Shivika Ishkara Rumya TS~A Memorable Trip~ (By Anya) Part 8

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Hello Lovely people! First of all a big se bhi big wala sorry for not updating this story for more than a Month Now! Was going through a writer’s block but last night I thought to finish this chapter as it’s high time!I have written it’s half portion much before but than left it midway But anyways here is the updtae I do really hope you all like this As I think most of you must have lost interest in it.

Kindly ignore grammartical Mistakes and Typos.

Happy Reading.


8th Shot
~Kinner Camps~

“Tring Tring”the shrill voice of the alarm made rudy woke up in horror.”Ahhh!”he screamed and stood up,hurting himself on his head and making every one’s sweet sleep to vanish,especially annika’s as she was just beside him sleeping soundly”Whose there?jo bhi hai usko main choron gi nahi”she said being panicked,stood up and pointed her chameli to no one in particular and then reality dawn upon her and she once again bumped herself on the seat and glared at rudy who was rubbing his head.Saumya who was beside annika putting her head on her shoulder tripped in her sleep and opened her eyes in shock,asked what happened followed by Ishana who just woke up because of the mess created over there just a few minutes ago.

“who shouted like that?”ishana asked with a sleepy voice and yawned”Who else can do it other than dumbell oberoi”saumya said and gave a glare to him while eh made a puppy face and sat beside annika.”What was that rudra does anyone do thta?you know what I was so scared”annika said softly while keeping her hand on her chest”Ohh..sorry Bhabhi actually wo alarm ki awaaz bahut darawani thi issiliye maine chillla diya”he whispered and bow his head”itna bara hokar bhi tumhe ek awaaz se darr lagne laga like really?”saumya asked amused”haan toh..It happens”he said “It happens”She mimicked him.”oohh..saumya leave him na why you always make fun of him?”annika said trying to defend him”BTW where is Om and shivaay?”Ishana asked them looking around to find both of them missing.” are right where are they I didn’t noticed it”annika said while rumya gave a confusing look.

“O bhaiya ka phone toh yahan hi hai aur shivaay bhaiya ki phone ki Oh my Mata ho gayi hai toh abh kaise unhe dhoonde?”rudy said and that very moment ShivKara entered the cabin”hey all are awake great then as we are soon going to reach Nako station so be prepared”Saying this both took theri seat.”but where were you both?”Ishana asked”actually my sleep got disturbed and I thought to go and check when we will reach and while moving shivaay also woke up and so we ended up together”Om explained while shivaay agreed for it.”We will be reaching in a few minute so start getting your things ready ok”shivaay reminded them once again as they were looking as if they will soon doze off.


Outside nako distric station~

“Guyzz it’s too cold..I think I’m gonna freeze”rudy said with gritted teeth and rubbed his arms to give some warmth to his body.”Yeah it’s too cold over here”Annika said and pulled her sweater more to herself, hugging her”and I wanted some sleep”Ishana said with a yawn an cuddled into Om as he rubbed her back trying to give her some warmth.”Yaar here is no network!”shivaay said irritately while throwing his hand upwards to get some network but all he got was ‘nothing’.he was going to throw the phone which belong to Om when “Om tell your brother that the phone he is going to throw is not his but your’s”annika mocked while shivaay stopped as soon as he heard her and gave an irritated face.

“Yes tell your bhabhi that I was not going to throw it”he said coldly”But it doesn’t seems like that”Anni said casually”see ann…”shivay started angerly but was cut off by Om”See you two once again startd to fight?It’s too cold over here so can we go to the hotel and settle ourselve rather than doing this”he said and kept a hand inbetween them while they nodded being embarresed.


“How beautiful this palce is”exclaimed saumya admiringly as they were going while seeing the natural beauty in front of her.”It should be as it was my bhabi’s idea”rudy said and smiled at annika who too did the same.Shivaay just made a scoffed face”Tell your bhabhi If anyting will went wrong I’m not gonna spare her”he said to rudra”rudra tell your bhaiya that Nothing will such happen,abhi tak kuch thori na kuch galat hua hai”She said but soon bite her tongue to say that as alot of mess had happen”Woah see who is telling this? the one who was responsible for all that”Shivaay said showing fake amusment”Nothing happen such,See we all are fine”she said fumbling”Hmm..I hope that it remain the same througout”He said a little sternly while she just looked out of the window ignoring his stare.

