Shivi TS: Parwah Hai (Chapter 2)

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Chapter 2 – Overflow

In Shiva and Raavi’s Room,

Krish and Shiva are talking about the incidents which happened when Shiva was unconscious. The whole conversation makes Shiva realise that he holds an important place in Raavi’s life.

‘Mera shiva [My Shiva]’, these words keep on replaying in his mind. It gives him happiness which he couldn’t figure out why. It is some mysterious kind of happiness that he is experiencing. It is not only joy that he is feeling rather it also provides him with the sense of belonging, love and support. He initially thought that he doesn’t care if Raavi ever consider him apart of her life. But now when he is living it, he feels like there is some kind of peace in life that he has attained.

These words may be insignificant for some, but for Shiva it holds a special place. These words put a pause to the endless suffering he has undergone, all the taunts and the pain associated with it seems to fade. He has never made anyone feel that he is affected but deep inside he does get hurt. He always channelised his hurt in form of anger making people perceive him to be rude and arrogant. But he is a just like others, full of emotions and craves for love and respect too.

It’s not that Shiva is not loved at all; his family loves him but he has faced endless suffering and taunts from the society. His rage has just reduced the number of taunts as people feared him, but no one has quit. Shiva while growing up felt that no one would love him for him. The way he is, would only bring him pain and taunts and that is why he had built a wall around himself so that his heart doesn’t get hurt. He has also hurt Raavi many times unintentionally due to this.

With Raavi, his wife coming into his life, his life changed. She slowly made her way through the wall. Shiva didn’t realise when Raavi made her way in his heart. And today this realization has got him on cloud nine. Knowing that someone you have wedded will continue showering love till her last breath, someone who would understand you, would care for you and will love for who you really are. Shiva finally feels that his existence is worth it. It is the first time that Shiva has received love from someone other than his family. It is not that she is not family but she wasn’t before. His happiness is evident on his face, there is a smile that nobody has seen. It reflects his inner peace.

Before Krish could tease him, the door opens. And their thoughts get disturbed. Shiva sees Raavi standing on the entrance with a glass of juice in her hands. In that moment he feels relief to see Raavi. It is as if he has found the missing piece of the puzzle. In a second, he looks her from top to bottom, trying to ensure that she is fine. He finds her standing in a lavender suit, her arms bandaged and a band aid on her forehead. What shocks him are her eyes, in a fraction of second when his eyes meet her’s, he finds many emotions, there is relief, happiness, care and love. The last emotion shocks him. He never has thought to find love in her eyes. Isit love for him? He asked himself but he is not sure of the answer.

Shiva realises the intensity of emotions Raavi would have felt when she said ‘Mera Shiva’, this feeling warms up his heart. Shiva gives his warmest smile to Raavi and hopes to find a similar reaction from her as well.

When Raavi opens the door, she hasn’t thought to find Shiva conscious. She opens the door to find Shiva in a sitting position, and smiling. She has seen him smile but now his smile makes her wonder, what happened that he is smiling when he just regained conscious and that too looking at her. Seeing Shiva fine, gives Raavi immense peace, it is as if she has got her life back. She takes a deep breath as if she is just taking in her lost peace and happiness back.

She murmurs a quick prayer in her mind, ‘Haye Somnath, Thank you so much ki Shiva ko hosh aa gaya [Thank god, that Shiva has regained his conscious]’

As she opens her eyes, she sees Shiva looking at her keenly, she looks at him trying to figure out his thoughts. Then she finds him giving her a warm smile. It surprises her, his smile flutters her heart and she smiles. His eyes show happiness, relief, concern and love. Sensing these emotions from him, her soul feels alive.

Shiva can see redness peeking though her skin, he has seen her blush but have never been the reason for it nor he has witnessed how the redness peeks through, how the slight pinkish hue becomes cherry in a matter of milliseconds.

Krish interrupts their thoughts by saying “ Raavi! Dekho, Shiva ko hosh aa gaya hai [ Raavi! Look, Shiva has regained his conscious ]” saying this he starts jumping. His aim is to show that Shiva has just regained conscious and he was about to go out and call her. Krish knows that his life is in danger as Raavi could do anything when she is angry. Little did he know that Raavi’s priority is Shiva and not punishing Krish. Unknowingly Krish is saved because of Shiva.

Raavi looks at Krish and hands him the juice. She walks towards Shiva and hugs him all of a sudden. Shiva hugs her back. Shiva feels a bit hesitant as he has never shown his emotions to anyone, he is reserved but now it is Raavi. His emotions are overflowing making it difficult for him to control.

The hug that they share becomes a blissful moment for them. It communicates their unsaid feelings.

Raavi says “ Shiva tujhe hosh aa gaya bhagwan ka shukar hai tujhe hosh aa gaya [ Shiva, you are conscious, oh thank god ]”

Raavi separates herself from him and cups his face in her hands, she is relieved seeing Shiva while Shiva is lost in her concerning eyes.

Raavi says “ Tu theek h na, kesa feel kar rha h ab[ How are you feeling? ] ”, seeing him not answer, she lightly shakes him a bit and says “ Shiva ”

Shiva comes out of his world, but still in daze and say “ Huh? [ What? ] ”

Raavi asks “ Tu theek h na [ Are you fine? ] ”

Shiva says “ Me theek hu [ I am fine ] ”

In her concern, Raavi and Shiva doesn’t realise their proximity nor does they hesitate when Raavi is showering Shiva with her love and concern in front of Krish.

Krish adores the scene and says “ Aww ”. This shifts Raavi’s attention to Krish, she gets angry and says “ Are Krish tune bataya nhi mujhe [ Ah Krish why didn’t you inform me ] ”

Krish is a little scared as he doesn’t want to face Raavi’s wrath and says “ Are me batane hi aa rha tha ki aap aa gae, chalo me sab ko bata kar aata hu [ Ah, I was just coming to inform you but you had already arrived; now let me inform others ] ”

Krish tries to escape the situation. Shiva looks him and mouths ‘ Thodi der me [ In some time ] ’, understanding him, Krish nods and leaves. This leaves them in the room alone with the whirlwind of the emotions.

In this moment, he feels the desire to stay with her and live in the moment, enjoy every second of it. After living the whole day in the fear of losing each other, they couldn’t waste more time. There are some unsaid and unexplainable feelings that they are experiencing in the moment.

They look in each other’s eyes and gets lost. It is too overwhelming; it is the first time they are experiencing something like this. Feeling shy and trying to avoid over expression of her love and concern, Raavi says “ Me tere liye juice lati hu [ Let me get some juice for you ] ”

Shiva is feeling the same but the tug in his heart when he thinks about her absences makes him grab her hand. He is shy too but his emotions are making it impossible to let go of this time. Both somewhere know that in this moment they would be able to pour out their heart else this matter and its feeling would remain hidden for a long time.

Raavi doesn’t know what is Shiva feeling, she can just take a wild guess. Though the chances are high but she can’t take the risk of breaking her heart whereas Shiva decides to take the risk.

There is a need for communication between them, Shiva overcomes his hesitation and says “ Raavi ”

Raavi freezes, it is the first time that Shiva has called her by her name, she looks in his eyes keenly. Then appears a smile on her face and warmth in her heart. It is as if a flower has blossomed in the spring.

Raavi nervously says “ Ha Shiva bolo [ Yeah Shiva? ]”

Shiva says “ Aa baith yaha mere paas [ Sit beside me ] ” and he pats the place besides him.

This gets butterflies in her stomach. Like infinite butterflies. And she sits, initially she thought to sit a bit far from him but ends up sitting besides him.

