Shivika: A Compromise By Annie (Part 32)

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Shivika: A Compromise By Annie (Part 2)

Hi everyone.. I am sorry for being gone for such a longtime.. Firstly I was stuck on another request and secondly I had my french language exams and since it was my first time learning french I had to work hard a little…

Recap: Shivaay- Anika’s first meeting in the elevator.. Their hate and disdain as competitors.. And Shivaay’s revenge by throwing Anika on the pool and him smiling at Anika’s Tadi.. OmRuRi working together to being Shivika together…

Now, current time…

Shakti: To maintain our merger and this partnership we need to take a step.. It will also help our merger to become stronger.. But, that step greatly needs ur permission..

Abhiman: What step?

Shakti: We need to get Anika and Shivaay married.. Only if u are okay and they are Ok..

Abhiman: that’s an excellent proposal but my hands are tied since I need my daughter’s acceptance..

Shakti: we can ask them… I will text Shivaay since he is busy with some stuff and we will meet directly in the party.. If Anika agrees we will announce it in today’s party..

Abhinam: hmm, I will also text her..(in mind: But Anika doesn’t like Shivaay.. Will she agree??)

Shivaay’s POV…

I have to go to Anika’s cabin again.. Why do I have to do all the deals with her? Oh I forgot, she is also the CEO. And what happened to Omru and Gauri.. The trio has gone crazy.. They constantly keep me asking me how Anika was and what we did? Seriously, what made them so obsessed over her and my meeting?

Besides, I gather up all my points perfectly.. I don’t want her to win over her arguments again.. Absent-mindedly I clash with someone…

Sahil: Dekhe nahi chalte sakte?

Shivaay: I was in a hurry… Now, please would u move from the door..

Sahil: I won’t move.. Its an order..

Shivaay: U being a little kid are giving me orders? Do u know who I am, kid?

Sahil: No, I don’t want to know.. Besides, try to learn orders.. It will help u later in life.. Now go, do ur work.. I have many task to handle.

Shivaay: U little… U are a kid right? So behave like one too. No need to use ur mouth to talk back to elders.. Its called disrespect.. Didn’t u learn manners on how to talk to elders?

Sahil: even u are an elder.. And elders are supposed to love younger and talk with affection.. U are so big.. Actually not that big.. Ur height is a bit…(makes a face showing that Shivaay is not tall enough)

Shivaay: U little…

Anika:(from behind) Sahil, I hope u didn’t let anyone enter my cabin..

Shivaay: Tum ise janti ho?

Anika: He is my cousin, Sahil.

Shivaay: oh so tumhara cousin hai.. Its pretty visible actually.. U act like hungry tigress and he started full on attack with me.. After all bhai kiska hai..

Anika: huh, u couldn’t handle a kid and u are throwing ur frustration on me.. Grow up, Shivaay.

Shivaay: I will grow up.. Stop making ur brother grow.. His talks are developing way ahead his age.. And he was stopping me from entering ur cabin…

Anika: becoz, I told him to.. And he is perfectly alright.. U should make ur brain a little bit more mature to tackle with kids..

Shivaay: look, I don’t want to create a scene here.. Just tell him to apologise to me right now..

Anika: why should he apologize? He didn’t say anything wrong?

Shivaay: Anika, either u apologise to me or he should.. But I need an apology that should come from either of u..

Anika: not happening…

Sahil: ok, stop.. Kya billu-billi ke tara ladhai kar rahe ho? Mr.billuji.. I didn’t mean to act that way.. Now please don’t create a ruckus..

Shivaay: Billu? What’s billu? I am Shivaay Singh Oberoi..

Sahil: billu pasand nahi hai.. Thik hai than I will call u SSO..(does a high-five with Anika)

Shivaay: Apne bhai ko ye sab sikhato ho? Bilkul tumpe gaya hai..

Anika: Mera bhai hai.. So he will go on me.. Now, why are u here?

Shivaay: I came here to discuss about the Thappar’s deal.

Anika: than stop fighting with a kid and acting like one.. Chalo..

The screen fades to a college party…

Rudra is seen running to someone with two cones of ice-cream..

Rudra: Soumya, I brought ur favourite butter-scotch flavour.. Come on lets have it together..

Soumya: Rudra.. I don’t want all these.. Now tell me, are u telling everyone about us or not?

Rudra: look, I am trying.. I promise I will tell everyone.. But, u understand how my friends and others are…

Soumya: are u putting ur popularity and ur fan following before me in ur priority list?

Rudra: baby, I am not.. I just need to build up ur image perfectly so that people aso respects u.

Soumya: do u love me, Rudy?

Rudra: ofcourse, I do.. Don’t doubt my love for u.

Soumya: than why are u so embarrassed to introduce me as your girlfriend to others?

Rudra: I am not embarrassed.. I don’t want anyone to tease u or treat u badly regarding our relationship.. I want them to respect u.. And that respect will build up when I make then understand properly.. I promise just a little time and everyone will know.. Now look the ice cream will melt.. Don’t u want to have the ice cream with me..

Soumya:(smiles) i will have it but I am tired to playing cat and mouse.. Just tell them and I don’t care what they tell to me… But I don’t want to live as ur secret.

Rudra: but I care how they see u.. I am still trying to make them look upto u.. I want them to know how great u are..(kisses her forehead)

Oberoi Mansion…

Shakti: I have texted, Shivaay.. Hope he gets it and replies..

Om: Umm, chote papa.. Can I use ur phone to text Shivaay? Actually, my phones battery is dead.

Shakti: ok. Here..

Om texts to Shivaay…

“Shivaay, Gauri is pregnant.. I am soo happy.. I was thinking could u help me arrange a surprise party for her in the terrace tonight.. I have texted Rudy too, and also try to bring Anika to help if u can”.

Om: Thank u.. Chote papa.

At Agnihotri Mansion..

Abhiman: how do I ask Anika? I will not be seeing her until the party at Oberoi mansion.

Diya: easy, just send her an email.. Since she checks it very often..

Abhiman: hmm, I will do that..

At office….

Shivaay: so, we will do the deal in this way.. Agreed?

Anika: this u came well prepared.. I can’t find a way to oppose u.. Fine we will do it this way..

Shivaay gets a text and checks it..

Shivaay: two text from papa.. Oh its one is from Om..

As soon as shivaay goes to scroll the message about his marriage Anika calls him…

Anika: Shivaay, we still have some more things to discuss..

Shivaay: oh yeah.. By the way are u free tonight?

Anika: lets see.. Maybe.. Why?

Shivaay: Om wants u to come and attend as well as help arranging a surprise party for Gauri.. And since its late-night.. We could stay at my place too..

Anika: oh.. Ok.. But party for Gauri.. Oh, I get it.. Om got to know that she is pregnant.. Great, I will be there..

Shivaay: how did u know about this? Were u spying on me while I on the phone?

Anika: uh, joke!! Don’t give urself so much importance to deserve my time.. Besides, why should I tell u how i got to know? A girl has her secrets.

Shivaay: fine stay with ur childish secrets..

Precap: Oberoi and Agnihotri announces Shivika wedding in the office party.

Guys, I don’t know if the misunderstanding part is believable but I had to put something.. And I added a different touch to our Rumya.. Hope u all liked it.

Will be back soon..

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