Shivika Ishkara Rumya TS~A Memorable Trip~ (By Anya) Part 3 A

Hello guyzz! I know I have taken alot of time to continue it… but what can I say…I’m hell buzy these days and can’t get time to write much..But I’m trying my best to continue it so I’m really sorry to all of you for making you all wait for long.I don’t know when I will be able to update it next…
So here is the first part of the 3rd shot,hope you all will like it.

Kindly ignore grammartical mistakes and Typos.


3rd part
~The train Fiasco~
(Part 1)

Railway Station~~

Shivika reached platform no.2 and saw the rest of them and headed towards them. Rudra was sitting on one of the suitcase along with ishana while saumya was talking to her mom on her phone.Om was also talking on the phone with his clients.”See ,bhaiya and bhabhi has also came but this TRAIN has not yet came”rudra said with a sulking face as soon as he saw them coming.”yeah Rudy this train has not yet came…I think the driver has some problem with his memory , he has to go to Nako today not tomorrow”ishana said while keeping her head on rudy’s shoulder and sighed.

It was already 11p.m and there was sign of the train.”What happen guyzz..”annika asked Ishru “the train has not yet came”they chorused.”Chill guys it will come”annika exclaimed.”by the way bhaiya is it for real that you are coming with us?”rudra said with amusement,looking at Ishana and then at him.”yes Rudra this is true”shivaay said and chuckled along with Annika,looking at their shocked face.”anything for my lady love”he said and pulled annika in a side hug,she blushed and looked at him”I love you shivaay”she said and rested her head on his chest,hugging him side ways.he just smiled lovingly and kissed her hair.

Ishru just admire them lovingly.They were a perfect couple! Without each other they are incomplete , they just fit with each other like the missing pieces of a puzzle.Their journey of love along with their adorable fight were admired by everyone.At one moment they will be fighting like anything that if someone new to them will see them like this,the person will be mistaken that they are enemy of each other.while the next moment they will behave as they are crazily in love with each other and will go to any extent for each other happiness—this was dipicted by their actions at this very moment.

“god…! I wish that these two remains like this the whole life”ishana sent a silent prayer to god,looking at them.Rudra just clicked some photos of them as they smiled at the camera.

“Oh heck! I forgotted to take a selfie.. as this will be our first ride in a train”rudra jerked up straight while Ishana who was sitting by his support fell down.”aah! Rudra what is this?”ishu winched in pain.All the people around were giggling seeing her.

Shivika just supressed their laughter and made her stand.

“Sorry ishana didi I forgot to do something really important”rudra apologized,rubbing the back of his neck.”and what is that very IMPORTANT work?”saumya asked from behind and headed towards ishu.”U okay di?”she asked while ishu noded her head.”Wo…actually I forgotted to take a groupfie” he said cheekily while shivaay just smack his head lightly and the three ladies just shook their head in disbelieve.”he is like this only bade bhaiya DUMBELL OBEROI”sumo said with a glare. “Ok leave this wait I’ll bring O with me”rudy said and draged Om with him who was still on the phone.”guys now it’s time for some selfie!”rudra exclaimed and took some selfies while the rest of them possed.

“Guyzz I think the Idea of train is not good,see the train has not yet come”shivaay stammered being unsure.”the train will come shivaay.I know that this will be difficult for you but we should try new things in life Right? so just take it as a new experience and you will enjoy me!”Om said while keeping his hand on his shoulder.While shivaay just gave a small smile to him and noded.

“May I have your attension please..Delhi se nako jaane wali himachal express abh thori hi der mein platform no.2 mein aa rhi hai.have a great journey Thank you!”the annoucement was made”see finally the train is coming”rudra exclaimed.
“O for how much time this train will wait over here?”he asked

“I don’t know, you must have know it right”he said

“How on earth will I know it O?Do I look like a T.T or what”

“NO you are a duffer Rudra”

” you made the tickets?”

“yeah! but why would i do all the things?”

“because you are elder than me”

“Ok leave it,we will find it out”


The rest of them were talking to each other while these two were arguing.

“excuse me can you please tell me how much time does the train will wait over here?”Om asked a man sitting on one of the bench.”it will be waiting for 20 mins over here,Maybe..”the man said.Om thanked him and informed them that the train will wait for atleast 20 mins here.

“Om what is the compartment no.?”Anni asked after sometime.”hmm…S5 first tier AC”he said while looking at the tickets.”Okay!”anni said”but all of you listen to me that as soon as the train will come and will be stopping we will keep an eye on the compartments to see weather S5 had gone forward or not…OK?”she added while the rest noded.”Arre bhabhi when Agent Rudy is here then Why you fear..”rudy said with pride”I will keep an eye on each of them so you all just relax!”he ended.”Then we have to run around the whole platform to see where is S5″Sumo mocked while he glared at her.”hey Sumo don’t underestimate the ability of Agent Rudy”he fired back”watever dumbell Oberoi”she said and turned the other side”HUH!’he turned the other side.

The rest of them just shook their head.

“bhabhi please pass me the water bottle”rudy asked”sorry rudy there is no water left”anni said while showing him the empty bottle.”okay then I’m going to but a bottle”he said and headed towards the store nearby.He went there and asked for a bottle of mineral water , while giving the money he realized that he is only left with 2000 rupees note and handed to the vender.”hey! bro i don’t have change for this’the man said”but I don’t have change either”he said.”than sorry please give back the bottle and take your money or else buy something else from here”the man said.Rudy was thirsty so he buy alot of waffers and chips along with some soft drink cans.

He came with all the things.”what is all this rudra?”shivaay asked while the rest of them loked at him in disbeliefe.”actually..”he was cut off by sumo.”Crybaby we have eaten our dinner an hour ago and you are hungry? what happen to your diet?”she asked “FYI today is my cheat day…no not today but for the rest of the trip until we come back and actually…”he started but was cut off again by sumo”and you have to buy only a bottle of water then from where these all things came from?”sumo asked with a raised eyebrow. “The man give me all this free”he mocked irritately while the rest of them gasped “huh!”they all exclaimed.

“arre waah! my baby you all got this free but how?”Ishu exclaimed being impressed.”yes”annika asked.”arre nothing like taht happened actually…”he again was cut off.”I think maybe the Man must be a gay and he become influenced by his charm and offered him all this free”sumo answered their questions with a smirk and the rest of them burst into laughter.Rudra was now pissed off by her”hey all of you just stop your dirty minds and it is nothing like that”rudra winched.

“so how you got all this”sumo asked with a raised eyebrow.”i was going to tell this only but a sumo cut me off”he said with sarcasm.”Haww!”she said.”if you are done than can I continue”he said and narrated the whole thing.

“rudra are you stupid or what?why did you buy all this ?now who will eat this?” Om asked.”ofcorse Sumo”he blurred put bot soon mentally smacked himself for saying this.”Crybaby!”sumo screamed “if this was not a public place then until now you would have gone”she threatened him and stom his feet.”aah! was just a slip of tongue”rudy said while holding his feet while the rest giggled.”I’m not talking to you just go!”she said ans soon the train came.


I know It’s short…but I promise I will write the 2nd part a little longer.
and it does not contain any of the train fiasco but the next part is all about that…so please bear with me this time.I will try my best to update it soon…

Do give your reviews on it and what you like/dislike.It will really help me to improve my writing skills.

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