Shiva looks in her deep brown orbs and asks “ Kaesi hai tu [ How are you? ] ”

Raavi somewhere knows where this would go, but have never expected to see Shiva so kind and concerned. Feeling the intensity of his gaze, she feels the need to lie about her condition, and says “ Me theek hu shiva, dekh [ I am fine Shiva, look ] ” somewhere she knows that Shiva will know but she is not able to let her guards fall off. If her guards falloff then she would be vulnerable in front of him, but little did she know that Shiva is able to see through her soul and can understand her thoughts and feelings.

Shiva catches her lie but to lighten up the situation he thinks to tease her a bit rather than confronting her and says “ Dekh ne par tu to roti hui dekhai de rahi hai [ On inspecting you, I can see that you have been crying ] ”

Raavi looks at him, there is a bit shock in her eyes, she says “ Are vo to bas ese hi, me sach me theek hu, are tu meri chod, theek h Shiva [ Ah it’s nothing, I am fine. Leave all that and tell me about yourself ] ” . Apart from her vulnerability, there is a feeling to hide everything from Shiva so that he doesn’t get hurt. Raavi doesn’t know from where does this selflessness come, but she feels it wrestling with her selfishness.

Shiva analyses himself and feels his body. Till now he was engrossed with Raavi and her thoughts so he didn’t get time to think about himself. On checking himself he feels pain in his head. He wants to lie but seeing her looking at him with such innocence he couldn’t make himself utter anything except truth, he says “Hmm bas dard h thoda [ Hmm, feeling some pain ] ”. Well, it is not exactly a lie but a milder version of truth, this is how Shiva consoles his heart.

Raavi gets anxious and says “ Dard kaha Shiva, tune pehle kyo nhi bataya [ What!!Where? Why didn’t you tell me earlier ] ”, seeing her panic, he curses himself for falling for her innocence and saying truth.

Shiva tries to calm her down, he holds by her arms and says “ Raavi ”, his voice’s magic works and she relaxes a bit, and then he continues “ Iss liye hi nahi bataya, aur itna bhi nahi hai dard, theek hume [ That’s why hide it. I am fine stop worrying. Okay! ]”.

Raavi can read him pretty well and knows that he is lying and says “ Jhooth mat bol Shiva [ Shiva stop lying ] ”.

Shiva says “ Are me [ I am ] ”

But Raavi doesn’t let him continue and says “ Acha to tu let ja [ Just lie down ] ”

Shiva knows that there is no point of arguing so he agrees. But here comes the twist, instead of pillow he lays his head in her lap.

Shiva tries to show irritation and says “ Theek hai?[ Is it fine ] ” but can’t maintain his look and smiles seeing her blush.

When Shiva agreed to lay down without arguing, it felt weird to her and she knew that he would be up to something but she has not imagined that Shiva would lay his head in her lap. Raavi shyly says “ Haa [ Yes] ”

She after a lot of hesitation, she looks in his eyes and caresses his hair. Feeling her touch, he relaxes more and closes his eyes. Seeing him, so calm and peaceful, Raavi too finds peace. Both are lost in the moment, but somehow Raavi gets the flashes of the fight where Shiva gets injured and her eyes swell with tears. Shiva’s eyes are closed but still he feels a tug at heart. He feels restless and thus he opens his eyes to see tears escaping her eyes.

Shiva instantly gets up, which causes pain around his wounds but his focus is Raavi so he leaves it unattended. Shiva’s quick movement brings Raavi out of her world and she looks at him in shock. She is shocked to see Shiva siting and looking upset and anxious.

Before she could question him. Shiva says “ Ab kyo ro rahi hai [ Why are you crying? ] ”

Raavi finds herself crying and wipes her tears, she says“ Me nhi ro rahi hu [I am not crying ] ”, she doesn’t want to worry Shiva more due to her fear and hurt. But Shiva being stubborn, will not let this topic go, especially not after what happened today. And Raavi knows this but still does her futile tries.

Shiva says “ Haa tabhi ye aasu, dekh ye bhi tujhse nafrat karte hai tabhi to jaa rahe hai [ Yeah that’s why tears are falling off, see even they hate you, and that is why they are leaving ] ” and he laughs.

She gives a faint smile. Shiva knows how to cheer her up. He wipes her tears and with a warm smile he says “ Chal ab has le thoda aur, phir bata kya hua hai [ Now cheer up and tell me what’s the matter ]”

Raavi wipes her tears and takes a deep breath. Before she begins, Shiva signs her to smile and she smiles.

Raavi says “ Kya zaroorat thi tujhe ese hero banne ki, me bilkul theek thi [ Why did you became a saviour, I was not a damsel in distress ] ”

Shiva says “ Hero hu, to kya nhi banonga [ I am a saviour so I need not pretend to be one ]”

Raavi says “ Shiva me serious hu [ Shiva I am serious right now ]”

Shiva says “ Ha to me bhi [Me too] ”

Now Raavi is annoyed with his causal attitude and she says “ Shiva ”, her voice clearly states her annoyance.

Shiva with serious expressions says “ Ese kaise tujhe kuch hone deta [ I couldn’t let anything happen with you ] ”

Raavi says “ Shiva par tujhe kitni chot lagi hai. Jaan nikal gai thi meri jab unhone tere sar par mara tha aur tu behosh ho gaya tha, aur jab unhone tujh par bandook tani thi [ Shiva you got injured badly. Seeing you like that, scared me to death, especially when they hit you with the stick and when they pointed the gun on you]”

Shiva feels happy to see her concern and asks “ Aur [ And ] ” with the intention to hear more about her concern for him.

Raavi innocently asks “ Aur kya [ And what? ] ”

Shiva laughs and says “ Aur batana acha lag raha hai [ Tell me more, it feels good to hear ] ”

Raavi shows hurt in her expression and says “ Yaha me apna dard apni pareshani bata rhi hu aur tujhe acha lag raha hai, mujhe na tujhse kabhi [ Here I am telling you my hurt and problems and you are feeling good. I don’t wanna ] ”

Shiva interrupts her and says “ Aisa mat bol aur aage bhi mat bolio samjhi [ Don’t say like that, and never say something like that understood? ] ”. He is annoyed with her for saying such words.

Raavi nods but asks “ Par kyo [ But why? ] ”

Shiva says “ Kyuki aisa nhi bolte, kyuki mujhe acha nhi lagega aur me nhi chahta ki ye sach ho jaye. Aur mujhe teri baate achi lagi kyoki tera dard meri wajha se tha, mere liye tha. [ Because we should never say such things, because I don’t like it also, I don’t want it to be true. And I felt good because it showed your concern for me ] ”

Raavi understands him and nods.

Shiva says “ Aage bata [ Continue ] ”

Raavi says “ Kya zaroorat thi Shiva, me mana kar rahi thi na tujhe agar esa nhi hota to shayad esa nhi hua hota [ What was the need to fight Shiva, I told you not to but you didn’t listen, maybe we would not have suffered ] ”

Shiva says “ Nhi tab bhi yahi hota, bas sar par nhi lagti hum dono ke [ Nope, same thing would have happened, but we just won’t be hit on the head ] ”

Raavi says ” Phir bhi Shiva tumhe unse ladne ki kya zaroorat thi [ Still Shiva what was the need to fight ] ”

Shiva says “ Dekha nhi tha vo log kaise dekh rahe the tujhe [ Did you not notice their bad gaze on you ]”

Raavi nods and says “ Me dar gai thi Shiva, samjh me nhi aa raha tha kya karu ab kya hoga, sab blank tha, Me bata nhi paa rahi shiva ki mere par kya biti thi us pal. [ I was scared Shiva. Everything was blank, I didn’t know what to do. I can’t express what I have went through when I saw you like that ]” saying this a few more tears fell off, and before she could wipe it off, Shiva wipes them.

