Shivika Ishkara Rumya TS~A Memorable Trip~ (By Anya) Part 4

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4th Shot
~Oh Shit..!~


Aniru were walking with whose ever luggage they got and shivaay was behind them with a large luggage trying his best to drag it..while cursing the person to whom this bag belongs. Soon he came forward and joined them.
“I can’t see H1 here so lets go the other way”he said them but they were too much occupied in seeing the names rather then hearing him.”rudy mein kya keh rahi hoon na ki agar ye train chalna start kar diya na toh humlog ispar char jaayenge..Ok?”rudy just nodded in response.”phat the wuck!”shivaay exclaimed just then rudy got a call and he just slowed down letting shivika to walk further.the phone screen flahes the name”chubby’ on it.

He recieved the call”yes Chubby why did you call me?” he asked while walking.”Rudy where are you Bro?that Nisha had organised a party at her farmhouse and we all are on our way there but where are you?”he asked while rudy stopped abruptly.”what! that can she organize a party and not invite me.. Rudy the cassonova? How dare she?”He said angerly.”what !she didn’t invite you?”he aked.”No she didn’t”rudy said.”oohh…BTW where are you?”he asked.”Arre! I’m going on a family trip and now I’m at the railway station”rudy said.”oohh great enjoy..! accha chal bye uska ghar a gaya”he said “hmm..ok you too enjoy!”he said disheartendly and ended the call.

Just then he got a call from Om.”hello bhiaya!”he said”hello rudr…”and the call ended.He looked at the mobile and found that it got switched off.”isse abhi hi switched off hona tha”he said and cursed the phone.

As soon as he said the train started to move.”Ooh Shit! the train started! but how?now there is still 10 mins left”he said while looking at the phone’s screen.” Bhaiya bhabhi!”he looked the other way and doesn’t found shivika.”Now where does these to gone?”he thought “abh mein kya karoon?”
he asked himself. “hmm..I should board the train bhabhi said that”he again talk to himself and boarded the train.


Meanwhile Shivika went further not knowing that rudy was left behind.Both of them were bickering with each other.Shivaay was asking her to stop and go the other way while she was constantly ignoring him.He was hell irritated by her and on top of that he had to drag this heavy bag with him.”offo billuji chup rahiye na mein dekh rahi hoon na ki ye H1 kahan hai…why you are disturbing me?let me concentrate on it!”annika asked being frustated while searching.Shivaay just sigh in defeat.”paagal”he muttered.”did you say something?”she asked.” carry on”he just rolled his eyes.

Shivaay just turned to see rudy but didn’t found him and stopped in his track.”Anni where is rudy?”he asked her.”behind you”she said without turning.”but he is not there”he said.
“how is that possible Rudy!”she said and turned around to find him missing and too stop.There was a large crowd in the platform and no one was seen properly.”are! yeh rudra kahan chala gaya?”she asked him.”Was I asking you the same question in french or what?”he mocked her.”Billuji this is not the time to fight..we have to find rudy…Poor boy he is just a baby and doesn’t know much abo…”she said”yeah you are right a nine month baby in a body of an adult who even doesn’t know how to walk..right?” he cut her off while annika facepalmed.

“this boy always make us fall in some trouble! now where we will find him now in this huge station?”he said to himself while rubbing his forehead.”billuji aap bhi na kabhi kabhi baccho waali baat karte hai…Are humlog 21st century mein hai”she said “mein baccho wali baat karta hoon?”he cut her off angerly.”haan toh mein sahi keh rahi hoon…ye jo phone aap har roz tadi mein aakar torte hai uska istemal kab kariyega?just call him and asked him where is he”she said while doing the logic sign.”Aagrrrhhh…wait” he said and called him but his phone was buzy.”phone is buzy”he said irritately.”so what try it again”she asked him and started walking once again.

He too started walking slowly while dragging the luggage and called him but this time it was again buzy”now this dumbell oberoi’s phone is still buzy…is ladke ka kuch nhi ho sakta”he cursed him with clenched teeth.Soon the train started moving.Both of them just stopped at their tracks and look at each other horified”Ohh Shit!” “Phail gaya raita” both shiv and anni screamed together .Shivaay being frustaded just left the handle of the bag and it just fell down with a thudd.”now what’s the use of dragging this stupid heavy bag when we are not going only”he said irritately seeing the train moving.