“Knaygoy Kinner Camps”Ishana read it aloud as the gang stood in front of it’s entrance.”But we were going to a hotel right?”Shivaay asked”Yeah, but This is more better than any other resorts or hotel so don’t complain any thing about it”Annika said coldly while he made an irritated face.”was I complaining that you said that?”he asked “But it seems you were going to do that only”she said and not looking at him”It’s nothing such”He shrugged of his shoulder with a sigh as this was never going to end.

“ let’s go”shivaay said and started to move ahead followed by the rest.

“Welcome to Knoygoy Kinner Camps sir,I’m Mr. Shanta Negi the owner of this place.How may I help you?”the person on the reception spoke sweetly”Hello Mr.Negi, I’m shivaay well we have a reservat…”his words died in his throat as rudra came in between”hey Mr.Negi remember me I’m rudra?Arre we met each other in Mr.Singhania’s party Remember?And I called you also few day ago for the reservations”Rudra said chirply,smiling brightly.”Oh yes Rudy boy How can I forget you?Well koi girlfriend bani?” he said happily and whispered the latter wining at him.”Arre yes ofcourse how can I Rudy the great won’t have a GF?”he said with pride in his eyes,Shivaay just rolled his eyes at this”And she is here with us I’ll let you meet her.Wait”he said and was going to call out to saumya when shivaay cleared his throat”well rudra you can do that later also as we are really tired”Shivaay said with a glare towards rudra with a fake smile and instantly he asked Mr.Negi about their rooms.

“Yes I let you all to your room errr..sorry tents”he said and tapped his shoulder happily,called the staff and asked them to take all of them to there tents.Shivaay who stood beside them looked dumpfond as he was talking to him professionally and this rudra was all to friendly.He sigh as he don’t know whta is going to happen next and asked the rest to come who were outside looking at the beauty in front of them.


Birds chirping with the butterflies howering over the sunflowers and daisy was giving the place a peaceful environment.As they moved towards their tents they were spellbound by the beauty in front of them.The whole of Nako village along with the full view of Nako lake was ethereal.They were buzy seeing the natural beauty in front of them and didn’t realize that they reached to their destination.”have a pleasant stay sir”the servant said to rudra and weent away.

“So bhaiya bhabhi this is your tent,O and ishu didi this is your’s and this one is our’s”Rudra said while pointing at the tents so that they can go and rest for sometimes.It like first one from the last was of shivika followed by rumya and then Ishkara.As soon as rudra finished Ishana was in her tent dragging Om with her as she was still sleepy and was feeling cold.”Someone seems to be really impatient huh!”rudra grinned while Om blushed and ishu gave a deadly glare and went inside ignoring everyone’s naughty stares followed by Om.After a few seconds Shivaay went inside with their luggage leaving the three of them alone.Rumya started to move whern they noticed that annika was still standing there.

“What happened Bhabhi?”rudra asked with a shrug “Hmm..Rudra can you please go to my tent as I don’t want ot talk with that Bagad Billa”annika requested,playing with the diamond ring on her ring finger,rudra was going to say something but saumya cut him off”Yes why not Annika Bhabhi Rudra will stay with Bade Bhaiya and you can come with me”She said with a smile as she know that annika was a little uncomfortable while asking this. Rudra too realized this and thought to do something regarding their fight and agreed for it.”Yes Bhabhi sumo is saying right You don’t worry I’ll stay with bhaiya ansd how can I just leave this chance of staying with my superhero?you know what I haven’t slept with him for a long time so I will definately go”he said being a little excited making both the ladies smile,annika having an admiring look while saumya looked at him with pride in her eyes as he handled the situation with ease.

annika moved in the tent which was of rumya”we need to do something”saumya said”Yeah you are right I will talk to Bhaiya about it”he assured her”Okay and listen wake up early then we will go and explore this amzing area ok?”she said excitedly but when she saw him giving an irked face she galred at him”No I’m tired I won’t go”he winched”crybaby don’t act like a freaking girl and you will come with me and that’s final”she said sterly while he was left with no option other than to agree to her.”Okay!” he said with a defeated sigh and went while she did the same.