Shiva wants to share his worries too but he knows that his worries about her safety would trouble her more. His worries are mostly his angry towards the goon for looking at his wife in a lustful manner.

Shiva says “ Chod ab me hu na yaha tere paas [ Don’t worry see Iam here with you ] ”

His words assure her of his presence, which makes her smile. Raavi replies “ Hmm ”

Shiva asks “ Last me kya hua [ What happened in the end ] ”

She tells him, “ Hum vaha se bhage aur phir thodi der me break liya. Teri halat kharab ho rhi thi, bahut khoon behra tha to mene saree band di phir Gaumbi ko call kiya. Vo aae aur phir hum ghar aae [ We ran for our lives and after sometime we took a break. Your condition was worsening and you were profoundly bleeding so I wrapped my saree strips around the wounds and called Gaumbi. They arrived in sometime and we were rescued ] ”

Shiva says “ Ant bhala to sab bhala [ All is well that ends well ] ”

Raavi says “ Dekh hum dono theek hai ab par Shiva tujhe aisa dekh kar na sach me meri to jaan hi nikal gai thi [ See we both are fine, but Shiva seeing you like that scared me to death ] ”

Shiva tries to lighten up the tensed situation, and says“ Ab vapas aa gai na jaan, pata chale sach me chudail baithi hai mere saath[You are alive right? Else there would be a real witch sitting beside me ] ”

Raavi gets annoyed and says “ Shiva ” but he laughs, seeing him she laughs too.

Shiva says “ Ese hi hasa kar achi lagti hai [ You look beautiful when you smile, keep smiling ] ”

Raavi says “ Haa aur tu ese hi hasaya kar mujhe [ Yeah and you keep being the reason for it ]”

Shiva says “ Ese hi haina [ Like that only, right? ]” It meant like he is asking that by teasing her he should make her smile.

Raavi says “ Chal theek hai [ Okay done ] ”

After a long silence of a minute, Shiva says “ Vaise jo tune feel kiya mere liye vo kyo kiya, parwah hai meri [ Whatever you felt for me, why did you feel so, Do you care for me ] ” He knows but still his heart wants to hear it from her.

Raavi says “ Ha Parwah hai teri [ Yes I care for you ] ”

Shiva smiles, before he could say further, Raavi says “Duffer hai tu, jab dekh raha hai tab bhi tu puch raha hai [ You are a duffer, when itis clearly visible then also you are asking ] ”

Shiva says “ Pata hai mujhe bas confirm kar raha tha [ I was just confirming ] ”

Raavi looks at him curiously and says “ Ab tu bhi bata [ Now you say ] ”

Shiva teasingly says “ Ab kon duffer hai [ Now who is duffer ]”

Raavi says “ Tu [ You ] ” and giggles.

Shiva says “ Parwah hai teri, sabko dekhta hai sivae tere [ I care for you, everybody can see it, looks like you are blind]”

Raavi says “ Dikha tha aaj [ I have seen it today ]”

Shiva leaves this topic here and moves to another. He has been curious to know the story from Raavi, the Dev and Rishita one that Krish has told him, he wants to see her feelings, thus he asks “ Acha vo sab chod ye bata tune bahar kya kiya tha [ Leave all that and tell me about what you did earlier ] ”

Raavi says “ Tu-tujhe kaise pata? Tu-tu jaag raha tha, matlab tu tab se jaag raha tha aur mujhe nathak kar ke pareshan kar raha tha, Jaa shiva bahut hurt kiya hai tune mujhe, mujhe baat [ How did you know that I did something, were you awake? Yes, you would be awake, how could you do that to me. You pretended so that you could trouble me. I was so worried and still you did that. You have hurt me Shiva, and I would not ]” but she stops and doesn’t complete that sentence as Shiva has forbidden her to say those words.

Somewhere he is hurt that she thought like that but seeing her hurt, his sadness and anger vanishes. Shiva has had enough of her nonsense and he says “ Bas chup aage mat bol, aur me nhi jaag raha tha, ye sab to mujhe Krish ne bataya hai. Bolne kaha deti hai tu mujhe, bas sara waqt khud hi bolti rhti h [ Now stop it. I was not awake. Krish told me all that. But you never let someone complete, you assume stuff and start saying before knowing anything ]”

Raavi pouts and says “ Ab kon bol raha hai aur Krish to gaya aaj [ Now look who is saying and Krish is done now ]” as she realises Krish’s act.

Shiva says “ Vo, chod ye sab baate, aur bahar ke bare me bata. Tune sach me Dev aur Rishita ko sunaya aur kamre me nhi aane diya, mujhe to vishwas nhi ho raha hai [ Okay leave that, tell me about what happened outside, did you really scold Dev and Rishita and forbid them to enter in this room? I cant believe it ]”

Raavi says “ Ha aur kya karti me, unki vajha se aaj hua ye sab [ Yeah so what should I do, they are responsible for today ]”

Shiva says “ To [ So ] ”

Raavi says “ To kya, me nhi chahti thi ki vo aae [So what, I didn’t want them to come here ] ”

Shiva tries to dig out more and says “ Bataya nhi tune ki kyo nhi aane diya tune [ You haven’t told me yet, what was the reason for forbidding them ] ”

Raavi says “ Bataya to mene abhi [ I have told you just now ] ”

Shiva says “ Nhi bataya , doobara ache se bata [ No you haven’t, Tell me again ] ”

Raavi says “ Kya [ What ] ”

Shiva says “ Kyo ruka [ Why did you forbid them ] ”

Raavi says “ Are jinki vajha se mere Shiva ki ye haalat hui hai kya me unka svagat karu [ Ah, what do you expect me to do. Should I welcome those because of whom my shiva is in this condition ]” In her irritation, she says what he wants to hear.

Hearing ‘Mere Shiva [ My Shiva ]’ from her mouth fills his heart with immense joy.

Shiva says “ Ek baar phir bol [ Say it again ]”

Raavi is confused seeing this reaction from Shiva and she asks “ Kya [ What? ]”

Shiva says “ Mera shiva [ My Shiva ]”

Hearing such demand from Shiva, Raavi’s cheeks heats up and she says “ Nhi [ No]”

Shiva says “ Please ”

Raavi is adamant and says “ Nhi [ No ]”

Shiva says “ Acha theek hai ja [ Okay Fine ]”and he pretends to be hurt.

Raavi perceives him to be angry and interrupts him and says “ Are tu mera Shiva h, ab ese kahe ga. [ Oh my Shiva, how can you say like this ]”

Shiva smiles, and then Raavi asks “ Par tujhe sunna kyo tha [ Why did you want to hear it ]”

Shiva says “Acha lagata hai sunkar [ It feels good ]”

Raavi is trying to overcome her hesitation, though she is bold but today she doesn’t know what has gotten into her. Here Shiva is trying to voice out his feelings which he never felt the need to express. Today is indeed different.

Shiva says “ Ek din me sab kuch hi badal gaya haina [ So much has changed in a day ]”

Raavi says “ Ha, vaise to ek pal hi kaafi hota hai[ Yeah, even a moment is enough to change everything ]”

Shiva says “ Aur humne to kai sara pal dekhe aaj [ And we experienced so many moments today ]”

Raavi says “ Aur hume pata chala ki hum ek dusre ke liye value karte hai [ And we got to know what value do we hold in each other’s life ]”

Shiva says “ Chahe hum ek dusre ke saath kaise bhi rahe [ No matter how we behave with each other ]”

Raavi says “ Humara rishta bhi theek ho gaya haina[ Our relation got better , right?]”

Shiva says “ Lagta to hai, par ek cheeze aur theek karni hai [ Seems so, but before that I need to fix something ]”

Raavi says “ Kya [ What ]”

Shiva says “ Dekhti ja [ You’ll see ]” . He winks making her heart flutter.