Annika recognized that it was her bag”arre billluji what are you doing with my bag?”she asked “what! so this stupid bag is your’s? what did you take in it?”he asked angerly.”arre bag kapre rakhne ke liye hote hai au..”she said”thank god you know about it..mujhe toh laga tha tumne eeta pathar rakha hoga isme” he mocked her”haww! mene kapre hi rakhe hain samjhe aap and waise bhi who told you to take my bag?”she asked”wo jaldi jaldi mein mene ye utha liya nhi toh mein itna bhaari bag q uthao?”he answered back”haan toh mene kaha tha aapko jo aap mujhe daant rahe ho?”she asked.While the train started moving fast.”ok leave it I’m going to call Om and tell him that we are not going as the train left”he said and started to call him.”arre aise kaise.. hum jaa rahe hai samjhe aap?”she said”aur wo kaise?”he asked.”aise”she said and started to run towards the nearest door.

“Phat the Wuck!Annika wait”he said and too ran behind her with the bag.”arre bhaiya train ka chain taano”she screamed at a man sitting on the entrance of the door.The man couldn’t under stand her due to the sound of the train.”Abe..! train ka chain taan pagle..”she again shouted being irritated while showing him to pull the chain with actions.The man understood it and instantly pulled the chain.

Shivaay was running behind her and was asking her to stop but she was not even bothered.”ooh god! why I said yes to go with them..abhi hi aisa ho raha hai aage jaakar kya hoga..mujhe bhi nhi pata..”he said while cursing himself for agreeing to them.”Annika meri jhansi ki raani…ruk jaao”poor shiv he was constantly calling her out but she was not listening.Soon the train stopped,making her stop and shivaay catch up with her.”dekha mene kaha tha na we are going…see the train stopped now lets go”she said and climb on the train.Shivaay just sigh in relief and too climbed up.while climbing the handle of the bag broked but he was to preoccupied in boarding the train that he didn’t noticed it.

Both stood at the entrance and tried to calm their raging breath down.”Oh shit!”annika screamed.”what happen?”he asked shocked.”rudra!”she said as a matter of fact.”oohh..heck I just forgot about him and this is all because of you” he said “haww! meri kya galti isme?”she said “sabh tumhari hi galti hai na tum ye Idea deti aur naa hi hum yahan is problem mein phaste”he said angerly.”tumhari wajah mujhe aise train mein board karna para..”she just gave him a glare and asked him to call on rudy to ask him weather he had borded the train or not.He called him once again but this time his phone was switched off.He just threw the phone out of the train in anger.”Shivaay ye appne kya kiya abh hum call kaise karenge?” she asked being horrified.



All of them were walking with Ishkara in the front and sumo following them.ishana was carrying the stuffs which rudy bought with her a bag with her. Here sumo was dragging a heavy bag and doesn’t know whose bag it was.Suddenly she stopped and looked horrified at the train with wide eyes as if she had seen an alien.She gave such reaction because it was written their”Himachal to Shimla” now she was fully confused she rubbed her eyes as to get a clear view of it but the same thing came in front of her eyes.She soon composed herself”wahi mein kahon ki ek train itna lamba kaise ho sakta hai?par jahan humlog ruke the wahan par “Himachal to Nako likha hua tha toh abh ye aisa q likha hua hai?”she thought.”mujhe lagta hai…”she looked up to see there were other people who were finding their own compartments and she realized that she lost track with Ishkara.

She shouted out their name but it was of no use.She then asked a girl who was passing by”excuse me?Ye train kahan jaa rhi hai?”she asked her.”Shimla”she replied.”but wahan par toh Nako likha hua tha”she asked confused “actually ye train agle station par alag ho jaayega aur ek Nako jayega while the other will go towards Shimla and that is why it is written shimla over here and nako over there”she said and then she realized why it was written like this.She called Om but he didn’t answer,she again tried and this time he answered it.She said him everything and asked them to move the other side as this is not the part of the train which will take them to Nako and she too turned the other way and started walking.

