m in love yaar sairan ab main kya karron. You stole my heart and now if I could then I will lodge a complaint against you that you stole my heart(just kidding)????????????????

    1. Sairan

      Awwwww….What a cute proposal I don’t know how should I react how can I refuse you Sanskriti thank you so so so much and I am currently working on the next episode I’m just not finding the some good material so that I can just finish it off and I promise you I will update the episode by today evening

  26. Amayaa

    First of all shake hand with me
    It is really needed
    Nd then give a warm nd tight hug 2 u

    The 1st 1 ( I mean shaking hands ) is for
    Our issues with TU PAGE is same dr
    My ff “OBEROI FAMILY MOMENTS ” also get rejected due to in hindi
    YA dr u r right
    Same dialogues but in hindi r more powerful than English
    I too experience de feeling of rejection

    Mujhe to laga tha TU PAGE KI sirf mujhpe hi ye special mercy h
    Par Ab pata challa
    Isne mere saath saath tumhara bhi gangaram kar diya

    Hmmmm bahut ho gai buk buk

    Coming 2 de 2nd point ( I mean hug ) is for writing so well nd beautiful
    My God
    It is amazing
    Post de next 1 soon
    Ooohhhhhh I got it
    U will post de next today’s evening
    I ‘ll wait for ur ff ???

    1. Sairan

      Ohhhhhhh myyyyyy godddddddd
      Such a. Huge and wonderful comment…Ok like really on the top of the world seeing this..I no it’s bad that Hindi part got rejected..This is not good…

      Thanks a lot..I’ll definitely post next soon

  27. Ashwathy

    Superb……. Waiting for next part….. Loved it to the core……..

    1. Sairan

      Thanks a lotttt awasthy

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