Raavi nods and signs Shiva to put his head in her lap. He smiles and lays his head in her lap and then she caresses his hair. Being lost in each other, they enjoy the moment.

In Dev and Rishita’s Room

Rishita is upset from her humiliation, and Dev is trying to calm her down

Rishita says “ Dev tumne kuch bola kyo nhi Raavi ko. Dekha na usne kaise baat ki humse [ Dev why didn’t you say anything to Raavi, didn’t you see how she behaved with us ]”

Dev says “ Rishita tum samjh kyo nhi rahi ho [ Rishita why don’t you understand ]”

Rishita gets more annoyed when she receives such reaction from Dev. She has expected him to support her in the room at least, she says “ Kya samjhu me dev, har baar me hi kyo samjhu [ What should I understand Dev, and tell me one thing why should I understand every time ]”

Dev loses his cool and says “ Har baar? Rishita is baar to tumhe samjhna chahiye, Shiva ko hosh nhi aa raha hai, Raavi pareshan hai [ Every time Seriously? Rishita this time it is you who have to understand , Raavi is worried for Shiva as he is unconscious]”

Rishita speaks with same tone, she says “Par vo pareshan kyo hai uski shadi to forced hai to itni jaldi use Shiva ki itni parwah kaise ho gai hai [ But why is she, her married is a forced one. So how come she cares so much for Shiva ]”

Dev says “ Agar unki jagha hum hote to [ What if we were in their place ]”

Rishita says “ To kya Dev, hum hai to nhi na [ So what Dev, the truth is, we aren’t Dev ]”

Krish enters the room to announce the news, but before he could do it, he is scolded.

Rishita looks at him angrily and says “ Kya hai, knock kar ke nahi aa karte, hum koi zaroori baate kar kare the [ Now what, can’t you knock on the door before entering, we were in the middle of some important conversation ]”

Krish think “ Itna hi hai to door lock kar lete [ Then she should have locked the door ]”

Krish’s expression changes from happiness to hurt and he says “ I am Sorry ” in a low voice.

Dev feels guilty and angry at the same time, he says “Krish, iski koi zaroorat nhi hai, ye batao kya hua [ No need to apologise Krish, tell me what happened? ]”

Krish says “ Vo Shiva ko hosh aa gaya hai [ Shiva is conscious now ]”

Rishita tries to protest and says “ Dev ”, but Dev grabs her hand to take her outside with him, she pulls him and continues “ 1 minute kahi tum ye to nhi soch rahena ki me vaha jaaungi [ Wait a second, are you taking me there, then let me clear I will not go ]”

Dev is getting more annoyed with Rishita’s behaviour, he says “ Kyo nhi Rishita, Shiva mera bhai hai, hume jana chahiye [ Why not Rishita, we will go, Shiva is my brother]”

Rishita tries to reason out and she says “ Par us Raavi me kaise behave kiya tha yaad nahi tumhe [ Don’t you remember how Raavi behaved ]”

Dev now have had enough and he says “ Mene kaha chalo to matlab chalo [ Isaid we are going that means we are going ]” saying this he drags her out of the room. And Krish follows them while supressing his laughter.

Scene change – Shiva and Raavi’s Room

Everyone is outside Shiva and Raavi’s room, Gautam knocks at the door, he waits for some seconds before entering. This gives Shiva and Raavi some time to be prepared for their arrival. Shiva sits up carefully with her help, and Raavi decides to stay there next to Shiva.

Slowly gates open and Gautam, Dhara, Maa and Krish enters. They are happy to see Shiva and Raavi, safe and sound, and happy. Raavi and Shiva are equally contented to see them happy. But as soon as Dev comes in her sight Raavi glares him and his wife, Rishita. They are still standing near the door, as they have been forbidden to enter.

Shiva sees Raavi glaring him, he finds it funny. He smiles and holds her hand then squeezes it; he whispers in her ears “ Shant [ Calm down ]”.

Due to his voice and proximity, Raavi freezes and she feels a bit relaxed. But her anger is more so she is able to maintain her expressions somehow. Raavi glares Shiva and whispers “ Kaise [ How ]”

Shiva whispers “ Ruk to jaa aur dekh mera jaadu [ Wait a bit, and see my charm ]” and he smirks.

Raavi smiles. There conversation is of some seconds and they thought that no one would notice much, but everyone does. Raavi and Shiva’s eye contact breaks when Krish says “Awww”

Before Shiva could scold Krish; Gautam, Dhara and Maa ask him about his health and he assures them that he is fine.

Suman says “ Somnath ka shukhar hai tu theek hai [ Thank god you are fine ]”

Dhara says “ Hum kitna dar gae the [ We were so scared ] ”

Gautam adds while smiling “ Khaas kar Raavi [ especially Raavi ]”

Krish giggles. Shiva glares Krish but smiles later as he couldn’t hide his happiness. He is on cloud nine whenever he hears that Raavi cares for him. While Raavi smiles shyly and blushes.

Krish teases Raavi and says “ Kitna blush karo ge ab[ How much will you blush now ]” Shiva giggles and Raavi glares Krish.

Before Krish could tease more, Dev knocks at the door. He looks for the permission from Raavi and Shiva, Raavi looks elsewhere while Shiva nods. Dev enters the room with Rishita. Rishita tries to resist but Dev pulls her inside the room. The rest of them knows that something will happen for sure.

Dev genuinely asks “ Kaisa hai tu Shiva [ How are you feeling Shiva ]”

Shiva coldly replies “ Me theek hu [ I am better ]”

Dev says “ Hum sab bahut pareshan the tere liye [ We were so worried for you ]”

Shiva says “ Is hum me tu akele hai ya koi aur bhi hai [ ‘We’ stands for whom, you alone or you and someone else ]”

Dev nudges Rishita with his elbow as if saying ‘ Rishita bolo [ Say something Rishita ]’

Rishita says “ Nhi Shiva me bhi hu. Ab kaise ho tu[ Shiva I was worried too, how are you now? ]”

Raavi whispers “ Jhoothi [ Liar ]” , Hearing her Shiva wants to laugh but he supresses it and maintains a serious face.

Shiva replies “ Me theek hu [ I am feeling better ]”

Rishita is irritated and says “ Dekha na Raavi, Shiva theek hai tumne to bekaar me hi drama kiya [Raavi, look Shiva is fine and you were overreacting]”

Shiva pulls Raavi closer to him as he feels that she is about to murder her. Everyone smiles seeing how Shiva is able to know what Raavi must be thinking and how well he is able to manage the situation, despite his condition and his own anger issues.

Shiva warns her “Dekh is waqt ye jungali billi hai zyada bolegi to tere liye hi acha nhi hai [Look, don’t irritate this tigress. Else you will be done]”

Rishita gets scared and says “Mene kaha kuch bola hai [I haven’t said anything]”

Shiva says Hato bol na [Yeah so say now]”

Rishita asks “Bolu [What?]”

Shiva demands “Haa maafi mang humse [Apologize to us]”

Rishita says “Maaf! me kyo mangu maafi, mene kya galt kaha hai [Why should I apologize, what have I said]”

Dev says “Rishita chup [Rishita quiet]” Dev doesn’t want the matter to worsen especially because of his wife.

Rishita says “Par Dev [But Dev]”

Dev glares Rishita.