Rudra entered the tent and saw it empty but than realized that shivaay must be in the washroom and bumped himself on the bed while covering himself with the blanket and went to deep slumber as he was tired.Soon after a few minutes shivaay came and saw someone sleeping on the bed soundly covered with the duvet,he mistook rudra as annika,smiled and too slept on the empty side sharing the blanket.After sometime he realized someone cuddling into him and as he thought it to be annika he too hold her tight but felt a little wierd as he felt as if he was hugging a man”I missed you superman”rudra whispered”I missed y..”he stopped midway as he realized that it was a man’s voice,with that he sat up straight making rudra groan in irritation.

“What are you doing bhaiya?I was sleeping so nicely and you are doing this?”rudra sat up too and rubbed his eyes whinching like a 5 years old boy”What are you doing here?”shivaay asked being bewildered”I was sleeping peacefully”rudra said and once again bumped on the matress and slept”Where is annika rudra?”he asked and pulled the blanket”She is with saumya”he whispered and once again covered him with the blanket”But why?She would have been here right?”he said and again pulled the blanket while rudra tried hard to hold it back but failed miserably”What are you doing bhaiya It’s too cold here and you are playing blanket blanket with me see I’m not bhabhi so control”He said irritately and sat up with a grumpy face”Shut up rudra! tel..”shivaay started”Yes shut up you too bhaiya and sleep I’m really tired and I need to wake up early to go with saumya so sleep”he said and slept.

Shivaay just hiss in irritation and kicked him out of the bed making him which in pain”What the Wuck!! BHAIYA have you lost your mind or what”rudy sais while sitting on the carpet with a crybaby face”First you tell me why Annika is not here?”shivaay said completely ignoring his words”First promise me that you will let me sleep when I will tell you that?”he pouted”Okay Now tell”Shivaay said with urgency”Actually Bhabhi is still angry with you and she doesn’t wanted to talk to you so she swap her place”he said and stood,went and sat beside him while folding his legs”ohh..So she is still angry with me anyways why I’m bothered about it come sleep rudra as I’m also sleepy”Shivaay said casually and laid down while deep down he was deeply bothered by it but his ego was not letting except it”Bhaiya ho can you just say that?”rudra asked being suprised by his calm behaviour and howered over his face”so what do you except me to do?To go to her and apologize?No I will never do it”he said and shrugged his shoulder.

“I’m not asking you to go and apologize to bhabhi but Bhaiya bhabhi was really sad because of you,you must just sort out this with her as soon as know na shedon’t look good when she is sad”rudra said and tried to make him understand while shivaay’s expression changed intoa guilty one as he was thecause for her sadness”But she shouldn’t have said all that in the train”He said with a defeated sigh and sat up”she said this because you shouldn’t have said all that to her”rudra said softly”hmm..You know when I’m angry I say watever came first in my mind wiothout thinking and she knows this pretty well”he said”So you agree that you shouldn’t have said that right?”rudra asked”Yeah..bu..”shivaay said”No ifs and buts bhaiya you should go and pacify her and I’m sure she will forgive you”he said cutting him midway “Yeah I think you are right I should apologize to her’he said and stood up”where are you going Bhaiya?”rudra asked confused”annika’s tent”he said and started to move towards the exit”Arre bhaiya Bhabhi would have slept so don’t go now”He said as a matter of fact while shivaay stopped at his track as he too thought that she msut be sleeping”Okay”he said and went and lay down beside rudra”Today after a long time I will sleep with you bhaiya”Rudy said excitedly while he smiled at his baby brother”Oh Rudra!come sleep”he said, rudra just hugged him tight and both fall asleep.

