Shivika Ishkara Rumya TS~A Memorable Trip~ (By Anya) Part 3 B

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hello guys..First of all i wanted you all to know that i have changed the title of part 3 and the train fiasco will be in the other part.
i thought I will update it in a seperate part so this is the result of it..
And secondly I’m really sorry for making you all wait for so long @Shalini and @aarti32 I’m really sorry for doing this dearies…
I know you all will be really angry with me for doing this and all types of chameli as well as tomatoes are welcomed…
will be updating the next part by tomorrow..Maybe but i will not take so much time for it..!

Kindly ignore grammartical mistakes and Typos


3rd Shot
~Dumbell Oberoi~
(Part 2)

Rumya were bickerring with each other when the train came.
It slow down when it came towards the platform.Shivaay got a call and he was buzy talking on the phone.Ishu was buzy gazing at her phone while Aniomrusom were looking at the compartments to see the no. of them.

The train stopped slowly.”I didn’t saw H1 till now,this means that it is in the le…”rudy said being confused.

“Aye!crybaby go and do a checkup of your eyes H1 had gone that way!”saumya interupted.

“Hey! My eyes are totally alright ok? your eyes need to be checked up”

“haww! ulta chor kutwaal ko dante”

“yes because H1 is not there but in the opposite side”

“saumya and rudra just stop it”Om said calmly.

“No it is there..I saw it with my own eyes”They totally ignore him.

“No it’s not there…I’ve seen it with my own eyes too”



“NO”she screamed.

“YES YES YES!”he too screamed.

“Arrgghh…”she hissed in frustation.

Both of them opened their mouth to say something when

“JUST STOP IT!”shivaay screamed being irritated as he came there.Both of them just put their finger on their lips and gave a puppy face to him.

“what the hell is going on over here?”he asked all of them.

“Actually shivaay these two were fighting for ‘where is the H1 compartment?’ “Om said.

“yes bhaiya I’m telling her that it is in the left side”rudy said

“no it is in the right side…”sumo said.

“bhaiya don’t listen to her she is a crackbrained..”

“haww! I’m crackbrained you are an idiot duffer dumbell Oberoi who doesn’t have a brain instead had a big fat stone in it’s place”she said with her hand on her waist “and yes a crybaby also”she added

“sumo just stop it!”he screamed.

“I will only stop if you’ll agree that H1 is in right side”

“only in your dreams it is in the left side”

“No right”



“left” this continued for 3 to 4 time more.

“I said you two to zip your mouth..didn’t I?”shiv said with a stern voice while calming himself down.

both of them stopped and nodded their head.this time both acted like they zip of their mouth with a key nad throw the imaginary key away.

“but bhaiya!”rudy started”just shoo off”he cut off him.rudra wanted to speak but prefer to be quite by seeing his brother’s anger.

“shivaay!”annika started”you leave it anni…i don’t want to hear anything stupid right now…so plzz”he said

Annika just huffed in responce.

“let Om speak”he said and she muttered something under her breath.

“Om you tell me what is the problem?”shivaay asked him while glaring at rumya.”actually I think saumya is right and H1 is in the right side”Om said”me too”ishu agreed.”see bade bhaiya I told you”sumo said and show her tongue to rudy.Rudy just huffed in anger.”hmm…I think you are right! this dumbell oberoi must have mistaken”Shivaay said and rudy made a crybaby face.

“Dushman na kare poore family ne aisa kaam kiya hai…urm bhar ka gham humme enaam diya hai”he sang melodramaticly and fake some tears.

“dramebaaz”Ishu whispered while the rest of them shook their head in disbelieve.”aww! My baby brother is crying?”Om said while caressing his hair.”yes O you all don’t believe me!”he said with a puppy face.”Dramebaaz!” shivkara just smack his head”stop your stupid act and let’s go”they both said in unison.”Are!see my babybrother is crying and you two are not even bothered..tell rudy where did you see it..I will go with you at that side only”Anni said while holding his hand.”yes bhabhi see them! you are only my true family..and they are..they are…very bad”he winched.”oye! apne Bhabhi ke laadle we are bad?”Ishu asked”yes you all are bad you all are not believing me but my anni bhabhi believed me”he said and side hugged her while she smiled.

“this is because you always make us land in some trouble and anni is the most innocent one and she always get trap in your fake tears”Ishu said.

“ishu don’t say that.i know he sometimes behave like a Dumbell but my rudy is very mature and I think he is right now”anni said and caressed rudy’s hair.

SomIsh started laughing at this and all looked at them with a wierd expression.

“hey why are you two laughing?Is that because of a joke than please tell me i also wanted to know about it”anni said while rudy also noded his head in agreement.