Dev says “Shiva me maagta hu tum dono se maafi [ShivaI will apologize on her behalf]”

Raavi whispers to Shiva “Abhi bhi Rishita ko maafi nhi maangne di, isko to me [Now also he is not letting her apologize, I will not]“

Shiva interrupts her and whispers “Bola na shant rahe aur dekh mera jaadu [I have told you to keep calm, and see my charm]”

Shiva says “Par kis baat ki [But for what are you apologising]”

Rishita says “Lo isko to pata bhi nhi hai [Look he doesn’t even know]”

Shiva glares and coldly replies “Tumse baat ki mene nhi na to chup raho, aur vaise bhi me Dev ki memory check kar rha hu [I am talking to you, no right then keep quiet and by the way I am just checking his memory]”

Shiva looks at Dev for answer and Dev replies “Ye jo bhi aaj hua [For what ever happened today]”

Shiva says “Acha aur jo pehle tune kiya uska kya, shadi vale din uska kya, dekh me theek hu but Raavi bahut pareshan hui thi to kya tune kuch kiya, guilty feel karne ke alava, usse maafi maangi [ Okay, so whatever happened at the wedding, not that I mind but Raavi was affected a lot; did you apologise to her other then feeling guilty]”

Raavi feels contented hearing Shiva. Her happiness knows no bound when she heard that Shiva is okay with their marriage, and that he has accepted it in front of everyone. Her shiva that used to claim that he hates her is now accepting their marriage and he concerned about her. She knows all that but the scenario is changed, her family is involved too and Shiva expressing himself in front of them means a lot to Raavi.

Shiva says “Pehle usse maang maafi [So apologize to her first]”

Rishita says “Tum usse guilty feel kyo karwa rhe ho Shiva [Why are you making him feel guilty Shiva]”

Raavi feels angry when Rishita intervenes so Raavi replies “Jab guilty feel karne vale kaam kiye hai, to feel to hoga na, kyo Shiva[When you have done something bad then you ought to feel guilty, Isn’t it Shiva]”

Shiva smirks and says “ Bilkul [Of course]”

Rishita looks at Shiva and Raavi as if they have lost their mind, but when she hears Dev trying to apologize, she feels that Dev have lost it too. Dev stammers “I, I” then he takes a deep breath and continues “Iam sorry Raavi me bahut samay se tum dono se maafi maangna chahta tha but me maang nhi paa rha tha, samjh hi nhi aa rha tha kaise mangu [I am sorry Raavi, I should have asked for both of you’s forgiveness but I wasn’t able to. I didn’t know how to]”

Shiva sarcastically says “ Haa iss liye hi to tu apni life me busy ho gaya tha na [Yeah that’s why you got busy in your life]”

Dev says “Shiva I am sorry, me face nhi kar paa rha tha is liye mene situation chod di thi [Shiva I am sorry, I was not able to face you that’s why I escaped the situation]”

The situation is interesting, the elders are thinking that this would bring some harmony in the house and equilibrium in the relationships while Krish is cursing his luck as he doesn’t have popcorn to eat while enjoying the situation,

Shiva says “Hamesha ki tarha [Like always]”

Dev says “Haa Hamesha ki tarha [Yes Like always]” Finally Dev accepted this nature.

Dev says “Mujhe maaf kardu Raavi mene tumhe vaha chod diya tha aur I am sorry Shiva ki meri vajha se teri Shadi is tarha hui. Tum dono mujhe maaf kardo, meri galti ki vajha se tum dono ki shaadi ese hui [Iam sorry Raavi that I betrayed you and left you at the altar and I am so sorry Shiva that because of me you got married all of a sudden. I am really sorry that you two got married under those circumstances]”

Shiva looks at Raavi and squeezes her hand, then Raavi says “Dev, Mujhe bura laga tha, par ab me khush hu ki meri shaadi tumse nhi hui hai varna sab barbaad ho jata [Dev I was hurt, but now I am grateful that Iwas snatched with that opportunity of marrying you. It would have been a grave mistake and would have made my life hell]”

Rishita says “Jaise ab nhi hai na Shiva se shaadi karne ke baad [As if this marriage has made your life like heaven]”

Raavi proudly says “Nhi hai abhi sahi, kyoki we didn’t give it time nor efforts but I believe that it will be great soon, par galti nhi ki hai mene usse shadi karke. Shiva jaisa bhi hai, mere liye perfect hai [It is not fine, because we didn’t give it time nor efforts but I believe that it will be great soon. But being married to him is not a mistake. Shiva is perfect for me, no matter how he is]”

Dhara and Gautam feels contend as both Shiva and Raavi has understood what they have been trying to tell and are ready to give it a chance.

Shiva looks at her proudly. He knows that Raavi has finally accepted this marriage but when he hears that she feels that he is perfect for her, he feels on cloud nine. Shiva now understands his value in her life, as accepting in front of the family that Shiva is perfect means a lot to him as it is this family, that has seen them fighting and cursing each other.

Raavi blushes when she realises that she has voiced out her feelings while giving a befitting reply to Rishita. She looks at Shiva only to find him smiling. Instead feeling shy, she smiles too.

Dev says “Shiva Raavi tum mujhe maaf kardo, jo bhi mujhse hua hai ya meri vajha se hua. Aaj ke liye bhi aur pehle ke liye bhi Aur Rishita ki galtio ke liye bhi [I am sorry Shiva and Raavi, forgive me, for today and for past few days as well, and for Rishita’s mistakes too]”

At the last line Rishita looks at him shocked and but she didn’t say anything because of Shiva and Raavi’s wrath.

Shiva says “Its fine”

Raavi says “ Its fine”

There is no warmth in Shiva and Raavi’s reply.

Shiva murmurs “ Maafi to maang li par abhi bhi isse pata nhi hai ki isne kya kya kiya tha [He apologized but still doesn’t know what mess he had created]” Hearing him, Raavi nods in agreement. Since both are clear about their relation, they don’t drag Dev’s matter further. Rather Shiva has a new scheme.

Shiva says “Ab Rishita tumhe kuch nhi bolna [Now Rishita you don’t have to say anything now”

Rishita says “Par me kyo kuch kaho[But why should I]”

Shiva says “Pehle to tumne Raavi ko taane maare hai aur usse dukhi kiya hai [Firstly you have taunted Raavi and have hurt her]”

Rishita agrees to apologize when she feels Dev glaring at her and says “Raavi mujhe maaf kardo mujhe esa nhi karna chahiye tha[I am sorry Raavi I shouldn’t have done it]”

Raavi says “It okay mene tumhe maaf kiya ab doobara esa mat karna[It okay, I forgive you just don’t repeat it]” To the last line Rishita rolls her eyes.

This angers Raavi and she says “Dusri baat, ki ye sab aaj jo hua vo tumhare Papa ne tumhare aur Dev ke liye kiya tha par ye sab humare saath hua, jo Dev ke saath hona tha Shiva ke saath hua [Secondly It was your dear father that has arranged that special gift for you and Dev but unfortunately we received it and Shiva suffered what Dev would have suffered]”

Rishita looks at Raavi shocked and says “Ye nhi ho sakta [Its not possible]”

Dev says “Ye sach hai Rishita[Its true Rishita]”

Hearing this Rishita breaks and says “Vo esa kaise kar sakte hai Dev, me unhe nhi chodongi. Vo tumhare liye esa kuch kaise plan kar sakte hai[How could he do that I would not spare him; how dare he plan something like that for you, Dev]”

Rishita and Dev are having their own conversation where Dev is trying to console Rishita and here Raavi is burning with anger, she thinks ‘Esse abhi bhi Dev ki padi hai [Even now she is worried for Dev]’

Shiva knows what she might be feeling and he whispers “Chod na [let it be]”

Raavi wants to argue but Shiva whispers “Baad me [Later]”.Raavi pouts

Shiva whispers “Dekh jaise tu dar gai thi mere liye vo bhi dar gai hai [Look, even you were scared for me so she might be as well]”

Raavi whispers “Par tu kese bol paa rha hai tujhe gussa nhi aa rha [How can you say that, aren’t you angry]”

Shiva whispers “Aata hai, par aaj ka din jeene ke baad samjh aa rha hai uska dard [I am but after today, I can feel her pain]”

Raavi whispers “Aur mera [And what about mine]”

Shiva whispers “Vo baatne ke liye me hu na tere paas [I am here to share that with you]”

Raavi feels calm after hearing Shiva’s words.