She was not able to drag the bag with her and was trying really hard to do it when suddenly the train started.”Ohh shit! now what will i do”She panicked and once again called Om who said her to board the train while they will also going to do the same and later they will sort out what they are going to do after that.She too agreed and tried to board the train.A boy as thin as a stick was standing at the entrance”Oye! just help me out with the luggage”she asked him while he tried to get hold of the bag but was not able to pick it up because of the heaviness.Saumya was now frustated by it and just pushed the bag with all her might and the bag fell over the boy who was now on the ground with the heavy bag over him.

The speed of train soon increased and saumya just climbed the train running with all her might.She boarded the train but her half body was flying outside the train while the other half was inside the train.this means that her one hand and leg was flying in the air while the other two was inside with her hand holding the handle of the door. Soon two ladies in veil ran towards her,and from the platform pushed her hard so that she could enter the train fully.

As she was pushed she soon landed over the bag which was on the boy who was struggling hard to let go of the bag from himself but he was grinded on the ground with the bag and sumo over him.”hey just move away from me”he said with difficulty.Saumya who was still shocked with the things just happened with her in a few minutes came into her senses and stood up while muttering a sorry.”Just remove this bag”he said and she removed the bag from over him and helped him to stood up.She was embarresed by it and once again said him a sorry but he ignored him and went away from there muttering something to himself.She just gave a wierd look to him and sigh in relief.She messaged Om that she boarded the train.


IshKara who were moving further stopped in their track when they saw that sumo was calling them.They were confused that why on earth sumo was calling them as she was just behind them.”why saumya is calling us?”Om asked.”Saumya why ar..”Ishu asked and they turned around to find her missing.”yeh kahan chali gayi?”Omasked.”mujhe kaise pata hoga?just answer her call”She said and he was going to answer the call when the call ended.he again tried to call but Saumya call again came.

“Yes saumya where are you?you were with us na?”Om asked “arre bade baal wale bhaiya abhi ye sabh jaanne ka time nhi hai actually yahan bahut mess hai hmm..agar annika bhabhi ke language meiin bolon toh yahan bahut bara raita phaila hua hai”she said”matlab?”he asked confused.”Actually…”she said him the whole happening while he too looked at the train and realize that she was right.”Ok then we are too going the other way and I’m going to inform the rest..”he said and soon ended the call.

“what happened Om?”ishu asked and he narrated the whole thing and started to move the other side.He called rudy,he received the call but it ended abruptly. he then called Shiv but his phone was buzy.They were moving when the train started moving.”Ooh shit!”ishu wispered and just then he recieved soumya call and asked her to board the train as they are also going to board it.Om and ishu began to run towards the nearest door and in that prosess all the snacks which rudy bought scattered on the floor from ishu’s hand and she stopped and started collecting the things while Om was running and boarded the train.

He turned around to see Ishu sitting on the platform and collecting the snacks.”is ladki ka kuch nhi ho sakta”he thought “Ishu leave that stupid stuffs and come over here”om shouted “No om…! I can’t leave this all things as if rudy come to know about it he will not leave me…mera poora dimaag kharaab kar dega wo”she screamed while collecting the scattered stuffs.

“ishana just leave it and come fast”om just shouted in panic while she collect some of the packets of chips.”Jaa beti jaa nahi toh train chut jaayegi”an old lady asked her.She took watever she got and with the bag started running towards om.

Om extended his hand towards her and this time she left all the stuffs and got hold of his hand and climbed up with the bag.As soon as she got up Om hugged her tight”Oh god Ishu I thought you will be left out but are here with me”he said and kissed her hair while she hugged him tight.

They broke the hug.”ye kya harkat thi ishaana agar tum nhi pahuch paati toh kya hota?”he asked her with fake anger.”toh mein kya karti Om agar wo sabh cheez nhi laati toh rudra bahut gussa karta”she said with a puppy face.”waah! tum ne toh bahut kuch laa diya”he mocked her just smiled sheepily.Just then he got the message from saumya that she had boarded the train.

So this how they all boarded the train..!


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