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The oberoi mansion’s living area… everyone was peacefully seated..the business tycoon wer in the tornado of their deals..Rudra was busy checking out advay’s that tym Omkara played a background music “”ma da ladla bhigad gaya…””. Everyone suddenly stared at om.. OM:: ” SORRY was an accidental play”. Rudra:: om..I never got any sort of current wen I touched advay..look at ur case..seems like chulbul is the electric cell and you are the conducting wire “”. Om:: shut up rudra. Anika was sitting in the sofa..the place next to her was empty.. Shivaay with a great grin was about to sit there..but by the time his shadow reached the seat..advay already sat there and threw his arm around here ADVAY:: did you end up here in oberoi mansion? SHIVAAY:: I brought her here!! ADVAY:: ohh Mr.oberoi..we didn’t have a proper talk until now..please have a seat . SHIVAAY:: don’t you think iam the one to say that dialogue. anika could clearly see how advay made shivaay a jalkukkad..anika thought of adding some more teeka.. she leaned and rested her head over advay’s shoulder. ANIKA:: yes shivaay…have a great conversation with advay..let me sleep SHIVAAY:: you can sleep in your room..why his shoulder?? ANIKA:: areee…wen Advay doesn’t have any problem..then why are you bothering about it? ADVAY:: yes Mr.oberoi..anika is very stubborn..if she wants to sleep here then she will sleep here only. SHIVAAY in his mind”” this gal…she never did that with me..she was soo damn hesitated to even hug look at what she is doing?..noo shivaay..if anika sleeps over here..then advay will lift her up..nooo you can’t let that happen at any something. ANIKA:: Shivaay!! Shivaay!! Wer are you lost?

SHIVAAY:: wohhh…anika..I forgot to take my tablet for the heart condition. ANIKA:: WHY are you sooo irresponsible?..wait I’ll get the medicine. Saying this anika rushed towards their room…Shivaay gave a smirk to advay and said.”” I’ll go and help her in finding the tablet..please make yourself comfortable”. Shivaay left advay who was busy wondering”” why was anika so concerned about mr.oberoi. SHIVIKA room::::::. anika was searching for the medicines… SHIVAAY:: GIVE me the medicine. ANIKA:: but I can’t find it shivaay. SHIVAAY:: what?’s right there with come-on give me the medicine. ANIKA:: but where is it Shivaay?? Shivaay gave a heart melting smile and went near her..he was soo close that anika could feel the heat of his breathe..”””anika..the same medicine which you wasn’t able to give because our nose came in between”” ..anika stared at his kanji eyes..she went closer to him.. Shivaay relaxed himself and anika took advantage of the situation and pushed him on the bed and ran away. SHIVAAY::: you won this tym.. let’s see what happens tonight.

Anika went downstairs..advay was anxiously waiting for her. ADVAY: what happened to your face.why is it sooo red in color?.. got an allergy or something? ANIKA was busy giving her kidkithod smile..ADVAY:: IAM asking you something?? ANIKA:: wohhh actually… actually advay… actually. SHIVAAY:: will you say something after actually? ADVAY:: ohh.. Shivaay..hope I can call you by name. SHIVAAY:: ya sure..after all we are linked with a same target?. ADVAY:: target? SHIVAAY::(covering up) the target of business man of the year! ADVAY:: oh yes..but why is anika behaving weird? SHIVAAY: I don’t know..I just asked her to give me my medicine..but she just ran away. ADVAY:: anika..give him his medicine SHIVAAY::YES anika..give me my medicine. Anika was stuck! RUDRA:: baiyaa… here is your medicine. RUDRA gave the bottle and left. Shivaay”” why does he always have a perfect landing”” shivaay wondered to make rudra busy otherwise he will make today’s night ka oh my mata..””bade BHAIYAA””.a voice came from behind…it was soumya …now Shivaay knows what to do!!!!

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  1. Yayyyy…… gi8 episode but i think u should add some more spice to it.

  2. Somya

    Kidkithod epi
    But short pls try to post long one next time

  3. Sairan


  4. Haridhra

    Wow.. Today’s epi was awsm yaar .. Just a doubt here who is Advay ??? … As I read so many ffs I got confused..

    1. Advay is anika’s ex fiancée… She ran away during the further marriage rituals

  5. Ahaana

    So cute…

  6. Nila

    wow amazing episode and plz bring long update yaar

  7. Madhu.r

    plz post the nxt updare soon i cant wait

  8. Dhar

    Hey awesome episode anagha , waiting for ur next update ??

  9. awesome

  10. it’s was an awesome lovely episode dear. I’m eagerly waiting for your next episode, update soon……………..

  11. loved it

  12. Awesome…
    Jealous SSO…
    post d nxt ASAP…. 🙂

  13. Nice one dr…….Do post next one soon….

  14. awesome!!!!!!! pls make it longer

  15. Aryaraju

    Loved it ?

  16. Wow!! Awesome… Loved it!!
    Rudra as always has an impeccable sense of time??
    Eagerly waiting for the next… Update asap!!

  17. Alekhika20

    Loved the updt

  18. Niriha


    1. Are you a Telugu one having our MIRCHI prabhas’s photo

  19. Wow loved it so much outstanding episode wonderful but we need some more longer update dear please

  20. Please post asap and please please please please please don’t give more break thankq for the awesome update once again

  21. Amayaa

    Keep it up dr …………amazing. ……….poor Shivay ………..perfect timing. ……..??

  22. Osm…luved it…..

  23. Nikita_jai29

    It is awesome dear…. Eagerly waiting for the next update…

  24. Ruksy

    Amazing update loved it

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