Annika went and sat on the bed lost in her own thoughts”What happened annika Bhabhi?”Saumya asked as she entered”Huh!”she said while coming out of her thoughts”What happen?”sumo asked once gaain”Nothing”she said instantly”Saumya I’m really sorry for making you sleep with me as..”She started but was cut of “Arre Bhabhi what are you saying it nothing such crybaby and I’m really fine with it so don’t worry and sleep as it was a long tiring journey”she said while holding her hand,Annika smiled while saoumya went to the washroom to freahen up.As she came out she saw her sleeping peacefully and too went and slept for sometime to get some energy so that she can do her task.On the other hand when Om inside he saw her already on the bed hugging the blanket fully and sleeping”Ishana wake up and first go and freahen up than you’ll sleep”Om said and tried to make her wake up”No Om let me sleep I’m too tired and it’s cold here I just don’t wanted to come out of this warmth”she whispered and closed her eyes,he just smiled at her innocence and shook his head”okay carry on”he said and went away.after sometime he came and slept hugging her from back but she turned and slept hugging him tight.


Saumya woke up after a good 4 hours sleep and went to chnage not before giving a call to rudra but the call didn’t went as there was no network.As she was getting ready she once again tried to call “this crybaby must be sleeping forgetting everything around him”she muttered to herself and smacked her head with her palm.After thinking of calling him once more she called but again got the same thing so she thought to go and wake him up by herself.Taking long strides she reached his tent but the sight in front of her made her do Aww..! as she saw him sleeping while hugging Shivaay sideways keeping his head on his shoulder with one leg on top of shivaay while shivaay slept peacefully.After some time she saw him turning the other way and she thought it’s the right time to wake him up without disturbing bade bhaiya”Rudra”saumya whispered while shaking him slightly,he just seems uneffected.

‘Rudra..!”she said a little aloud followed by violent shaking making him woke up in jerk and as he was going to scream saumya out her hand on his mouth to stop him to scream”Rudra it’s me”saumya said while he knitted heis brows in frustation as he saw her.He removed her hand from his mouth,”What is this sumo who wakes up someone like this?”he asked her irritately”See the time and than ask me why I did this to you”she said with a raised eye brow.He saw her phone and saw it was 9:30am “so what it is only 9:30 why are you behaving as if it is 12?”he asked with an irked face”I think you forgotted that we had to go and see this place isn’t it?”she said while keeping her hand on her waist”Ohh..SHit! Sumo I forgoted so you go alone I’ll won’t go as I’m still sleepy”he said and lay down”Don’t behave like a sleepy head and come with me you will feel frea”She saidand made him stand uop and then pushed him inside the washrom much to his annoyance and resistance.”do it fast I’m waiting for you outside”she said and came out while rudra sulked in the washroom.

In all this shivaay’s sleep got a little distured but he was not fully awake.When rudra went away he too woke up and sat over there for sometime when an Idea popped in his mind.he smiled and went towards the tent in whichannika was sleeping.


So here is the end of part 8!I do hope it was worth reading and I didn’t bored you all
And I won’t promise that I will be regular as this year is really a hectic for me but still I can assure you all that I won’t take this much long in updating it..Embarrassed
And the one who are waiting for me to update my other fictions, Babies they will be update within this weeks hopefully so do bear with me!

As always will be waiting for your response and reviews and Yes I would like to get suggestions from you all if you wanted to see soemthing in this trip so do let me know about it!

With Love,

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      Thank you dear! Will update it them soon as I said I was going through a writer’s block so it will take time to vanish! I hope understand.

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      Thank you Dear!

    1. Anyakhan32

      Thank you dear! glad you like it!

    1. Anyakhan32

      Thank you dear <3

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      Thank you very much surbhi for your kind words Dear! I will try to update it soon!

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    1. Anyakhan32

      Shorry Aarti! I know it’s bad manner but I’m aadat se majboor! HAHAHAHA yeah she is sleepy as as you! Will try my best to add more of Ishkara!

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    1. Anyakhan32

      hey babe! Thank you for this lovely feedback! Actually i was not sure if you all have interest in it as I was really late in updating it so just wrote it but I was really happy to see that you all were waiting for me to update it!

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    1. Anyakhan32

      Hi VIvu(Hope I can call you that) we are already friends dear! And really thank you for your encouraging and kind words! I’m glad that my you like my works.
      Dear as I have said above,I was going hrough a writer’s block and it will go slowly slowly so just be a alittle patience I willl update them also soon..I promise.

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    I know you are busy but its been a while and I am finding hard to control.❤

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