Rishita might be seen as impulsive and arrogant but no one knows the value of Dev in her life. She has no one in her life and she can’t bear to lose Dev as well.

Shiva did all that because he feels that before going ahead in their relation, they need to clear the bad memories that are related to their relation.

Seeing them lost Gautam and Dhara decides to leave them alone. It’s been a long day for everyone so they should take rest.

Gautam says “Chalo ab inhe bhi rest karne dete hai[Lets go and let them rest]” Saying everyone leaves after wishing them good health and sleep.

After everyone leaves, Shiva thinks to tease her and says “ So kya keh rhe thi [So what were you saying] “

Raavi knows what Shiva is talking about but still pretends to not understand him, she says “Kya [What]”

Shiva says “Ki me perfect hu [That I am perfect]”

Raavi says “Mene ye nhi kaha [I didn’t say that]”

Shiva says “Mene suna tha, tune yahi kaha tha [I heard you, you have said it]”

Raavi says “Mene kaha tha, ki Shiva jaise bhi ho mere liye perfect hai, na ki tu perfect hai [I have said that Shiva is perfect for me, no matter how he is. Not that he is a perfect person]” and she laughs.

Shiva says “Haa jo bhi hai, perfect to hu [Yeah whatever, but I am perfect]”

Raavi says “Hmm haa ho [Yeah you are]”

Shiva says “Kaise [Why so?]”

Raavi says “Hai kuch qualities jaise tu mujhe samjhta h, support karta h, protect karta h, aur bhi bahut kuch [There are some qualities that I like, like you understand me, support me, protect me and many more]” She is lost and hence says all that but when she feels him staring, she shyly finishes her sentence abruptly.

Shiva says “Vaise socha jae to tu bhi perfect hai mere liye [After thinking Ican say that you are perfect for me too]”. This makes Raavi freeze at the spot. She has always wanted Shiva to accept her and here he is calling her perfect. Shiva continues, and with each word he comes a bit closer. He says “Tumeri jaisi hai but thodi achi, me gussa zyada karta hu aur tu shant zyada hai[You are like me but a better version. I get angry often but you remain calm]”

Feeling the proximity, she pushes Shiva a bit and says “Shiva”. Whenever Shiva decrease the distance between them, she feels butterflies in her stomach, she stammers in her speech, the rose tint becomes cherry tint and the smiles doesn’t seem to fade not matter how hard she tries and if he says her name then it feels that the breath is getting affected and she feels a warmth in her heart. All this happening to her at the same time makes her crazy. Shiva is going through something similar but he is trying to live through it while Raavi seems to escape it.

Shiva looks curiously and says “Ha Raavi [Yes Raavi]” He is enjoying seeing her like that.

Raavi doesn’t make eye contact and says “Me teri liye kuch le kar aati hu [I should get you something]” saying this she gets up.

Shiva says “Ruk to sahi [Wait]” he grabs her hand and pulls her back. She sits in her spot.

Shiva looks in her eyes and gets lost, Raavi is experiencing all this for the first time and doesn’t know what to do as she is feeling shy so she starts a conversation.

Raavi asks “Shiva tu mujhe Raavi kaise bulane lag gaya [How come you started calling me Raavi]”

Shiva asks “Kyo tujhe acha nhi laga [Why do you ask; didn’t you like it]”

Raavi fearing the he would stop calling her that, and instantly she says “Nhi mujhe pasand aaya par fir bhi ye change achanak [No its not like that, I like it but you changed suddenly]” Raavi tries to dig out more.

Shiva teases her and says “Theek me nhi bolta [ Okay I wont call you that]”

Raavi says “Are ese thodhi bola mene tu mujhe Raavi hi bola [I haven’t said that, you should call me Raavi only]”

Shiva says “Sochonga [I will think about it]”

Raavi gets irritate and says “Shiva”

He laughs, and diverts her attention to avoid any fight, he says “Chod na. Vaise koi bol rha tha kuch haath pakad ne ke baare me [Let it be. If I remember clearly then someone said something about holding hands]” and he shows her that he is holding her hands. She pulls her hand back, making shiva laugh.


They were going peacefully, not really peacefully, there was a constant battle happening between them about one thing or the other.

Raavi said “Tujhe sharam nhi aati ese karte hue [Aren’t you ashamed]”

Shiva got irritated as Raavi has started the fight for the fourth time, he said “Ab kya problem hai tujhe [What is your problem]”

Raavi complained “Koi itni tez bike chalata hai kya [Why do you drive so rashly]”

Shiva said “Ab agar tujhe itni problem ho rhi hai to tu utar jana mene konsa haath pakde hue hai tere [If you have problem then get down, I am not holding you ]”

Raavi fumed and stated “Tu pakka bhi nhi sakta [You can’t hold me even if you want to]”

Shiva teased her “Tu kya chahti hai ki me tere haath pakdu, to ye sapna tera sapna hi reh jaega [Do you want me to hold your hand, then this dream will not come true]”

She blushed but she acted to be annoyed and said “Kya ye tu kya bol rha hai, pehle mujhe lagta tha ki tera sir bachpan me zaroor takraya hoga par ab mujhe pura yakin ho gaya hai. Kese behki behki bate kar rha hai [What are you saying, I thought that you had a lose screw but now I am affirmative that you have a lose screw. You are talking rubbish ]”

Shiva teasingly said “Are [Ah]”

Raavi asked “Kya Are [What Ah?]”

Shiva said “Mujhe pata hai tere dil me kya chal raha hai [I know what you are thinking about]”

Thinking that she had been caught she behaves innocently and asked “Kya hai mere dil me [Tell me what am I thinking]”

Shiva said “Ki me tera haath pakad lu [You want me to hold your hands]”

Raavi said “Nhi to esa kuch nhi hai, mujhe koi fark nhi padhta [Its nothing like that, I don’t care ]”

Raavi murmurs to herself ‘Haath pakad na konsi badi baat hai [Its normal to hold hands]”

Shiva knew Raavi pretty well and could make out what she might be thinking “Shyad tu chahti hu ki me tujhe pakad lu[Or maybe you want me to hold you in my arms]”

When she heard Shiva, she froze. Raavi knew if she doesn’t counter then he would tease her a lot. She said “Nhi Nhi esa nhi hai [No its nothing like that]”

Shiva said “Acha theek hai vo to dekhenge [Ah okay will see that]”

Raavi gets an edge and tries to trap Shiva in his own game and said “Dekha mene kaha tha na ki tujhe pakdna hai mujhe [See I knew it, that you want to hold me]”

Shiva said “Haa jaise tu nhi chahti na [As if you don’t want it]” and he smirks

Raavi was speechless as she doesn’t know how to counter the truth “Vo[Ah]”

Shiva said “Bol na [Say it]”

Shiva smirks while she puts her head on his back trying to hide her blush, which Shiva has already seen in the mirror.

**************END OFFLASHBACK**************

Shiva says “Bata na ab to mene haath bhi pakad liye[So now I have held your hands, tell me now]”

Raavi says “Kab [When]”

Shiva says “Jungle me aur abhi bhi [Right now and in the forest too”]

Raavi says “Vo [Ah]”

Shiva says “Bata bhi de [Tell me now]”

Raavi says “Kya [What?]”