“are anni tune hi toh joke mara aur tujhe hi nhi pata chala?”Ishu asked between laugh.

“Mene kab koi joke maara?”she asked being confused.
“are tune kaha na ki Rudy is mature so wahi toh joke hua”she said and again laughed out loud.

“Annika bhabhi..don’t believe him you will regret it later”sumo said.

Rudy just gave a hard glare to both the girls.

“ok now it’s enough let’s go we are running late”shivaay said ”but where left or right?”they asked.”ofcourse right”he said casually while flicking his hair. “but”annika started”no but and anything we are going in the right side and this is final”he said while cutting her off and with watever luggage he got started walking.”no, we are going in the left side only and this is final”annika said and started moving towards the left dragging rudra with her.he just acted as he didn’t heard her and continue to walk.”hey! you both just stop”Ishu screamed at them.they stopped and looked at her.

“see it’s just waste of time to fight on this stupid topic so I think we must divide into two groups one will go to the left while the other will go the right”she said”so me and bhabhi will go to the left”rudy said and hi-fied anni”and me with the rest will go to the right”sumo said.

“Are mujhe poori baat toh bolne do..”ishu asked irritated.”hmm..say!”Om said.”as we all have 12 mins left”she said while looking at her watch “so I thing we will be able to find H1 and who ever finds it first will call the other group and they will reach there.Understand?”she asked all of them while they nodded.”ok so come let’s go rudy”anni said and started walking to the left.”hey wait you two, I will also come with you both”shiv said as he was scared that these two will get into some problem as both of them are childish.”ok!then follow us”rudy said.”you three just go the other way and let me know if you find it.I’m going with these two to keep a check on them nhi toh ye dono koi na koi Raita phaila denge..!”shiv said while Om assured him and both the group parted their way..!


So this is it..
I hope I didn’t bored you all and you all like it..!
and I’m really very very sorry for this..
As always I will be waiting for all of your precious comments!

With love,

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  1. Hii author I’m new in this page and also a silent reader of this ff. Keep writing and you always make me laugh ???☺

    1. Anyakhan32

      hello sweetie!
      thank you for this feedback dear!I’m glad that through my FF you are laughing..

      Love you,

      1. Anyakhan32

        And one more thing…you can call me Anya..!

  2. Excellent

    1. Anyakhan32

      thank you…dear!

  3. Lovely epi

    1. Anyakhan32

      thank you lilly!

  4. Fantastic

    1. Anyakhan32

      thank you dear!

  5. JanviSingh

    Hey Anya…
    It was hilarious…??????
    Just awsm….. We have faced same problem while traveling in trains…. N guess what… Even we divide into 2 groups….☺☺☺

    1. Anyakhan32

      Me too..!
      thank you…Janvi!

  6. Super iam waiting for the next part.

    1. Anyakhan32

      thank you dear!

  7. Shivika

    Superbbb……amazing…..loved it… soon

    1. Anyakhan32

      thank you dear!

  8. Shuklarashi

    Awesome dear continue. ..

    1. Anyakhan32

      thank you dear!

  9. The episode was really hillarious dear ?. waiting for the next episode. Pls post the next episode asap dear

    1. Anyakhan32

      thank you Sofiya..!
      will update it soon…

  10. Ruksy

    Amazing update

    1. Anyakhan32

      thank you rusky!

  11. Awesome waiting for next

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      thank you dear!

  12. Yashu


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      thank you dear!

  13. Inu

    Superb. Rumya nkok jhok.and everyone bonding is good.

    1. Anyakhan32

      thank you dear!

  14. Aarti32

    Awesome..but was it d end??

    1. Anyakhan32

      thank you dear!
      no Aarti…there are more to it…
      will be updating it really soon…

      1. Aarti32

        Ou..Good good..Plzz post soon

      2. Anyakhan32

        hmm..will update it soon…

  15. Vincy

    Nice yr… AniRu perfect bhabhi devar

    1. Anyakhan32

      thank you dear!

  16. Razna

    Suuprb anayaaa i loved it…update next part asap

    1. Anyakhan32

      thank you dear..!
      will update it soon…

  17. Awesome update.. loved it..

    1. Anyakhan32

      thank you dear!

  18. Mrunal

    anniru is soo cute…
    rumya will never change.. tom & jerry…
    shivaay watch ur language..
    raita phaila denge…??

    1. Anyakhan32

      thank you dear…?
      uska language change hua..and all thanks to our fav annika..?

      1. Mrunal

        Hmm seems like that only..??
        Annika ka infection ho gaya billu ji ko..??

      2. Anyakhan32

        Are aise kaise nhi hota…wo uski biwi hai…so Agar ek saath rahege toh infection hoga na…
        BTW I have updated the next part do have a look on it too…?

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