Shivika – A ff by Rena (Part-13)

Hey guys I am back with another episode thankyou for ur comments hope you like this part also
Everything is decorated according to wedding
Cutie pie Song is played and everyone are ared dancing it’s a party set up by omru
Anika arrives in an white lehenga with a black border and simple work khushi arrives in a green colour lehenga legend and Arnav in green Kurta and shivaay in white black shade Kurta they both arrive with glades
Om:common shivaay
Rudr: bhaiya u can state bhabi later and pushes him to dance
Priyanka:pushes anika to dance
And they also pushes ayashi to dance
Ayaan holds khushi waist and pulls her closer

Ayaan:bahut khoobsurat lag rahi goon
Khushi:Aaap bhi laad governer
Ayaan: oh how many names I have for me
Khushi:bahut hai Mr rude
Khushi: ha u are always angry

Ayaan:kabhi kabhi gussa muskurahat se zyada
Khas hota hai kyun ki muskurahat toh sabke liye hota hai magar gussa sirf unke liye hota hai
Jinhein hum kabhi khona nahin chahtey
Khushi:awwww kahase sikha
Ayaan: om se.
And khushi kisses on his cheeks
Scene shift to shivika
Shivaay: anika

Anika:ha billuji
Shivaay: come with me and he drags her to pool place
Anika: Kya Hua shivaay
Shivaay: oh can’t i spent some time with you
Anika:oh! I can do it from there itself
Shivaay: somethings can’t be done in public
Anika:so what is the thing u want to do
Shivaay goes closer to anika

Anika moves back
Shivaay holds her waist and kisses on her cheeks
O jaana plays
Then on her neck
Anika:shivaay stop it
Shivaay: anika Abuja and kissekisses on her lips and he leaves her
Anika was shocked
Rudr:bhaiya u can do romance after the marriage
Shivaay: when did u all come
There was omru Prinku saumya
Om:I didn’t see anything shivaay

Pri:I saw little
Saumay:i also so little
Rudr:I saw everything and they all laughs
Shivika are embarrassed
Shivaay: let’s go idiots
And they all arrive
Dadi:Ok now everyone go and get some rest next we have haldi jaa puutar
Anika and khushi go together chatting with each other
Boys also goes to another side

Anika room:
Khushi:they are very romantic now a days
Anika:ha khushi bc of him I was embarrassed in front of everyone
Khushi:me too
Anjali:khushi ur haldis dress
Pinky:anika beta tumhare dress haldi taiyaar hona
Than animal takes khushi with her for making her get ready
Malika arrives
Anika hugs Malika
Malika:I told u that day u both are meant for each other
And Malika makes anika ready
Anika looks in to the mirror

Anika is wearing a yellow colour lehenga
She is looking damn gorgeous she is wearing a flower set earing and bangle
Khushi also comes there khushi is also looking beautiful (imagine the dress khushi wears in ipknd on her haldi)
Priyanka came she is wearing an yellow colour Saree

Saumya also same:malika didi apka dress
Malika also wears the Saree and come
The girls come taking the bride’s with them the whole place Is decorated yellow and the boys cannot see the bride’s
Ayaan:I wush to see her
Shivaay: me too but Dadi has denied
Ayaan:once this finish and smiles naughtily
Shivaay: hm I also have an idea and smiles
Anika and khushi are sitting there is a shall and on anikas side shivaay sitting
And on khushi side ayaan sitting
Only a shall between them
Everyone starts applying haldi

Shivaay: mom apply little after all I am ur heard beta
Pinky laughs:shivaay u are my hydra beta n.a. and appplies so much haldi
Same goes with anika and khushi
Ayaan and shivaay are starting at anika and khushi

Precap:rasams romance teasing love

Guys hope I all liked it plz share ur suggestion and also comment and guys luv u all

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  6. Rena it’s was an awesome episode ????.I really want shivika marriage happens with all rasam. but it doesn’t happen in IB. I’m waiting for shivika ? and ayashi ?marriage happens with all rasam. Today episode is fantastic. both shivay and ayan in full of romance mode, so I expecting more romance of both couple. I’m waiting for your next episode. update soon….

    And waiting for your new ff. update soon….. ??????

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