Shiva asks “Kaisa laga ? [How did you feel?]”

Raavi says “Acha laga tha [It feels great]”Finally Raavi is able to voice out her emotions.

Shiva says “Vaise blush karte hue achi lagti hai [You look beautiful when you blush]”

Raavi says “Shiva tang mat kar [Shiva stop troubling me]”

Shiva says “Ab me tujhe tang kar rha hu, chal theek hai [Am I troubling you now, its okay]” he acts as if he is hurt and her heart melts seeing him like this.

Raavi rephrases her sentence and says “Shiva ched mat na [Shiva stop teasing me now]”

Shiva says “Koshish karuga [Okay I will try]”

And he laughs wholeheartedly, Raavi says “Aur tu haste hue [And you when you laugh]” and Raavi giggles.

Shiva signs her to come closer to him. They sit in each other’s embrace, with his arm around her shoulder and his head on her. While her head is on his shoulder and her hand is holding his. Their eyes are closed

After a while something strikes Raavi and she says “Déjà vu vali feeling aa rhi h [It feels like Déjà vu]”

Shiva get startles and asks “Déjà vu?”

Raavi says “Haan [Yeah]”

Shiva says “Me samjha nhi [I don’t understand]”

Raavi says “Are esa nhi lagta ki ye sab pehle ho chuka hai, jaise me tere paas ese hi baethi thi [Ah Sometimes we feel that this experience has already been experienced, like I was sitting with you in the same position before]”

Shiva says “Hmm lag to mujhe bhi kuch esa hi raha hai [Strange, even I am feeling like that]”

Raavi says “Par ye kaise ho sakta hai, hum to humesha ladte the [But how can it happen, I mean we have always fought]”

Shiva says “Haa jab bhi tu paas aati thi to me tujhe dhakka de deta tha [Yeah, whenever you have tried to came close, I have pushed you ]”

Raavi feels angry and says “Aisa bolte hue tujhe sharam nhi aai aur vaise bhi mene aisa nhi kiya kabhi [Don’t you feel shame to say something like that and by the way I have never tried to]”

Shiva says “Acha to jab me storeroom ke bahar aaya tha to kisne hug kiya tha mujhe [Oh really, so who hugged me when I came out of the storeroom]”

Raavi says “Oh Vo, to jab me kitchen me thi tab kisne hug kiya tha mujhe[Oh that, then who hugged me when I was in the kitchen ]”

Shiva says “Vo galti se hua tha, mujhe laga tu Dhara Bhabhi hai [ That was a mistake I assumed you to be Dhara Bhabhi]”

Raavi says “Acha tu me tujhe ek aur baar ka yaad dilati hu [Oh really then, let me tell you another]”

Shiva says “Ha karna, mujhe pata hai kuch nhi hua esa, kyoki humesha tu hug karti thi mujhe [Yeah sure I know there was no such incident as it is always have been you who hugs me]”

Raavi says “Acha, tune mujhe hug kiya tha jab tune competition jeta tha Aur tab kiya tha jab [Okay, You hugged me when you wont hat competition and when you ]”

Shiva interrupts her and says “Ha ha samjh aa gaya hai mujhe ab Déjà vu ke bare me baat [Okay I got it and tell me about déjà vu]”

Raavi says “Sochne de [Let me think]”

After a few minutes, Raavi says “Are ha [oh Yes]”her sudden action scares Shiva a bit but he recomposes.

Shiva says “Ab kya [Now What]”

Raavi says “Mujhe yaad aaya ek baar hua tha esa bachpan me mere saath par shyad tere saath nhi [I remember a similar incident that happened but it was not with you I suppose]”

Shiva says “Acha bata [Tell me]”

Raavi’s eyes sparkle as she remembers that memory “Hmm batati hu, me na tab char saal ki thi. [Yeah, I was four when it happened]”

Shiva is looking at Raavi curiously as she narrates.

Raavi says “Mujhe na Mumma kisi ke ghar le kar gaithi, kafi bada tha vo. Ek din vaha, mujhse maasi ek mehengi ghadi tut gai. Tome bahut dar gai aur chhat par chali gai aur chup gai. Vaha koi aur bhi tha usne mujhe dekha aur kaha ki me yaha kya kar rhe ho; phir usne dekha ki me ro rhi hu, usne mujhe hasa ne ki koshish ki … [Mumma and I have gone to someone’s house to stay. It was very big. One day, I broke Maasi ‘s expensive watch. Iwas scared and I hid on the roof top. There was somebody else too. He saw me and asked me what I was doing there. Then he saw me crying and he tried to cheer me up …]”

Shiva listens carefully and some visions flashes in his mind.


There was a boy of six and a girl, Raavi of four. The boy was sitting under a small space while the girl had came there crying. Seeing her condition, he tries to cheer her up. And the drizzling started.

The boy says “Dekha tu ro rahi hai na is liye badal bhi rone lage hai ab rona band kar aur to has de nhi to sare doob jaenge [Look the clouds are crying because of you, now stop crying and smile else there would be a flood]”

Little Raavi smiles a bit

The boy says “Chal aa idhar varna bheeg jaegi [Now come here else you would get wet]“. Little Raavi goes and sit with that boy. There was a thunderstorm so she was getting scared of thunder. So, the boy pulls her close and side hugs her and tries to comfort her.

The boy says “Bata kya hua hai [Now tell me what happened]”

Little Raavi says “Vo mene Maasi ka mehengi ghadi toddi [I broke Maasi’s expensive watch]”

The boy says “Bas itni se baat par ro rahi hai [You are crying on a petty issue]”

Little Raavi says “Ye itni si baat nhi hai [It is not a petty issue]”

The boy says “Are mene bhi Mami ki mehengi ghadi tod di me to nhi ro raha [See I too have broken my Maami’s expensive watch but I am not crying ]”

Little Raavi tries to reason out “Par tu yaha to chupa hua h [But you are hiding here]”

The boy says “Me chupa nhi hu [I am not hiding]”

Little Raavi says “Par [But]”

The boy gets irritated and says “Kitna bolti hai tu, Me to bas aram se baitha hu taki kaam nhi karna padhe, samjhi [You talk so much, I am here so that I don’t get any work assigned, got it?]”

They talked about many things, mostly that boy was narrating stories and she was listening to him. He indeed has cheered her up. After half an hour the rain stopped and they came out of their hideout.

She looks at him and says “Thank you”

The boy says “Kis liye [For what?]”

Little Raavi says “Mujhe hasane ke liye[ For cheering me up]”

**************END OFFLASHBACK**************

Shiva’s eyes knit together, as he feels some familiarity with the story but he couldn’t place it.

Raavi breaks the flow of the story and says “Pata hai Shiva ye mere bachpan ki special memory hai [Shiva you know this story is really close to my heart]”

Shiva smiles.


The boy smiles.

Little Raavi says “Smile kar tu pretty lagta h [You look pretty when you smile]”

The boy says “Are vo to ladkiya lagti h [Girls look pretty]”

Little Raavi says “To me pretty lagti hu [So I am pretty]”

The boy says “ Ye baat kaise aai [ Where does this conversation comes from]”

Little Raavi says “Matlab me nhi lagti [So I don’t look pretty]” and she looked like she is about to cry

The boy says “Are mene kab bola ese [I haven’t said that]”

Little Raavi says “Phir [Then?]”

The boy says “Tu hamesha pretty lagti hai, smile karte hue aur bhi. Aise hi hamesha smile karti rhe [You always look pretty but when you smile you look more pretty so smile often]”

Little Raavi smiles and says “Aur tu bhi [You too]”

The boy says “Me ladka hu me pretty nhi handsome lagta hu [I am a boy, and I look handsome not pretty]”

Little Raavi says “Haa jo bhi hu, tu acha lagta hai, aise hi smile kar aur gussa nahi [Yeah whatever, you look good, so smile and don’t get angry]” and she giggles.

