Shivika – A ff by Rena (Part-14)

Hi guys I am so sorry for being late I hope I will like this part once again sorryyyyyty

Anika room
Anika was in a hurry to remove the haldi but then she heard a sound from the poolside of her room
Anika: shivaay aap yaha
Shivaay: looking very beautiful my jaan
Anika: to say this u came her
Shivaay: no I u came to wash the haldi
Anika: go to ur room and wash it
Shivaay takes Anika in his hand and throws her into the pool and he also jumps
Anika: batameez billu what did u do u idiot
Shivaay: I know u are also going g to wash haldi I am also going to wash half so why should we simply waste water and by saying this he comes closer he removes her lehenga duppatte
Anika: what are u doing

Shivaay : u know just helping my wife he touches her bare waist she get shivers his runs her face
Anika Animal was moving backwards and she reaches the boundary of the pool
Shivaay takes Anikas hand slightly wash it and the kisses it then he coverd their inch distant e by kissing her and opens her lace then give them privacy
Khushi room khushi was going to bath
Ayaan enters and locks the room and he enters the bathroom
Khushi removes her duppata and she screams ayaan cover her mouth and her hands touch the shower and the water starts coming
Khushi: aap yaha Kya kar rahi hai
Ayaan: meri hone wale patni ko help jar rahi Hein
Khushi:oh in the haldi function u was continuesly staring at me why
Ayaan: I was looking where they put haldi
Khushi: where
Ayyan:first legs and come closerthen hands and pushes her to him by holding her waist then he kisses her both cheeks while khushi close her eyes he pulls her little more closer and he kisses on her lips

Anika room
Anika pushes him
Anika: besharam go or I will shout now
Shivaay: hi e me one kiss Plz plZ
Anika: o.k close ur eyes and she goes from there
Shivaay: anika how long will it take and opens his eyes and he goes from there
Shivaay: panika
Ayashi scene
Anjali:khushi come fast
Khushi:aap yaha se. Jaiyeee plz plz go away
From here ayaan goes by the window
Anjali: khushi tumhaara dress for sangeet
Khushi: ok di
Later night

Everyone gets ready it was the sangeet safest and mehendi function
Anika : writte s
The sangeet went well now it was for couple dance they dance
Ayaan was asked to sing a song
Ayaan sings mile he tum hamko
And the function ends
Dadi does not allow the grooms to meet bride
Dadi:tomorrow is ur marriage after that u can see her for ur life time everyone goes to sleep as tomorrowis their big day

Precap: marriage last episode

Guys hope u all liked it plz comment now there will only be one more episode sorry there is no honeymoon part showing its a sudden change of the story forgive me plz

  1. It’s was an nice episode dear. what did you say the next episode is the last episode of this ff. please don’t stop this ff so early. you said that you change the honeymoon vala part. it’s okay .I request you don’t end this ff in their marriage.If you decide to end this ff it’s okay but please write one more part. After the marriage I want a leap and show Shivika and Ayashi ‘s happy life with their kids and you can end this ff. update soon…………..

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