Shivika Fs – Fulfilling wishes Part 15

Recap: shivika in rain

Part 15

Anika I informed Khanna. He said he will arrange for transport. But he may not be able to track us due to bad weather.”

Then when he will come to pick us?”, She questioned him.

Maybe in morning”.

” Till then what r we supposed to do?”.

” Actually I don’t know. First we should find a shelter for us. I think it’s not possible to find a hotel nearby.”

” Fine then let’s go “, she said to him.

Both of them walked for some time. They found some leftovers of some camp. Shivay arranged for a shelter whereas anika collected firewood. After settling they fired woods and warmed themselves.

Shivay looked at Anika. Her face was glowing partially due to moonlight and fire. He wondered how her skin is so soft. He questioned himself whether the warmth of this fire or warmth from her body. Which of these two will be better?. His trance got broken when he found Anika holding her leg. He was worried for her. He went to her.

What happened Anika? R u fine? Why r you holding your leg?”.

Woh actor I don’t know what happened. But I feel like some insect stung me.”

” What insect? Did you see what insect it was? What if it is poisonous? How can you be so careless? What if something happens to you? I will definitely d…”, He stopped in middle realising what he was about to say.

She looked at him deeply. She clearly understood what he wanted to say. To change the topic she spoke

Oh come on relax Mr. Oberoi. It’s just a normal insect bite. Nothing will happen to me”, she assured him.

” How can you ask me to calm down? Show me your leg”, saying so he lifted her leg.

Anika protested but it was of no use. He kept her leg on his lap. He carefully inspected that area. He was satisfied after founding it’s just a normal ant bite.

He was about to keep her leg down but he noticed her milky skin. He saw how soft her skin was. He slowly caressed her legs. Anika raised her eyebrow in shock. He placed a soft kiss on her legs. A shiver passed through anika’s body. She closed her eyes.

Mr. Oberoi I think we should sleep now”, she said to him.

Shivay who was lost in her thoughts came into reality. He kept her leg down and said.

Yes u r right. I think we should sleep”, he went inside the tent and made some place for Anika. He kept his head on one side and started to sleep.

Anika entered inside. She too layed on other side. She closed her eyes and acted like sleeping. But sleep was far away from her. She can’t sleep without taking sleeping pills. She never said it to anyone. For the past three months she is under severe depression.

She is taking treatment for it. Doctor advised her to take pills for sleeping. She tried to sleep but it’s becoming difficult for her. She stood up and went outside. After few minutes shivay woke up.

Not seeing Anika beside him he got panicked. He immediately went outside to find her. He saw her sitting near firewood. He slowly went towards her and kept his hand on her shoulder. She turned around and found him.

” Why r u awake anika? U were supposed to sleep now. R u worried about anything?”, He asked her with concern.

Seeing his concern for her she got happy. Her eyes swelled up and she hugged him tightly. He was worried for her. He reciprocated the hug and assured her everything will be fine. He broke the hug and asked her.

What happened Anika? Please tell me why r u crying?”.

Only once in her life she hided a truth from him. She paid a high price for that. This time she thought no more lies between them.

Woh actually I can’t sleep without sleeping pills”.

Shivay was shocked to hear this. He wondered how come he didn’t notice this. What’s bothering her too much that she is forced to take sleeping pills. He was now more afraid of her health.

Anika. R u fine? From when r u taking pills. Is your health okay? Tell me the name of the doctor u r consulting with”, shivay bombarded her with questions.

Please not today. I don’t want to remember all those things”, she told him as tears flowed from her eyes.

He wiped her tears and held her hand. He took her towards the shelter. He made her lie down on his lap. She tried to protest but he didn’t let her. She then kept his head on his lap. He caressed her hair lovingly and placed a kiss on her head.

He soothed her pain with his actions. He whispered sweet words in her ears. He intertwined his hand with her. All his actions and words made her forget her pain. She slowly drifted to sleep. After ensuring she slept well. He made her sleep in a proper position. He looked at her lovingly.

Shivay’s pov

I am sorry Anika. I broke my promise. I shouldn’t have left you. It was all my mistake. I should have trusted you. But I was not able to. When the matter is about my brothers I become blind. If I am the reason for your this condition I will never be able to forget myself. Whatever I am going to do it will definitely break you.

But I don’t have other choice. You messed with shivay Singh oberoi. I know I am giving you pain but I am also suffering in this. Shivay’s Anika is dead on the same day when I throwed you out of oberoi mansion now only shivay Singh oberoi is living.
He kissed her forehead and cheeks. He laid down beside her.

Anika woke up in the morning. She felt some weight on her waist. She saw shivay hugging her and sleeping her. She found him so cute. She caressed his hair. She released his hand and went out. Shivay woke up and went outside. She found Anika standing outside.

Did you sleep well?”, He asked her.
She didn’t reply to him. She kissed his cheek. Shivay stood in shock. She said to him.

Thank you so much it was the best night of my life. Thank you so much for the long drive. You took so much care of me. No one took care of me the way u did to me. I am an orphan. I always yearned for someone’s care in my life. I never had anyone in my life. I don’t have parents. But you gave me the love of mother. I can never forget this. Thank you “, she didn’t want to open up like this but his care made her to do so.

Hearing this shivay stood rooted to floor. Her words realized his importance in her life.

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