The boy says “Theek hai [Yeah Okay]”

Then the girl and boy were called down. This was the last time they saw each other as Raavi had to go home.

**************END OFFLASHBACK**************

As the story finishes, Shiva is thinking about the feeling of Déjà vu and the familiarity with this story but he is not able to remember anything.

Raavi says “Pata hai Shiva vaha mera ek charm kho gaya tha [Shiva you know, my charm was lost there]”

When he hears about charm, then something strikes him. And he tries to get up but Raavi stops him.

Raavi says “Are Shiva kya chahiye ruk [Ah Shiva do you need something]”

Shiva says “Are mujhe mera box chahiye [I need my box]”

Raavi says “Ruko me lati hu [Wait I will get it for you]”

Raavi gets up and searches for that box on his directions, after some struggle she is able to find it. She gives it to him. She is curiously looking to know what has made Shiva so impatient all of a sudden.

Shiva takes out a charm and shows it to her, and says “Ye dekh [Look]”

It is a charm with stars and a crescent moon. Raavi says “Ye to vahi h [It is the same]”

Shiva says “Haa[Yes]” implying that what she is thinking is true.

Indeed, Shiva is that little boy of the story. Realising this, Raavi hugs Shiva and says “Thank you Shiva”. It is special for both of them.

Raavi says “Par ye kaise matlab us din tu vaha tha[But how I mean you were there that day]”

Shiva says “ Lagta to esa hi hai, aur vo jagha humari haveli hi hai [Seems like that, by the way it was our Haveli only]”

Raavi says “Kya [What, wow]”

Shiva says “Mujhe ye shayd chhat par mile tha, aur mene isse rakh liya [I think I had found it on the roof top, and I kept it]”

Raavi says “Par kyo[But why]”

Shiva says “Pata nhi bas ye special laga [I don’t know but it felt special]”

Raavi says “Vaise hai bhi, it is my mom’s charm bracket. Ye chod, To voh ghadi tune tudi thi, aur mujhe laga ki mene [It is actually, it is my mom’s bracket. Leave that. So you broke that watch and I thought I did]” To this Shiva shrugs. It doesn’t matter to him as that watch belonged to his Maami.

Shiva says “Tu tab bhi bahut bolti thi aur aaj bhi[You were talkative from the childhood]”

Raavi says “Aur tujhe tab bhi mujhe hasana aata tha aur ab bhi [And you knew how to cheer me up then as well]”

And they recall their meeting, trying to find more some moments.

At the end, Raavi says “ Vaise kisi ne kaha tha haveli me ki me pretty hu, chal ab maan is baat ko dubara [By the way, someone in the Haveli had said that I am pretty so accept it again]”

Shiva without any argument, compliments her in a go, he says “Raavi tu pretty hai” to say that Raavi is shocked then it would not be appropriate, rather it is a mixture of surprise and contentment.

Raavi says “Thank you Shiva aakhir tune mana to sahi [Thank you Shiva, at last you accepted it]”

Shiva says “Ha to bas haveli me bahar nhi [Well in the Haveli only and not outside it ]”, Well Shiva being himself can’t lose a chance to tease her, and he laughs.

This annoys Raavi and she says “Shiva”

Shiva says “Mazak kar rha hu, tu sach me beautiful hai [I am just kidding, You are beautiful]”

Raavi smiles warmly.

Shiva says “Acha tune bhi kaha tha ki me handsome hu [Even you said that I am handsome]”

Raavi says “Mene nahi kaha tha, mene kaha tha ki tu acha lagta hai [No I haven’t said it, I have just said that you look good]”

Shiva says “Chal ab keh de [Its okay say it now]”

Raavi winks at him and says “Nhi [No]”

Shiva is surprised to see her winking at her, but he pretends to be upset to tease her more. Raavi takes it seriously and says “Acha tu handsome hai [Fine, you are handsome]”

Shiva says “Aise koi bolta hai, ache se bol [Who compliments like this, say it nicely]”

Raavi says “Me bolti hu aur bola hai yahi badi baat hai [I say like this, and I have said it that should be enough]”

Shiva says “Chal ab isse me rakh leta hu [Its fine I accept this compliment]”

This makes them laugh.

Shiva says “Raavi ek baat hai mere dil me [Raavi I wanna tell you something]”

Raavi says “Bol na [Yeah tell me]”

Shiva says “Bura mat maanio [Don’t be upset]”

Raavi says “Vo to depend karta hai baat par [Well that depends]”

Shiva says “Please “

Raavi chuckles and says “Acha tune please bola haina to try karti hu [Okay since you said please, so I will try]”

She is chilled out as she trusts him that he would not say something hurtful. While Shiva is scared that his feelings would hurt her and he would lose her. But he takes a leap of faith.

Shiva takes a deep breath and says “Dekh pyar to nhi h mujhe abhi tujhse [Look I am not in love with you right now]”

Feeling his emotions, Raavi feels like completing his sentence with her emotions, she says “Par parwah h mujhe teri [But I care for you]”

Shiva is surprised as she has completed what he wants to say, he continues “Itni ki tujhe taklif me nhi dekh sakta hu [So much so that I can’t see you hurt]”

Raavi compliments his sentence again and says “Agar tujhe kuch hota h to esa lagta hai mano [If something happens to you if feels as if]”

Shiva continues “Saase hi atak jati h [ Everything freezes, my life freezes]”

Raavi says “Kuch aacha nhi lagta h [Nothing feels good]”

Shiva says “Zindagi ki sari khushiya chhup jati h[Happiness just vanishes from life]”

Raavi says “Sab kuch fika sa lagta hai [Everything seems to fade]”

Shiva says “Par jab tu muskurati hai [But when you smile]”

Raavi says “Lagta h ab sab theek hai [It feels that life is perfect]”

Shiva says “Lagta h jaise sukkoon mil jaya hai[Feels like I have attained peace]”

Raavi says “To kya ye pyar nhi h [Is it not love then]”

Shiva says “Pata nhi par jo bhi hai mujhe pasand hai [I don’t know what is it exactly but whatever it is I like it]”

Raavi says “Aur mujhe tu [And I like you]”

Shiva says “Laga nhi tha kabhi kahonga but ha mujhe bhi tu achi lagti h [I have never thought that I would say this but I like you too]”

It feels like a song, when these two are completing each other’s feeling. It felt beautiful that Shiva and Raavi are on the same page and are somehow able to know what the other is feeling.

Raavi confessed her feelings at the end of the day, even Shiva confessed that he liked her too. Its true that every cloud has a silver lining.

Raavi says “To chalo sab buri yaade bhul kar phir se start karte hai[Hmm so lets start a fresh and forget every sadness]”

Shiva says “Nhi, vo memories special hai, to humesi ko continue karte hai [No, those memories are special so lets continue this]”

Raavi says “Hmm, Ye bhi acha hai, isse ko continue karte hai, aur lagta h humari story bhi sahi track par hai [Yeah it is a good idea, lets continue it and it seems like our story is on the right track]

Shiva says “Agar pyar hai nhi abhi to ho jaega [If we are not in love then we will fall in love soon]

This hope fills her heart with joy and soul with life.

Raavi says “Tab tak parwah to hai ek dusre ki [Till then we care each other]

This affirmation from her fills his heart with love and soul with new energy to live life.

Little did they know that they already are in love. The relation that they shared since childhood, somewhere filled their heart with love and concern for each other. And this incident has definitely changed their relation, it made them realise what value they hold in each other’s life. Today their ego lost, the fear of losing each other reignited their love for each other.

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