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sooo…sorry guys.. actually was stuck in the middle of exams…hope I will make it up !!… really sorry… RECAP– anika nd her dad comes and she asks everyone weather they remember chutki??


SHIVAAY:: chutki.. isn’t this the name you scream out when you have bad nightmare?? AGASTYA:: anika..where did chutki topic came ryt now??..we all know that she isn’t in this world. ANIKA::: really?…are you sure that God SNATCHED her away or is it some one else?. saying this anika stared at her father. AGASTYA::anika.come to the point. ANIKA:: chutki was separated from us by dev Singh rajvanshi..our dad..just inorder to hide his mistake. ANIKETH:: what mistake??. ANIKA:: the mistake of cheating our mother for another lady.. chutki is illegitimate child of our dad. .and to hide this..he took her away from us and gave her to some other lady in Bareilly…and I got to know about this during my engagement..that’s the call which I got..and that’s why I ran in the middle of the function and mom followed me..and all those things happened!!!.

Aniketh and Agasthya went near and hugged anika … everyone was watching their siblings moment..anika pushed both of them and ran towards her room AGASTYA::: Shivaay..we need our sister back..all these years she has been suffering for what she hasn’t done…we are taking her back to London. :PINKY::oh my mata…you can’t take her away like that…she is my shivaays.. ANIKETH..she is shivaay ‘s friend…that’s it…you all are behaving as If like she is OBEROI BAHU… saying this he started laughing sarcastically. SHIVAAY was about to smash aniketh and yell at him and say that anika is his wife..but he thought about the promise given to anika .”that he won’t disclose their marriage until she approves”.

Om and Rudra was wondering why shivaay wasn’t telling anything. Rudra and om tugged shivaay along with them went to a solitary place. RUDRA::. Baiyaa..why didn’t you say that anika bhabi is ur wife ? SHIVAAY:: because anika doesn’t want to disclose this…her family is kinda superstitious with Royal blood specially her DADI..soo she doesn’t want to create a drama right now OM:: wow…you are paying for what you did shivaay..sorry to say.but in the past you wer not ready to accept anika because of your ideology in lineage and what fate has brought!!!. the oberoi surname you got is not enough to get anika as ur wife…your surname has no value in front of her Royal blood. SHIVAAY:; om.. please..stop joking RUDRA:: om is correct…what if anika’s brother come to know about your forced marriage…about you forcing and making anika bhabi life hell to marry you.oh my mata..they will crash down the whole oberoi empire.

Shivaay was wondering how to get out of this maze…he wanted anika..anika was just his!!..she is only anika shivaay Singh oberoi not anika Singh rajvanshi..noo. I won’t give her to them..she won’t go to them ..or will she?.. noooo..she is mine.and she won’t leave me.. SHIVAAY WAS busy debating with his counteracting thoughts.. suddenly tej came..TEJ:: shivaay..the rajvanshi will be staying here for a couple of days..until they win back anika’s trust.. shivaay I want to tell you something..anika alone has a business worth of 15000 crore..we won’t be able to attain that much even by cracking 10 deals…soo ..make ur moves in a smart way…if she remains as ur wife. Then her property will merge with the oberoi that ..out empire will be the top most in India.

Om:: wow..Mr shivaay’s marriage is in stake and you re worried about Business merger?.. TEJ:: did I ask you?..

Shivaay think about it!! saying this tej leaves pinky hears all this and wonder’s”” oh my mata…anika is my heera bahu…and I was going to ditch her…I have to make sure that she stays in shivaay’s life… otherwise tej will backstab…what if he makes omkara marry anika?..nooo…anika will remain as my bahu..and my son will reach the top!!.and I will shine in kitty parties than jhanvi…oh my mata…my future is sooo bright bright.

Precap– entry of barun sobti as anika’s ex-fiancee

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  1. I was waiting for ur update…now its finally done…its awsm

  2. You know i have bren waiting for this ff’s next update desperately. Now its posted i am feeling so good.???????please update soon its very temping.

  3. very excitinggggggggg its awsome fabulous wounderful no words to say

  4. Nithu

    superbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbb dr…….

  5. Ahaana

    Anika marries omkara really funny yrr..
    episode was awesome

  6. Madhu.r

    hey where have you gone i am eagrly waiting for your episode plz post next episode today itself plzplzplzzzzzzz i beg you

  7. Sorry dr forgot ur title but remembered the storyline and was waiting for it and finally here it is and thank you dr……. Pl do post next part soon………… Interesting dr……

  8. Anagha

    Really sorry to everyone for being this damn late..but what to do..exams ki wajah se hua…

    1. Madhu.r

      plz post next episode today itself plzzzzzzzzzz

      1. Anagha

        I’ll try

  9. SamSun

    O M G !! !!
    THIS IS SO EXCITING ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !
    you left it in suspense and that too such a mind blowing one!!!!!
    I loved shivaay’s reaction and om’s gyaan, tej to sudharne nhi wala hai, pinky bhi kuch kam nhi hai, waiting to see what pinky will do, her insecurity about anika marrying om, like seriously OM???? ?? but she is pinky and her insecurity makes me laugh.
    shivaay’s insecurity jaayaz hai har tareeke se, I love this version of shivaay where he becomes protective and possessive husband.
    waiting to read anika’s decision.

  10. It’s was an awesome episode dear. I’m an silent reader of your ff. I read all parts of this ff . All are awesome. I’m waiting for your ff in a long time. Every day I open the TU page I check that if you post the ff. yesterday I think that why you post your ff. today I open the TU page I saw your ff I’m very happy for saw your ff. I can’t express how happy I’m in seeing your ff. I’m eagerly waiting for your next episode update soon…..

    1. are you malayalee. your name have a malayalee touch

      1. Anagha

        Iam a hybrid?…mom is north Indian and dad is south Indian…

  11. It was really good yar but u made us to wait for longer. This is not fair. Please update the next part asap if possible.

    1. Anagha

      Sorry nah..exams..

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  16. Alekhika20

    Awsome updt

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  22. Nila

    nice episode and punky aunty ki soch!
    i used to search more than ten times in a day for ur update without title and get upset sry for forgetting ur title yaar I taunt myself that how i can forget and i request u to update soon

  23. Nila

    nice episode and pinky aunty ki soch!
    i used to search more than ten times in a day for ur update without title and get upset sry for forgetting ur title yaar I taunt myself that how i can forget and i request u to update soon

  24. awesome!!!!!

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